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  1. If this is it i will quit this game. Think about the DD's, permaspotted. I think they are breaking 3 ship classes to fix 1.
  2. pegon

    Kron build

    I thought fire prevention only works on BB`s ?
  3. Yes, but i have been bored with BB`s lately. Been looking forward to it.
  4. pegon

    Z-39, another premium passes the "WG balance" check

    Wonder if they take this opportunity to make T-61 tier VIII ?
  5. Maybe you are making fun of a boy to young to have learned english spelling properly. Try to be helpful instead.
  6. pegon

    Waiting for Asashio with moneys

    First of all, I will buy this ship if it is released as it is. However, there is something that makes a game a game, and not a lottery. Playing a game includes that for every action there is a counteraction. To apply them in the right way, at the right time, is called skill. If skill does not apply, you have a lottery. So, all in all, a terrible idea.
  7. pegon

    Gascogne camo - can someone pls confirm...

    Have the Gascan and can only agree. Not only are they expensive, they are also ugly. The camo thing has gotten way overboard. I would pay 1 dublon for a camo in the right color for the navy at hand. What is wrong with battleship grey ?
  8. pegon

    Poll: Ship Class for Stalingrad & Kronshtadt

    Well, for me it seems that the majority of the playerbase has no issues with Kron/Stalin being added to the cruiser line. As always, it is how the ships are balanced in the game that counts.
  9. pegon

    Roma does not live up to the hype

    I am ok with this. Whenever Wargaming puts out a historical ship like Roma, i feel compelled to buy it. As it stands i save my money. The water dispenser on top does not help it either.
  10. pegon

    [Therory crafting] After Musashi...?

    Get us a tier 9 Stalingrad. After the Mikhail Kutuzov has been retired, there is no high-tier Russian ship. We already have a tier 9 IJN and USN ship, time for the other nations to get some.
  11. pegon

    Musashi, How much free xp?

    What i hope for is that they give a watered down Stalingrad as T9 free xp ship. There are many enough proposals of her to make 2 ships. Have the Mo, and waiting for a good cruiser.
  12. pegon

    Musashi specifications

    Just wish they give this ship at tier X clan wars reward. A tier swap with Stalingrad is more realistic anyway, she has several fitment options.
  13. pegon

    Giulio Cesare's dispersion nerf

    Exactly the point. It`s all about getting a ship that gives away some traits to get others instead of mushy mediocracy.
  14. pegon

    Giulio Cesare's dispersion nerf

    The videos i have seen were with above average players. The ship has appeared to give away a significant advantage; armor, for speed, agility and stealth. To make the best of this trade off, the ship had accurate guns. This, of course rewards above average players, as well as those of us that want to learn. I suspect that in the initial form, in the hands of a normal "wack em on the head" player, the ship would underperform. Do not use the results of unicorn players to balance ships, as they are able to play around the weakness of the ship and use the strengths to the full. If you do, the result will be bland and uniform ships that nobody wants to buy. Reduce the fire %, as this rewards chicken playstyle. But please retain (mostly) the accuracy, as it made the ship look interesting.