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  1. Hi, So I saw in one of Flamu's videos that you take permanent damage on (battleship) whilst you have a cooldown active (not sure if damage control party or heal). Which was news to me even after a couple of thousand battles since I thought you just always took 90% of fire damage etc As I also understand currently, this does not apply to certain RN Battleships with special heals. King Regards LG
  2. LittleGentleman

    BRAVO WG (A British cruisers topic).

    The same amount of disdain you appear to have for the thread is exactly the same as I have for your opinion.
  3. LittleGentleman


    I think if you have cyclones you should maybe not have single caps to win, make the maps with multiple point caps and also the big cap with multiple rings. With single cap you always get base rush and its not fun for anyone except stat padders who want the wins.
  4. LittleGentleman

    Season 5 - General Feedback

    Curious why those who have previously attained higher ranks in Season 4, and thus are placed into higher ranks for this season; receive none of the previous rewards from ranks already surpassed? Is this a bug or ? UPDATE: Okay I see these things are only issued after the first battle is partaken
  5. LittleGentleman

    REQUEST for Premium Ships (wishlist)

    And here I thought this was for a Findom girl playing ships ahahahah Ohh dear by the way I think you should be able to test drive premium in coop for no reward at least
  6. LittleGentleman


    I would agree, may I [edited] that if someone wants some fun like that just get in close around 3km and you will get some nice broadside action and hits
  7. LittleGentleman


    Like I said though it really doesn't get many extra secondary hits, the increased accuracy is there mainly to counter the loss of accuracy at longer range and they simply have hopeless accuracy at distance either way. I really cannot stress that enough to save people the headache and loss of 500,000 credits.
  8. LittleGentleman


    ^^ yes but still overall a net benefit. The secondaries mod is useless really, you may hit a couple extra secondaries shells or would you rather hit a couple more main battery shells. When I say a couple more secondary shell I am not exaggerating either. Tested both and coming from one of the best Warspite players in game.
  9. LittleGentleman

    1000 points too low

    Do you remember the team fortress 2 game win ending, losing team would be frozen and unable to move while everyone else would be roaming around gunning them down hehe
  10. LittleGentleman

    Zao post 5.6 stealth nerf

  11. LittleGentleman

    1000 points too low

    Wargaming's decision makers do not player their own game often enough and neither have much in the way of frontal lobe capacity so allow me to impart you with some knowledge of someone to the contrary. As one progresses into higher tiers, the pace of adding hit-points as the tier increases outstrips that of increased damage output and as a result games are naturally longer. Moreover, recent patches have reduced carriers effectiveness and thereof total disappearance at times leading to no-go areas all over the map due to lack of spots/support. I would consider myself a rather aggressively styled player and I even will admit that high tiers are just not suited to the meagre time constraints; confounded by a ill designed points system. Too often am I thinking to myself "yay we won, but that was 7 minutes long and f**king boring". We are here to fight in ships - not collect win stats.
  12. LittleGentleman

    Odem Mortis International X [OMNI-WS-X] is Recruiting

    I would love to join greatest clan ever, please allow me to play with carriers nao
  13. I rescind my application, thx.