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  1. Colonel_Boom

    Need Advice

    1. "Last Stand" skill(mandatory on nearly all DDs) 2. Propulsion Modification 1 Engine and rudder have no armor protection in DDs, so nearly all HE in the game will take them out hitting in its vicinity.
  2. This is not correct. As i already explained before, the game first compares caliber to armor threshold. If the armor is above the threshold you will get a full pen, otherwise the fuse time decides. I know that it doesn't work like that in reality, but that's the way the game does it.
  3. The orthogonal armor gets taken into account, not the effective armor. The effective armor is only relevant to determine if there will even be a penetration. If you hit armor above the threshold then the shell is guaranteed to fully penetrate. If not, then the fuse time will be taken into account. I will try out if Hindenburg gets full pens or overpens against ships like conqueror or republique looking at angle and distance.
  4. I think that angles are no longer taken into account when calculating for overpenetrations. They are only important in the first set of calculations that determine if there will even be a penetration, or just a shatter/ricochet. Making the damage of a CA to a CL only be dependent on citadels is kind of bad since BBs would be much better at it than CAs since they can also overmatch their armor which CAs can't do. I mean a Worcester can do much more damage to BBs, like the Republique, showing broadside with AP than CAs can. Edit: Btw, WG rework cruisers by making CL bows and stern be overmatchable by heavy cruisers. But lowering armor thresholds for CAs may be better.
  5. A shell can arm two ways: 1) The shells caliber hits armor that is equal or greater to the arming threshold(caliber/6 rounded) If the requirements of 1) are not met then 2) If the shell is still inside the ship by the time the arming time countdown(starts at time of the shell hit) runs out(standard is 0.01s for DD, 0.033s for everything else, RN ships have special values) If the requirements of 1) and 2) are not met, the shell will overpenetrate doing only 10% damage. The thing is that heavy cruisers(203mm guns) have an arming threshold of 34mm. That means that CAs will be overpenetrating most upper belts in the game with few exceptions. And since heavy cruisers are supposed to be effective against light cruisers, never mind shooting a battleship showing full broadside, i would ask if their arming threshold could be lowered. I'm just asking since WG wants to change cruisers.
  6. A cruiser or lightly armored battleship shows you broadside and you want to punish it with AP. But your shells only overpenetrate. Everybody experiences it. So why now lower the arming threshold of heavy cruiser AP to something like caliber/7 or caliber/8 instead of caliber/6? Of course you have to be careful of it not getting out of hand because of the way that armor is being balanced. MfG boom
  7. Colonel_Boom

    Is WoWs is a powercreep game?

    The title says it all. After 4 years the game hasnt done anything big for at least 2 years. There is no free team battle game mode in a game that calls itself a team game. CBs are restricted, have an ELO system and reward you a special ressource to get some stuff. Everything is designed for players to sink their time and money intp the game. There is no heart anymore. The game is entirely designed for grinding and therefore powercreep. MfG Boom
  8. Colonel_Boom

    Make AFT a T3 skill

    It has already been suggested a few times on this forum. Make AFT a T3 skill. The 4 points are no longer worth it. MfG Boom
  9. Colonel_Boom

    [Discussion] How/if there should be lower income.

    In WoT, T9 and T10 tanks were much harder to maintain than lower tiers for the simple reason of preventing players playing only T10 tanks(that was the actual statement many years ago). Credit grinding was intended to be done with lower tier prems. But since WG began to introduce T9/T10 prems and gave every ship the option of a premium camo, it shows that they haven't thought about it.
  10. Colonel_Boom

    The new cruiser Siegrfried

    https://medium.com/@devblogwows/st-new-ships-164cc63ad299 What do you think about it? It seems to have cruiser accuracy in the test. MfG Boom EDIT: poof
  11. Colonel_Boom

    Resetting AA sector management immediately

    Didn't do the tests but the UI shows that it is.
  12. Press the reinforced sector again and it will immediately be reset. Please, do it. I can't watch people anymore who don't knowing this. MfG Boom
  13. Colonel_Boom

    How can a DD escape from air rocket attack?

    If you are undetected and/or the cv doesnt know your exact location: 1. You can avoid the first strike by turning off your AA and moving horizontally or better towards him.(dont move away from him as that can give him enough time to get in a shot. 2. after the 1st pass he will go wide for another one. this time he knows where you are and will try to pre aim. the second strike and beyond is a mind game. he will try to pre aim at the position where he thinks you will be. you can juke him by immediately cutting speed and turning in. but the loss of speed makes you vulnerable to the next strike etc. If you are detected: You cannot avoid him if he is good. you could try to do a sudden sharp turn horizontally to worsen his aim but it is scatchy and good players dont care. tip: you should never solo fight cvs. that is where they are the strongest.
  14. Colonel_Boom


    It seems to be a XP-40Q-2A. A-version for clipped wings. Q-2 for the bubble canopy.
  15. Colonel_Boom


    The engine looks like a Mustang but it is missing the air intake for the supercharger down below. So maybe it is a designed aircraft and not completely fake.