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  1. Got to be the Fiji. I've got a real soft spot for that ship. My first match in it and I got a Kraken completely stock.
  2. One of your members just called me Gay in a Tier X Random match for no reason whatsoever. The only communication we had before that was him asking for someone to cap B which I did. The match was lost and just before the match ended he called me Gay. He did it at the very last second so I couldn't screenshot it. It wouldn't have been so bad but I ended upper mid pack and only 10 points behind him. I would have expected better from someone with 28k battles. Just letting others know what they are getting into! /sarcasm on Nice clan! /sarcasm off
  3. Ataxia

    My Take on British (RN Cruisers)

    I avoided this line despite because of the lack of HE for so long. What a mistake to make. Since I got the hang of it this has far been my favorite line with the Russian cruisers coming in second. I am not an elite player by any means but the Fiji got me 2 Krakens in a week.
  4. Ataxia

    Analysis of AA rework and Ship/CV-interaction

    I really hope that your write up is completely wrong because if it isn't then the game is about to be totally wrecked into unplayability.
  5. Ataxia

    52K dmg from bombs as a cruiser

    I had my Gneisenau deleted from full to dead by a CV using bombs. And they wonder why we dislike CVs so much.
  6. Ataxia

    That's how you use radar on DD

    Didn't even get that far He isn't funny, he is full of himself and that voice is just irritating as hell.
  7. Ataxia

    Cruiser gameplay on the Ocean map

    You're in a cruiser...You are only here to provide Battleships with kills to pad their stats.
  8. Ataxia

    Suggestions thread

    Suggestion - Get rid of the [edited]-awful weather effects, they unbalance and ruin every match they touch, they are boring and there is no need for the occasional "Cyclone". It makes no sense and it ruins what is already a seriously unbalanced game (yes I'm looking at you MM). Either simulate weather properly and put it in every match or remove it.
  9. Ataxia

    Lest We Forget.

    My Dolphins are sat on my desk as we speak
  10. Ataxia

    Lest We Forget.

    Started at a UC on O boats Finished as a POMA 12 years later.
  11. Ataxia

    Where do EU players get ARP ships these days?!

    I have 5 of them which I got from some event or the other. Only ever played 1 or 2 a few times
  12. Ataxia

    Lest We Forget.

    I am ex Royal Navy Thank you Lest we forget
  13. Ataxia

    Idea: Remove citadels from cruisers :)

    Always angle your Cruiser when you are spotted and always angle your ship away from a BB and keep wiggling to avoid their fire. Then sit back and watch as they burn under your quick fire HE. Never show a full flat broadside to them if possible and if you have to, do it quickly Citadels are fine atm.
  14. Ataxia

    Bad Destroyer (DD) PLayers

    Nearly every match I play in my Tashkent I get abused by a BB player hiding behind an island telling me to rush into cap. The same thing happens if I go to support other DDs. Just because a DD isn't doing what you want does not mean they are in the wrong. We are often looking at the match from a completely different point of view to you, and what makes sense to us isn't necessarily the best thing for you. Now I am not a good player by any means but it has gotten to the stage where I have actually almost stopped playing the Tash, because of the levels of abuse from the ignorant. I have been deliberately damaged by players for not doing what they want, and the more they verbally abuse the less likely I am to do what they want. In many matches, I have completely changed my way to play just to piss off someone who has been throwing abuse. (But that's me just being an old aged arsewipe )
  15. Ataxia

    Dual server play with game centre

    Ok I can select my NA character in the new client, but when I launch my game it says select account and only has a choice of the EU one. If I add one in it still logs me in on the EU account. Do I really have to install a complete second copy of the same client?