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  1. zuze91

    Ranked battles question.

    Where is ranked battles i dont see ?
  2. zuze91

    Do you still play ranked battles?

    Where to get ranked battles ?
  3. zuze91

    Confused ....

    I youtubed and dont see diference me shooing or in videos... So why i cant get DMG done ?
  4. zuze91

    Confused ....

    I cant get citadeles .... tier 4 battle ship on any ship .... And it stupid wait 30 second for 1000 dmg if hit. And myogi is worse than tier 1 destroyer
  5. zuze91

    WG support: are they drunk?

    My last ticket with support team was going for 2 weeks. I had lag spikes and sound stuttering. This is only multiplayer game in world who has problem. And they said it was my pc. ​When i installed compressed textures i gained Stable FPS and no sound stuttering. Still have lag spikes .... What i can tell you now. They will ask you data after data and test after test. And responding people will change alot. In the end when you will say You dont have clue whats wrong they will say its your pc and internet problem not server side or client side ....
  6. zuze91


    Same for me. Support team blame my pc for lags.....
  7. zuze91

    WG support: are they drunk?

    Support team ? You must be New to the internet
  8. zuze91

    Confused ....

    Am ... Ok will try ,but i have not ever got citadele not on battleship ,cruiser or td ....
  9. zuze91

    Confused ....

    AP do less dmg then HE ?
  10. zuze91

    To all DD drivers

    DD ?Duck dynasty ?
  11. zuze91

    Ranked Battle Feedback

    DD ?What is that ?
  12. zuze91

    Inwisable ships

    Yes that.
  13. zuze91

    Inwisable ships

    Hi Anyone else got problem You see ship on minimap but not in life ?
  14. zuze91

    high ping, low FPS on evenings....

    Write ticket to support team. They will tell you 99.9% people dont have problem. Its your pc and your network not our side or game problem. Have nice day.
  15. zuze91

    Sudden FPS drops

    Wrote ticket to support team. I got replay when i got bad pc and bad network. And ships are only multiplayer online game who has problems.....