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  1. Nesher

    Ship suddenly altering course?

    Thank you, figured it could be something like that, but didn't find any appropriate check-boxes!
  2. Nesher

    Ship suddenly altering course?

    During a number of games, my ship has been steaming ahead (non-autopilot), only for it to suddenly start to change its course. It's like it suddenly would recieve some rudder input, but none is indicated on the HUD. Sometimes the ship seems to try and follow the mouse cursor, but sometimes it seems completly random. I've tried to find a pattern, but the only thing I've found so far is that it seems to happen more often when in light vessels (destroyers or low-tier cruisers), and possible it happens more often when close to land. Anyone else encountered this, or is it just my lack of seamanship that is playing games with my mind?
  3. Nesher

    Torpedo bombers dropping torps over land.

    Same here, or, they actually dropped the torpedoes in the water, but there was land between the drop point and the target...
  4. Nesher

    USS Montana BB-67

    Yes, quite a number of designs that looked workable on paper had to get restrictions on their sectors when in service. Of course, if it worked on Iowa, then this probably is not one of them, I just found it suspicious-looking...
  5. Nesher

    USS Montana BB-67

    Well, to be completly honest, I don't belive in the 150 degrees wide firing sector for the main battery (proposed here) either, the secondary battery would be in for some serious shock waves from the B-tower, especially if the ship is steaming forwards at some speed...
  6. Nesher

    USS Montana BB-67

    Yeah, it wouldn't be the first time a defence project (especially one running as long as the construction of a battleship) got changed back and forth a number of times before it got into service (not to mention retirement). OTOH, on the "blue" top-down picture, there are 100+ 20 and 40 mm guns, so it might very well be that the specs cited on wikipedia is from a earlier stage of the planning.
  7. Nesher

    HMS Agincourt

    Another fun fact is that, as her interiors were above the standard usually found on RN battleships, she got the nickname "The Gin Palace" (or alternatively, and closer to her real name, "A Gin Court"). I would definitly drive this thing if it makes it to the release, if not for nothing else, then for its fascinating history!
  8. Would the aircraft take off in the direction of the ship, or facing rearwards? On the last picture it seems to be a kind of forward-facing angled flight deck, making sure that the aircrafts wouldn't take off too close to the superstructure of the ship.
  9. Nesher

    USS Montana BB-67

    I'm a bit surprised at the "low" number of AA-guns, compared to e.g. the South Dakota which, after its 1944 rebuild, was equipped with 72 x 40 mm Bofors and 72 x 20 mm Oerlikons. Would've thought that as a bigger design the number of guns would have gone up even further.