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  1. Pokerjoker

    German Cruiser Feedback

    after grinding the Yorck to Admiral.. I gotto say, the Yorck is the most difficult ship to master. but it can shine in battle. but by far the most odd ship to get to know. anyways. gald im passed it now.. oh what a grind.
  2. Pokerjoker

    The Germans ...........

    They lost the war, and lost the game.
  3. Pokerjoker

    Tier VII - KM Yorck

    Thats the worst [edited]iv ever read in my entire life.... You have to lead youre aim outside the map to hit anything.. and by the time youre turrets have finished turing, the game is over... Weakest armor in the game...every hit u get on u, destroyes something, or take out youre ship with citadel hits... and futhermore... U cant use AP on longer distances... so.. tell me how that ship is ballanced... OMG...
  4. Pokerjoker


    No one is reacting to this CLEAVELAND video?.. wow
  5. Pokerjoker

    Tier VII - KM Yorck

    the ship is a 100% citadel... u get oneshotted ALL the time... its redicules..... worst ship so far.
  6. Pokerjoker

    A Gearing review, the best US DD.

    how come u have 5-7 fps, and - 35ms ??
  7. Pokerjoker

    Ranked Battle Feedback

    Im sorry, I did not read the warning that stated that I could not play Ranked as much as I would like... jesus *****!!
  8. Pokerjoker

    Ranked Battle Feedback

    Hall of Fame. after each season, the best player, or the top players that got rank 1, enters Hall of Fame for that season, in theire own tab at the main page = Hall of Fame and why not reward the best player with perhaps a uniq cammo, that is uniq to that season only. sort of like the mounts in world of warcraft from Arena. that you can be able to chat with people in the que. as of now, its impossible to reach anything other thank rank 10. only seen 5 guys in the que, and iv been waiting 45min now. and 22.23, there is 27.707 players online, and 5 players that is in que for rank 10-1
  9. Pokerjoker

    Rank Battle List

    yeha. that would acctully be super nice !
  10. Pokerjoker

    The Colorado... seriously?

    best BB in-game after the stealth Nerf to IJN BB's and CC's in patch 0.5.0.
  11. Pokerjoker

    Rank Battle List

    Hi all, I was just thinking about a feature to the Ranked Battles system. how cool would it not be if you where able to see how many players sharing you're rank? or that at the end of the season you would have youre nick at the Hall of fame Ranked battle list, of the top 25-100 players, and top 1-5 ranks. just idea
  12. Pokerjoker

    US Battleship tree redone

    Stock Colorado was the worst ship I ever tryed so far.. and then I manage to play it better. its now my favorite ship in the game Practice and Patiance my fellow seamenn
  13. Pokerjoker

    Mogami: 155mm or 203mm ?

    Personally I love the 155mm, and extended range HE spam at max range. whenever I get close to someone, I can back it up with torps + switch to AP, to citadel the remaining hp. it just works to good for me. I wont even bother to try the 203mm on the Mogami =P
  14. Pokerjoker

    Mutsuki worse than Minekaze

    I would argue that Minekaze is the best Jap ship in-game, fun to play, good money maker. Never gonna sell it.
  15. Pokerjoker


    When this ship comes to AP.. Iv only so far been able to citedal hit a Pensecola... I belive all other ships have to little armor, so it acctully over pens them. not been able to hit any other citadels..... Seriously the worst ship -in-game... 22k xp so far.. what a long run it is.. O M G.