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  1. Atren

    ARP Takao? nah, prepare for the ARP Nachi pain

    You got entire december to get it done still.
  2. Atren

    ARP Takao? nah, prepare for the ARP Nachi pain

    So far proceeding evenly for me: IJN 10/20 USN 10/20 VMF 11/20 KM 10/20
  3. Atren

    Your Greatest RN Game Today

    I got dreadnought with Caledon with other stats: 72492 damage, 4 kills and 1207 base exp (3622 exp gained). I was very amused when saw dreadnought at end especially considering how fragile this ship is.
  4. Atren

    Looks like fail divs are history

    This is good news. While I agree with view that Japanese DD have far better odds being able to fight considerably higher opponents, rest of ship struggle far more often and just because some can make it work (sometimes) it is not worth keeping it at expense of majority. Albeit, I do not get why Fubuki mentioned in this as unless I missed something it can meet T10 normally as well so of course it can handle itself in T10 fight.
  5. Atren

    Arp girls voices

    While I like Kongo more than Hiei, I would say due to 16 point captain Hiei probably would have wider effect.
  6. Problem with this is that there is very big issue with behaviour of Situational Awareness/Detection which should be dealt with before can make any conclusions.
  7. So assuming WG is telling the truth only explanation I can see is that skill been bugged all the time until now. Have to say it is not exactly flattering towards WG. That aside, regardless if it is viewed to work as intended or not, is there going to be something done about this or it will remain as is?
  8. Atren

    Mutiny Worth 600 Doubloons?

    So unanimous vote required? I noticed the wording does not state that Leader in question can't vote so do you think they going to let leader vote as he is member of the team too?
  9. Atren

    Hidden stats?

    Reading this reminded me about main weapons of Spanish Inquisition. Anyways, I wish I had known before you can hide stats. That is useful information.
  10. Atren

    ARP Kongo

    300 fires is not something I am worried about, the 30 DD is hell for me however. Right now only got Cleveland geared up and working slowly to get Fuso and specifically for this mission started to work on russian DD line even though I do not enjoy (especially russian) DD playstyle (I prefer longer range torpedoes).