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  1. Arkaeon

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Some heavy lifting in Brawls today, left alone, had to sink all the 3 enemy CV by myself.. close to defeat, left with 3k hp in the end
  2. Arkaeon

    Brawl 3 CV vs. 3 CV - have you tried it yet?

    So playing the most effective ship for the task is now considered "evil".. interesting. I guess all the past KOTS where the best teams in the world deployed always the optimal setup (with several identical ships) , had real bad/evil mastermind behind them, with the only purpose of griefing..
  3. Arkaeon

    Remove Super CV's from the game NOW

    Be my guest.. 🤣 P. S. I consider FDR being effectively a super CV so it's pertinent to the topic 😁
  4. Arkaeon

    Remove Super CV's from the game NOW

    Or maybe like this Halland instead, 1:45 in ranked and already having a lot of fun 😆
  5. Arkaeon

    Brawls are complete FAIL!!

    No matter what MM rules SHOULDN'T BE IGNORED if you wanna provide at least a decent experience for anyone!! If someone want to create a division with a Nakhimov and 6 other OP ship they have to wait in queque until the MM find a similiar opponent to match them, and surely not feed them with a bunch of randoms WITHOUT EVEN A CV ON THEIR SIDE.. It's this bullisht "elitist" attitude of you CB people that it's just ruining this game for anyone else.
  6. Arkaeon

    Brawls are complete FAIL!!

    I have seen worse, and at first i could't even believe it was even possibile such bad MM ... A 7 ships division with Nakhimov, 3 Petropavlovsk, Slava, Ragnar and Smaland an NO CV on our side at all!! People already complain about russian Cv, image WG allowing a team having such roster in play without any opposition on the other side.. worst then ranked definetely. And sad thing is it was a well knows italian clan, just "having fun" that night bullying and making jokes while they demolished us, ship after ship. .. outcome after just 10 min ,3 bases to 0, i survived last of my team.. Fun and engaging WG, keep ruining any gamemode that was remotely fun in the past..
  7. Arkaeon

    CV Chkalov unable to buy using coupons.

    I see, thx for the clarify.
  8. As from topic, despite being able to buy every other premium CV using the 25% discout coupon, is not possibile to do that for the new russian Cv Chkalov. Is that a bug or working as intended? Is Chkalov supposed to be bought as any other premium ship using our coupons in the future ? Regards.
  9. If i pay WG a fee of 80$ year for active premium i should have something in return instead of just a boost to xp (that's can be gained anyway easly with flags/camo). So yes, such annoying microtransations as captain reset should be at least included into the premium fee. Morover ANYONE can get premium for free often, so it's fair even to the free players as well.
  10. Arkaeon

    0.10.0 - Clan Brawls

    Just remove aircraft carriers from the game at this point end REFOUND whoever gave you money to buy the CV , seeing how your absurd policy keep the class out from partecipating into game events anymore. I suggest you to do that fast, before customers (expecially EU ones ) will start legal issues against WG for selling them virtual goods first and after that preventing them from effectively using those goods into your game anymore. Regards.
  11. All CV fault of course... Infact in the last KoDs where there wasn't any CV at all, the other cruisers where used so much instead of just the Petro... right..?
  12. Dmg isn't an absolute indication of how impactful can be a CV, often with German CV just the threat of AP rockets/bomb forces enemies to make mistakes and getting punished by your allies. As you can see here sometimes even doing 150.000 dmg in tier IV isn't enough to make the difference (yes i'm regrinding the Midway for RP.. )
  13. German CV require careful management of planes, they are fragile like paper. It's and high risk high reward CV, but i find German line much more interesting to use. I'll give a try to the FdR as soon as i get the steel
  14. Arkaeon

    Problemi con le Portaerei – Aggiornamento 0.9.9

    A me invece sembra assurdo che si debba tollerare navi completamente sbilanciate come Stalingrad/Petro con il loro meta di island hugging impossibile da scardinare all'infinito... oltretutto rendendo le partite del KoDs noiosissime da guardare, con un gioco che premia la staticità e punisce l'azione attiva. Se questo e' l'aspetto "tattico" che secondo voi viene stravolto dalle CV, ben vengano allora. Il Kots 8 ad esempio e' stato molto molto più interessante da seguire proprio perche' la presenza delle CV ha costretto a variare il meta, e si sono visto anche navi diverse e strategie meno statiche. Schierare 6 Petro AZZERA il gioco di qualsiasi tipo di DD, e mentre appunto contro i CV ci sono margini di counterplay per un giocatore DD attento (spegnere AA, usare isole e fumo come copertura, manovrare attivamente etc..) i radar non danno scampo.. e il Kots ha dimostrato proprio questo... BAN CV vince con le navi piu' op del gioco... cioè i cruiser russi, e con una strategie statica ed attendista che appunto la mancanza di CV permette di mantenere costante ormai nel Kots da anni. La WG proponendo le CV in competitivo ha cercato (anche se maldestramente..) di dare un counter ad un gioco statico incollato alle isole. Le CV avranno indubbiamente i loro problemi e limiti, ma la storiella che sono loro a rovinare il gioco dei DD ormai non se la beve piu' nessuno, ergo l'ipocrisia dei BAN CV. Inoltre questo astio nei confronti delle CV che voi CC appunto come "influencer" aizzate di continuo è lesivo dei player che le giocano senza pregiudizi fin dalla beta, e non hanno certo alcuna colpa del rework voluto da WG. Un CC dovrebbe limtiarsi a fare review delle navi obbiettive e mostrare il gameplay, e così come un CC che gioca le CV non dovrebbe spalare mer.. pubblicamente sui DD stile Halland perchè lo infastidiscono quando gioca, così i CC main DD non dovrebbero sparare cazzate sulle CV spesso senza sapere nemmeno come funzionano esattamente, spargendo appunto disinformazione ed astio gratuito.
  15. Arkaeon

    Italien CV Aquila

    Can't wait to finally being able to use CV and BB from my own nation... it's a dream finally come true since the Beta!!