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  1. I'd been enjoying putting about in my Hermes, despite never doing amazingly, so I decided I'd roll the dice on some Premium Air Supply containers. I ended up with the Saipan... Now, I've done a bit of reading and asking, and everyone I've spoken to has said I've basically thrown myself in the deep end big time, due to her powerful 6 plane squadrons, but they are small, as is the hanger and they have a very long restoration time. I've played a few games with her by this point, and now I'm here to ask for advice. My captain has Air Supremacy, Improved Engines, Aircraft armour, and Sight Stabilisation. In terms of modules, I followed the wiki pages advice and mounted Air Groups 1, Aircraft engines 1, Attack Aircraft 2, Torpedo Bombers 2, and Flight Control 1. Any advice or tips? I don't have doubloons so I can't respec the captain. And please, no 'you shouldn't play CVs at all' or such posts. I get there are people who dislike/hate/loathe the new CV changes, but don't go bothering the people who are trying to enjoy it.