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  1. egoon

    Warships - strange facts

    cool xp
  2. egoon

    Which one is your favourite ship class?

    for now aircraft carriers but i think this might change if i get a bit higher tiers
  3. egoon

    Bug in Portal page? cannot login

    just try to refresh , if that doesnt work close your browser or maybe even restart your computer, this will end al current sessions your browser has and than it should work fine
  4. egoon

    Premium Ships

    tirpitz , bismarck class ofcouse the bismarck should be a tier 10 but the tirpitz could be a premium or special gift ship?
  5. egoon

    Ingame tactics for all classes 2

    good tactic for battleships but incase there are no, or almost no destoyers plz go first in you big battleship ;)