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    Introducing: PvP missions (Escort)

    I dont think players adjusting the route is necessary. Wargaming could add several routes which is chosen at random by the AI. The players just follow the convoys. You may be right regarding bigger maps. We dont know the limitations of the engine though.
  2. general_marcus

    Introducing: PvP missions (Escort)

    The coding would be fairly simple. The route.can be pre determined. Far easier to code than whats the case in other games with terrain, obstructions etc. The gameplay (for the defenders) may be slower than normal, but some players like that. It will lead to more tactical gameplay (who defends which convoys? Where will the enemy attack. Can I make it to convoy B, or should I stick with convoy A etc)
  3. general_marcus

    Introducing: PvP missions (Escort)

    In that case, there needs to be an incentive to defend. People only run away if they are better off losing without taking damage. Buffing the experience for damaging the attackers, shielding the convoy (lay smoke, tank hits etc) could probably solve the issue. Perhaps give a penalty to losing players who havent participated in any battles.
  4. general_marcus

    Introducing: PvP missions (Escort)

    Hi. Has there been any plans to add missions in PvP? Historically, Germany built fast pocket battleships (Admiral Graf Spee) and fast battleships (Bismarck) because they knew they had no hope fighting the Royal Navy head on. The fleet was supposed to raid convoys and fight weak escorts. If any British battleships appeared, the German ships could simply retreat. Also, in the Med, the Italians left port if convoys were spotted. This led to pretty big battles between the attackers and defenders. Convoy raiding would be a nice addition to World of Warships. One team needs to escort a merchant fleet (AI controlled) while the other team needs to sink it. If the convoy reaches it's destination, the defending team has won. This would lead to exciting gameplay, especially if the convoy is scattered and the attackers need to locate them (carrier planes would be useful here). Also, it would be satisfying to blow up merchant ships with 16 inch guns! Im suprised this mode wasnt in the game at launch. What do you guys think?
  5. Well, 339 14 inch shots, not 339 14 inch hits. Major difference, though Bismarck proved she could take a beating.
  6. When? Never 30 destroyers against lone capital ships, as far as I know.
  7. general_marcus

    Was Aim Assist broken in 0.3.1 as promised?

    You forget this is a closed beta. The game has not been marketed in any way. Most players applied, through the website/forum, to join. Thos means a large part of the playervase read the forums.
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    Was in a queue, but noticed after that only 8000 people were online. The servers need an upgrade
  9. general_marcus

    NOT open beta - WHEN WWS is released as game?

    What do you mean by "soft whipe"? Do you mean you get to keep your credits, captains and ship upgrades (the ones that cost 200-500 000) but need to start grinding from tier 1? Because you can't just take what one guy says for granted. He may be wrong. A supertester is not Serb.
  10. general_marcus

    HMS BELFAST anticipation for Royal navy and ship progression

    Richelieu BB and Dunkerque BC.... Would love to play those. Edit: Adding Vittorio