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  1. Does it count all the battles start started in the time frame or those that ended in the time frame? My last battle with the subs started 17:50 CET but ended like 18:05 CET. Does it count or not?
  2. ChaosD

    Operation Last Frontier

    So much this. I just played Ultimate Frontier for the first time in ages and I was really surprised at how good this team was. Nobody died *at all*, we got the waves cleared out rather well... and then this happened: https://youtu.be/TrP9fK6ZAoI We suddenly lost within 30 seconds because for some reason the Alabama (most likely) decided to pummel our Aerodrome from 30K to 5,5K in a single effing salvo. Seriously? How are we supposed to deal with that? Throw our ships into the air to stop the shells before they land? To be fair I didn't hit sh*t those last few salvoes but it wouldn't have changed anything...
  3. ChaosD

    AI Targeting

    Since Operation Hermes is back in the rotation, I'll bring this up again... Like many of you I felt I was the primary target in this OP when playing the Atlanta, especially during the BB phase. Then I played Lyon and Fiji for a change and got by almost unscathed. Granted, I sat in smoke during most of the BB phase, but it's beside the point I am trying to make. If your team doesn't utterly fork up, the whole fleet will be in the thunderstorm area during the BB phase and even after it. What happens in a thunderstorm? Noticed something? Try viewing this from the AI perspective: Every single one of those pesky humans disappears 5 seconds after they shot. Now correlate this with the ships' reload - light cruisers have the fastest reload, BBs the slowest... and poor Atlanta has less than 5 seconds and is therefore lit up like a christmas tree in a sea of buoys which light up on occasion - if you keep firing. If you don't, you'll save yourself but also deny the team your support. So that's not really an option. Now if I stop firing for more that 5 seconds and actually disappear only to then pipe up again, I'm usually still focused by all 4 BBs in a matter of seconds... which is only natural, because every other ship keeps vanishing and why should the bots constantly switch targets during a single reload? The problem is the thunderstorm mechanic itself, which disproportionately impacts on ships with faster reload, until your reload is faster than 5 seconds and you're completely screwed. Light cruisers aren't supposed to tank but instead use their DPM and the available cover. Which there is none viable of the latter in Operation Hermes, at least during the BB phase. And timing my shots with the other ships around me? This is supposed to be a fun game and not work. And also drastically limits the firepower. So @Community, if you're reading this, please consider relaying this to the devs so they might change this. Thanks.
  4. ChaosD

    Operation Hermes

    Please, please, until Hermes comes up in the rotation again do something about the Gabriel & Leo bots, especially in CAs. They are either horribly focused on their path, ramming everything out of their way or pushing them into torpedoes that are spotted miles away OR Leo is going to drop behind, maybe even sail the wrong way, only to get airdropped. In both cases, they will not make it until the end, because there's just no intelligence to them. I can't remember a single match where even one of them survived. If you're scared they will be too strong and make the operation too easy, reduce their reload by 50% or whatever, but please give them proper pathfinding.
  5. ChaosD

    Explain this before I lose my s**t

    Got the same kind of problem, need wins for that stupid mission and got 5 so far out of 19 battles. The previous weeks weren't much better. Funnily enough two of those wins were when I fucked up completely. Less than a handful of those losses was even close to winnable (cherry on top was a Gadjah Mada who started firing from B on Hot Spot the second a target popped up - without smoking up), the rest were mostly steamrolls while fighting to get some XP out of it. Ships don't matter, tiers don't matter... not even player stats as they are all over the place. Players who should know better camping to get flanked, torpedoboats engaging gunboats to duke it out, morons going mid on Two Brothers, the whole nine yards. Depending on my position I don't even get to deal the usual damage, because the flank folds at the slightest. It's disgusting, really. But I'm playing mostly solo, so there's a problem. It's really been maddening over the past couple of weeks.
  6. ChaosD

    Public Test 0.6.10 - Bug Reports

    Not sure if this is a bug and pretty sure somebody already stumbled on this, but here goes anyway: 1. Description Fighter plane on USS Iowa has "USS Montana" written on the side. 2. Reproduction steps Select Iowa, select fighter plane consumable, start a battle and check. 3. Result Looks weird. 4. Expected result No weird looks. 5. Technical details PTSD
  7. ChaosD

    Event Calendar for April

    50K Base XP...
  8. ChaosD

    urgent help pls

    Not quite sure how you got to this point, but the folder in the last picture certainly doesn't show a correctly installed game. Are you sure there's 42GB in that folder? Also, after an installation you can safely delete all the files in the "Updates" folder of WoWs, which will free up a couple of GB. But your whole folder structure is off... So to start from the beginning. Use Windows to deinstall WoWs or see where that "unins000.exe" in your picture will take you. Afterwards remove any folder that is WoWs. I guess your previous installation was in C:\Games too, so if that WoWs folder still exists, remove it as well. Reboot your system. Redownload the installer and execute it (Since this apparently doesn't work, I've downloaded it for you and uploaded it to another host). Pick your destination for the game and let it work. Come back to report. Good luck!
  9. ChaosD

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    Haven't checked all of those posts, but since I believe WG won't remove RDF in it's current state (at the minimum because "we have no backup skills and don't want you guys to look at a skill table with a hole in it"), here's a suggestion. I gave it just a little thought and albeit it doesn't fix the dumbing down of the mechanics, it gives the affected enemy a fighting chance: Don't just tell the closest enemy that he/she is spotted, but show them where the closest spotter is as if they were using RDF themselves. That way using RDF you'd gain RDF against every enemy closest to you but with the downside of telling one of them where you are as well. positive: might help in DD vs DD or DD vs stealth CA fights, e.g. cap border hugging negative: obviously this won't help DDs ambushing RDF BBs (am I suggesting yet another poorly hidden BB buff here? oO) Discuss. PS: Can't login to check anymore but didn't the description say sth about marking ships that have a bearing towards you? Does this work? Didn't feel like it but granted, I didn't test that much,
  10. ChaosD

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - Bugs

    This is an ages old bug that forced me to accustom myself to use Q and E for bigger course changes. It apparently happens when you're in the turn constantly pressing A or D and at the same time select a target for secondaries or AA with Ctrl+LMB. From the top of my head I'd say to press the button of the direction you're turning into to release the "lock" but that's a guess. Can confirm this, like others mentioned it's solvable with Esc but it's very irritating nonetheless.
  11. ChaosD

    Tracking shells

    Perfect! Thank you very much!
  12. ChaosD

    Tracking shells

    Oh, joy. This tracks the last shell launched and can even be turned off be the same button. Great! Can I change what shell/torpedo I'm watching mid-flight though?
  13. ChaosD

    Tracking shells

    Whelp, that might be a reason. Thanks! First thing I do after installing the game is setting Z for consumable 3 because I have a german keyboard and like to have all my consumables in a neat row. Does that mean it's the "track object" that's supposed to do what I described above? I'm certain I haven't set the MMB by myself and it's the only option sounding somewhat related. The 'K' is by me, though. Had to try stuff.
  14. ChaosD

    Tracking shells

    Hey there! Every couple of months I try to come to grips with that shell tracking feature (default: MMB) and every single time I failed. I'm faring well enough in battles without the feature, but every now and then I'd like to watch a specific shot in a replay. Then I fumble with the interface a bit, get confused, frustrated and then give up. This time I'd like you to point me in the right direction, because apparently I have no clue what I'm doing. Step 1) Ship fires, I press MMB, nothing happens Step 2) Ship fires, I press MMB and continue to press, camera follows the first shell launched *yay* Step 3) That shell is going to miss by a country mile, so let's switch to a different shell. Or not, because I have no idea which button does that. Is it even possible? I feel like I've seen it in youtube videos. Step 4) Alright all of those shells are now uninteresting, I'd like to get back to my ship. *presses MMB* *nothing happens* Yay, still shells. Step 5) I get frustrated, start to hit all kinds of keys to cause any reaction, hit the comma-button... and the whole UI freezes, no damage counter increase, no additional ribbons, no pressing Esc and quitting. How the hell do I get out of here? So my questions are really am I doing anything explicitly wrong? Am I really required to press the button for more than just a klick to initiate the camera or is something wrong on my end? Is it even possible to switch between shells (and torpedoes, for that matter)? How can I abort the tracking? And what the hell does the comma-button do, as I can repeatedly fu freeze my UI with it? Thanks in advance for any responses, I'd really like to solve this once and for all. PS: Step 6) I code a short program to kill wows.exe and attach it to the start menu because the task manager has a habit of appearing behind the WoWs client when I want to kill it.
  15. ChaosD


    Just had this in my last battle with the Tirpitz. Died to torpedoes, spinned around like crazy, then sank.