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    Latest Leaks From WG Fest 2018 - Discussion Thread

    Imo the rework is wg using PC players to test carrier play for console. I dont like the new cv rework one bit. Its silly being spotted at the startpoint before you even have reached max speed, and they never get deplaned. What a silly thing.
  2. Hard_As_Krupp_Steel

    Harugumo! NERF IT!

    Please tell me how he is weaker than you. Because you totally disregard the bloke posting stats on dds, so why should the player stat page count?? Either stats matter or they dont. You cant cherry pick the numbers!!
  3. Hard_As_Krupp_Steel

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Imo keep the Russian radar as is, and reduce the US radar to 12 sec and give them a shorter cooldown and two xtra charges. I really dont see a problem with the current radar except the duration the US has.
  4. Hard_As_Krupp_Steel

    Anyone feel the Zao is in need of a buff

    The only thing the Zao needs imo is better torp angeles on the 8 km torps.
  5. Hard_As_Krupp_Steel

    Game Vs Real Ship Specs

    Given the small maps CV's would be utter useless. If it all was realistic that is. The strength of a cv is its long range. A BB can certainly throw much more lead down range then a CV.
  6. Hard_As_Krupp_Steel

    Are the Belfast and Scharnhorst worthwhile purchases

    Scharnhorst 85k average dmg max dmg 182k average xp2198. In my Gneisenau i have 73k average dmg 130k max and 1896 average xp. I like my Scharnhorst alot!!! It really depends on your playstyle because with those small guns you really cant sit back you gotta push hard in this ship. I give the Sharnhorst a thumbs up!!
  7. Hard_As_Krupp_Steel

    Public Test 060 tomorrow - new skills - without Keen Intuition...

    imagine as a Yamato captain you can sit almost stationary bow on to the enemy without risk because when u se that arrow moving to your side you know there is a dd there, and you play accordingly. Just reangle to the point where you only take a torp or two and just keep on derping bow on as most Yamatos do.
  8. Hard_As_Krupp_Steel

    Public Test 060 tomorrow - new skills - without Keen Intuition...

    The thing is with a good captain you can have 3 tier 4 skills. In most cases you dont miss out on anything you dont need. Im mainly a BB and CA player so this dont affect me as much as a dd player and i get why they are worried. And frankly i think this is gonna shift the meta in a bad (boring) way.
  9. Hard_As_Krupp_Steel

    Public Test 060 tomorrow - new skills - without Keen Intuition...

    imo if they implement this skill it should at the bare minimum have a negative side to it as well. If you pick Radio positioning finding Situational Awarnes gets removed. So you know what direction the ship is but not if its spotting you or not. Maybe then this skill would be somewhat balanced. Maybe ????
  10. Hard_As_Krupp_Steel

    Can we finally remove OP hydro from Bismarck?

    because it is not as op as cro_pwr makes it to be. There are op and then there is OP!!. and as i read his post with those stats its OP!!! while it clearly is not. it is not gamebraking imo. alittle op yes, but some tweaks and it will be fine. As for hydro being removed i could care less as long as the secondarys remain as they are.
  11. Hard_As_Krupp_Steel

    Can we finally remove OP hydro from Bismarck?

    did not mention if the Bismarck was op or not did i? Only that those stats dont reflect his overall stats on the ship and thus he has most likely divisioned.
  12. Hard_As_Krupp_Steel

    Can we finally remove OP hydro from Bismarck?

    well the thing is....these stats you are showing i would bet my left testicle thats these where achived in a division. Cause your overall stats in this ship does not reflect what you are showing here.
  13. whats with all of you and the max 1 tier spread MM?? Am i the only one that prays to the gods that it will never happen? i do just fine against an opponent 2 tiers higher than me,. there is much more fun outplaying and sinking a tier 10 in a tier 8 then a tier 10 vs tier 10 situation.
  14. Hard_As_Krupp_Steel


    well this happened to a kagero in my team today and he did not hit his allies. Poof just died a minute into the game and no he was not pink before or after.
  15. Hard_As_Krupp_Steel

    Cruisers are becoming more and more pointless

    heh. chapayev aint a sub 50% cruiser. And he did not say anything about prem ships did he? Infact il bet my left arm that il be able to get a 50%+ winrate on all the cruisers in ranked. Except the mogami that is cuz i sold that turd of a ship so im not buying it again.