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  1. hellflame

    0.5.3 General Feedback

    Light cruisers got overnerfed pretty badly. not just in their jack of all trades & seal clubbing potential where it was nessecary but the nerf to expert marksman crippled light cruiser DD hunting capability abit too much. if i'm not mistaken you wargaming yourself said that the counter to destroyers are cruisers, so keeping that in mind, why was expert marksman, which in no way benefit CL vs CL, CA, BB or CV nerfed? also my UI got allot bigger for some reason
  2. hellflame

    What are your biggest issues with the game at the moment?

    too much BBs around. allot of BBs = overlapping fire from multiple ships when getting closer with a cruisers to attack, makes cruisers seem less powerfull then they really are( lets face it, fighting 4 to 1 isn't fun). cruisers need some more HP or armour against BB shells.