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  1. novadragon79

    Is the Yamamato that great?

    The Yamato also had the best night fighting equipment in the WW2 something they managed to keep completely secret to the allies until she was sunk, i remember seeing a documentary where they had interviewed some old US soldiers and they said that if they had tried to attack the Yamato at night it would have been disastrous.
  2. novadragon79

    HMS Eagle

    Great post Grizzly :honoring: :medal: +1
  3. novadragon79

    Repair Ship Akashi

    Great info and an interesting ship :honoring:
  4. novadragon79

    Naval equipement - Optical dials

    nice, thanks for posting :honoring: +1
  5. novadragon79

    Hood vs Bismark

    TaisteluJaska1, on 07 November 2013 - 02:37 PM, said: Wasn't this the biggest warship of the germans? (during WW II) Tirpitz was slightly bigger :honoring: http://www.bismarck-...vs_tirpitz.html
  6. novadragon79

    Fyodor Ushakov

    Great article, thanks for posting :honoring: +1
  7. novadragon79

    Naval Disasters

    Some really nice info, thanks for posting :honoring:
  8. novadragon79

    Russian battleship Poltava (1911)

    nice post, thanks :honoring:
  9. novadragon79

    HMS Stockholm (J6)

    Nice post, thanks for sharing :honoring:
  10. Nice find, a beautiful lady :honoring:
  11. novadragon79

    Russian navy

  12. novadragon79

    Italian Battleship Vittorio Emanuele

    Nice info, thanks for posting :honoring:
  13. novadragon79

    Italian Monitor Alfredo Cappellini

    Fiold, on 17 October 2013 - 07:14 PM, said: One of the strangests and ugliest ships ever. Yeah, i really dislike the look on Italian WW1 and WW2 ships in general but this has to be one of the ugliest ships ever made :teethhappy:
  14. novadragon79

    Admiral Latorre class battleship

    Nice post :honoring: