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  1. Hello I am looking for a clan to play some team battles or just division up for some fun while sinking ships. Preferably Norwegian speaking but I speak fluently english as well. I am not a hard core player in any way, however I prefer to play with people that know how to play and play to win, while having fun at the same time. No drama or freaking out, just casual fun, but with skill. But I am too old to be part of any "l33t" clan by now. So the key words would be casual and relaxed, just a place to hang out and have fun. About me, I am well past 30 by now, work and family, so I wont be spending crazy hours on the game, like I have been in wows and countless other games before. But I regularly log on and play every week. Mostly I have been playing solo except some divisioning with a few friends, which are pretty much in the same situation as me and want to try joining a clan and maybe some team battles. I usually prefer to play battleships and tiers 8-10 but have what I need for team battles/divisions of every ship class and tier and I obviously have a mic. Hoping there is a clan out there that have room for me and maybe a few friends.
  2. Ozurson

    How to not break CVs

    I would be perfectly happy if they removed CVs all together or gave us the option to turn off CVs and enter only games without CVs until they manage to balance them.
  3. Ozurson

    CVs are redonkulous

    So after playing BBs to tier 6 and being torpedo bombed by CVs left and right, trying to convince some people that CVs are overpowered. But no CV drivers supprisingly CV drivers sais it is only because people doesn't know how to avoid torps. So I started playing CV myself to see if they really were as overpowered as they seem. Guess what, they are. Ofcourse they are. CVs are ruining the game in the state they are right now. You just sit there and chose who dies. You die, you die, you die, you can live for a bit more, you die, you die, now it is your turn to die, you die.
  4. Ozurson

    Patch Carrier gameplay issues

    Had a few games without CVs yesterday. Was the most entertaining games os the day, people actually fought ship battles, and not avoid torpedo bomber battles. Just remove the CVs completely
  5. Ozurson

    Rudder - made in china?

    Stop taking all the hits in your [edited], sail towards the enemy, problem solved
  6. Ozurson

    Ridiculous RNG

    In the end it affects damage after all. A miss is zero dmg while a hit give the potential for damage. So a hit/miss affects damage in the end, which is all that matters. The rediculous RNG is created by having so many "steps" of RNG. First you need to hit. A perfectly aimed broadside can still miss with all shots. But if you do manage to hit, then you need to penetrate, usually the deck/belt armor of the ship. If you hit and penetrate, then you at least do some damage. But that is not all, then you need to check if there's a citadel or module where you penetated or if you overpenetrate. If you are so lucky that you hit, penetrate and hit a citadel, then you need to check if you penetrate the armor on the citadel. The citadel often has a second layer of armor in addition to the armor on the belt/deck of the ship. Then finally if you hit (1st RNG), penetrate (2nd RNG), hit citadel part of ship (3rd RNG), penetrate citadel armor (4th RNG)...THEN you will get a citadel hit and do that crazy damage. All this together makes specially BBs a lottery to play as you only need to fail 1 of the above "RNG rolls" to do no or minimal damage and then have to sit there reloading for ages.
  7. Ozurson

    Ridiculous RNG

    We already have a very large RNG just to hit a target at medium to long range. Then there's the RNG to penetrate the armor. Then another RNG to see if you hit a part of the ship with citadel. If you are so lucky and hit a citadel part of the ship, then there is another RNG to check if you penetrate the armor on the citadel. All this adds up to one heck of a RNG game specially for BBs with long range armor piercing fire. The exact same salvo under the exact same circumstances could do anything from no damage at all to instantly killing almost any ship when fireing a broadside with a BB. I think it would be a real improvement to the game if the RNG was lowered. Look at torps, they do consistent damage, even if a single torp could completely rip open the side of a ship and flood several bulkheads, sinking even the largest ships. Just like a citadel hit from a large caliber gun can. We do not need this extra crazy huge RNG for armor piercing citadel hits. Give them a more balanced damage.
  8. Ozurson

    Engine crits .... really .....

    Well, when you try to close to 4.5 km to torp someone, they (and all their friends) will throw everything they have at you while trying not to piss themselves in fear of your torps. So yeah, you will get hit and your engine will get taken out a lot unless you manage to get in while they are distracted or while you are hidden.
  9. Ozurson

    Yamato and other BBs armor

    Seems armor on Yamato is completely irrelevant. Not only does the ship take huge amounts of damage when hit by low caliber shells, like 200 mm, from cruisers. These shells also consistently knock out main turrets and penetrate citadel. There should be no way for a little 200 mm shell to regularly knock out a Yamato (or most other BBs) main turret. The main turrets on Yamato has 650 mm armor and resisted direct hits from 1 tonn bombs. A 200 mm shell is like a little pea when hitting that thick armor, it should have no chance of permanently destroying a main turret.