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  1. Thank you Wargaming, you have made the right choice. WOWS is still a great game, I have and will have continued fun in playing it. Thank you also to the forum members that have managed to have a good objective debate about it.
  2. pegon

    [nerfing rare premiums] steel compensation

    Actually, this is just a bad idea from Wargaming altogether. Cesare is not the only OP premium ship in the game. Instead of spending time and effort into nerfing them, they can just offer to exchange them for desirable resources and they will gradually filter out of the game by them selves. No work for Wargaming, and nobody gets upset.
  3. pegon

    [nerfing rare premiums] steel compensation

    So, the reason for my proposal was simple. Wargaming wants to replace something wanted with something they perceive as a replacement, a tier 6 Cesare. In general on customer satisfaction, it is never a good idea to replace something the customer wanted, and payed money for, with something they don't want. If they give steel, you can trade it for a ship you choose yourself, thus you are a satisfied customer. What is wrong with that ? How can Wargaming loose by offering good customer service ?
  4. pegon

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Give me steel in compensation so I can get something I want rather than this tier 6. Lets face it, with the range and armor GC has, it will be eaten alive by tier 8 BB's. You will not even get close enough to deal damage.
  5. pegon

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Sorry ColonelPete, but I fail to see any logic in your post, only argument.
  6. pegon

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Hummus, I agree with you on balanced gameplay. However, there still remains the question of compensation. Buffing the ship and moving it to tier 6 has a bit of "take this as compensation comrade, it is good enough for you" flavor to it. However, if Wargaming is more flexible, giving me steel that I can save for Stalingrad, or some copper I can spend on premium camo for Black, then we are on to something. Being flexible is key.
  7. pegon

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Well, I can tell you, the guns still not pen. Now back to the Giulio Cesare. I gave suggestions of other means of compensation for the ship. I gave other options that are not hard to implement, or will cost you any money. Now I know you can spend a whole post talking around the point I am making, but instead, why don't you pass my suggestion on to the people that run Wargaming ?
  8. pegon

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Hi, MrConway, and thanks for a constructive reply. The reason I react to this change og GC is that I have a few premium ships in my port. Let me mention another one. Prinz Eugen. Now this ship is as far from OP, as you can get. Let me mention my last game in her. An epic carry at tier 8 ! I sailed straight at the enemy and started firing as soon as they were in range. I spent the whole match constantly firing at broadside targets. when we had won, I was left with 52k damage. Not because my aim is poor, not because I used wrong ammo, or that the guns are inaccurate. But because the Prinz Eugen will only penetrate a target at 90*, as measured by an astronomer. Now, you will probably never find the time to buff the mongrel premium ships in my port, but when you nerf the good ones, it really kills the incentive to buy premium ships. What it all ends up in is that me and other that spend money on premium ships end up with ships that are mediocre to poor over time. So, you want to nerf the Giulio Cesare, I get that. You want to offer the tier 6 as compensation, I don't want that. So what can you do instead, well I have an idea. You have gold, you have arsenal resources like coal, silver, steel, et al. Why don't you offer compensation of the tier 6 GC, or any of the other resources in the game, like you pick one like in the container screen ? You can not make every customer happy, but being flexible will make as many as possible happy. I am not a clan player, so I will be happy with silver, others will choose something else. Giving your customer the option to choose is always a good thing. Edit : Wanted to say I will be happy with steel.
  9. pegon

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    You are almost succeeding in making me believe that I am a vocal complainer, just because you love Italian ships while I don't care. Fact is, Wargaming sold me a product with certain qualities. They try to make us believe that the product is the same because the pixels that represent it remain identical while all the gameplay aspects of the product changes. I have in the past been one of the many that have spent money on this game, because it is a good game, and I have had fun with it. I will however stop spending on it while I wait for the outcome of Giulio Cesare. I don't have to be right, I just have to know what I spend my money on.
  10. pegon

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    So, I bought the GS for real money. The reason why I bought it was that it was, and is OP. Since Wargaming are uptiering the ship, they are violating the purchase, as the primary motivator to buy the ship is being removed. Thus, I want my money back. And I totally understand that OP ships are not so fun to you other players, but fact is, Wargaming put the ship up for sale as it is, and must bear the full responsibility for it.
  11. pegon

    Azuma gun nerf: No Thanks!

    Guess it will be a bland to underperforming ship. Let's wait and see what the tier 10 will be like.
  12. pegon

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Wargaming, refund the value of GC in silver and I will consider spending on your game again.
  13. pegon

    Thank you for all these years. I'm out!

    Not rage quitting or anything, but taking a pause until effect of changes (both good and bad) have been ironed out.
  14. pegon

    Carriers are Trash

    No where in his post does he mention current gameplay. However, the way he writes it has me interpreting it as test server gameplay. Now if you have problems with what he or i write, just ignore it, you have no business moderating the forum. That is what we have moderators for.
  15. pegon

    Concerning the upcoming CV rework

    This then is why i am worried. In the old days o Wows, a good carrier player always won the game. In other words, 14 players on the other team had no means to carry the game to their favor. To me, it looks like Wargaming are looking to bring the old days back again. How many times will you do this before you quit ?