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  1. Hwrs_Xander

    i won gaming laptop?

    Lol, we are all Winners, Sneaky WG :P
  2. Hwrs_Xander

    Turn off the chat for players who are dead

    Have an option to disable it or let dead players have their own "sunken" channel, the amount of positive feedback from any "dead" player in any given random game is so rare compared to the useless ranting and insults that it would be worth it imo. Not reading the chat at all isn't an option since I could miss a message from a player still alive and having to filter useful info between the insults and stupidity is distracting and annoying, manually ignoring them is also a distraction out of the match.
  3. Hwrs_Xander

    Tier Balancing for Japanese DDs

    Same here, specially after comparing the statistics to my Minekaze, I do have enough xp to research the next in the line just not worth it atm to me.
  4. Hwrs_Xander

    Countering teamkilling and friendly fire

    Both also lowering the chances to win for the team in the match by acting like donkeys, seen often also 2 dd's in a division taking shots and launching torps in the spawn at each other instead of actually being useful.
  5. Hwrs_Xander introduces new camouflage?

    Wth is this monstrosity, my eyes burn.
  6. Thanks for the replies, I 'am glad the (in my case) intentional teamkiller gets punished more severely behind the screen, its at least a bit of "Karma". I can understand WG does not want players to make a profit by intentionally teamkilling, probably already suggested somewhere in this forum to use something like reflecting team damage done by a specific percentage, its a hard lesson but I think it would teach most to be more careful, the last three days I got twice team killed and shot at close range (at the start of the matches) by so called friendlies and that was only in my DD, I do hope its not a new hype.
  7. Just finished a match where I got team killed by a "friendly" launching torpedos at such close proximity that it was impossible to avoid and seemed to be the intention, this was at the start of the match so I got no chance to score much points nor any kills, in the detailed report I do not only get less compensated than my total repairs I did also not get my 8k for camo back and two used signals. What is the reason for this? Why do the punishment not cover at the very least my total repair costs? attached screens of the after battle report.
  8. Hwrs_Xander

    Level 11 after patch but no bonus credits received.

    Thanks for replying and the video link, I've obviously not been paying attention.