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  1. Me and alot of other ppl i know are tired of playing random battles. Why? Clan battles are time limited and only scarcely playable because of technical problems(or something). In my clan people just leave as soon as they see that CW is unavailable again. In WoT there were company battles, where a group of people could spontaneously form a team, which then gets put in a queue, to be matched against other teams. There were company battles for T4, T6, T8 and T10. The team composition also had to follow certain rules like arty and sum of tier point limitations which gave it an strategic aspect. It was also the mode that got the competitive scene rolling. But in this game there is nothing but random battles and occasional stupid tournaments and CW. Nothing for which you get home and to just play some organized battles with friends. I don't even need rewards. I also asked this question years ago. I remember that ppl back then argued that there were not enough ships and meaningless stuff like this. The game will soon be out for 4 years but doesn't have features in that WoT had since launch. Please Wargaming team. Think about the children. MfG Boom
  2. Colonel_Boom

    Destroyers and bad game design

    I hereby necro this thread! Sorry, didn't watch the forums since posting and didn't know that there was actually a discussion going on, lol. I'm not a game designer for WoWs. What i think is fun might not be fun for others. WG has to decide how the game should look like. I personally would weaken the radar/hydro but make it more available for alot of ships(as a consumable or being inherent). Basically give different ships different spotting ranges to spot enemy ships. Also you should be able to configure a ship for a more specific role. A DD that concentrates on stealth should fear a cruiser that concentrates on detecting etc.. But that needs a change in the spotting mechanics(view range is currently useless gameplaywise). It would get rid of the bad hardcounter mechanic which isn't really fun to play against. WG already has alot of plans lately concerning the metagame and are collecting feedback. We'll see. MfG Boom
  3. Colonel_Boom

    Destroyers and bad game design

    Hello, i wanna talk about the current clusterf*ck that is the game design in WoWs especially in high tiers. First we have the ship classes sorted by the severety of problemtics: 1.CV 2.DD 3.CL/CA 4.BB 1.CV should be self explanatory. They have the highest carry potential since they basically have permaradars, strike potential and invulnerability. 2.Next is the DD. They are hard to spot, hard to hit and have access to the highest damage weapons in the game that can strike without being seen. The big problem with the DDs is that they can only be really hardcountered by planes or radar in high tiers which imo is bad game design. 3. Cruisers are currently the game deciders. They burn battleships down, punish DDs and have defensive tools against all classes. Especially in high tiers that becomes very prevelant. 4. BBs have the lowest carry potential in the game right now because literally every other class can counter them. Let it be HE spam, torpedo threat, planes. They can still be used effectively when the team is good but the current passive Meta doesn't suit them since getting close to enemies is being punished. The times when BBs reigned supreme have been over for a long time now. Problems: The main problem is the game design between destroyers and other classes. If you would make radar/CVs useless then DDs would be too strong and could only be countered by other DDs. If DDs would only have stealth, speed and weaker fire power then that would be no problem but they have torpedos and smokes as well. Imo, every ship should be able to counter DDs more or less effectively or be able to build the ship to be a DD counter. But the current consumable and spotting is a hindrance to that. Playing DDs in high tiers is currently very taxing but if you get rid of the hard counters, they would become far too strong. There is a reason why ppl use radar ships and thats not just to spank DDs. I made this post because i want to change the game design around DDs to make it more fun to play DDs but also fun for every other ships class to play against them. MfG Boom
  4. Colonel_Boom

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Aesthetics: + I like seeing all the different plane models up close + Anti air looks good. The water splashes etc. are a nice extra Gameplay: (CV) + I like the varied differences in plane performances. Rocket planes being fast and nimble with short afterburner and consistent damage. Slowly turning torpedo planes with high damage(also choice of different planes and/or torpedo types) etc. - Missing cv controls when flying even so you can simple call the planes back to jump to carrier. Make it at least possible to use the damage control consumable and change speed(in map mode or something). - AA feels a bit lackluster because of the lack of options and variety. It is too bare bones without upgrades and captain skills in the current build to know. Balance: +- AA is difficult to judge without the captain skills and modules. It could maybe be a bit too strong with certain ships that have high AA range and damage. - CVs are maybe a bit too strong late into the game because of their infinite number of planes and high potential damage output. Certain ships with low AA will have a hard time. Needs more testing. CVs can still have a very high carry potential(not as high as on the live servers but still high) Suggestions: 1) AA needs could have more customization. I have too see what modules, captain skills like manual AA and ship fighter planes do. 2) Infinite planes is maybe a bit too strong. Maybe introduce something like fuel mechanic. So that planes have a time/fuel limit that shortens with the game length up to a minimum. So that carriers have to drive closer to the front to use its planes or something(random thoughts) 3) More CV controls in form of speed regulation and using damage control while flying. 4) More stats about short range air defense for the planes etc. Fazit: Needs more testing with ships having all their available tools. But in the current base configuration the game is not unplayable. Just the infinite planes could be a problem to balance. MfG Boom
  5. Colonel_Boom

    TST is a drama.

    I think you are playing the cvs wrong. They do incredible amounts of damage (T10 IJN has 18k damage per torp) and have an infinite number of planes. I have gotten over 4k base xp with tons of achievements. AA is not too strong imo. The devs want you to play normal ships to earn credits while playing carrier to earn free XP. You just need to play a game and earn at least 500 base XP in a game. MfG Boom
  6. Colonel_Boom

    Giving Tirpitz Hydro

    Hello, i think its about time the often played Tirpitz gets some love. Currently Tirpitz plays abit awkward compared to the Bismarck. It exhanges hydro and mid range AA for torps. I think it's about time it got the hydro. It should have gotten it with the secondary buff to Bismarck level(i mean they had the exact same secondary setup). It feels uncomfortable to play as soon as you try to be agressive compared to the Bismarck, ignoring your torpedo tubes being incapacitated by the crew if the enemy just looks at it. And with the current premium ship policy and newly released premium ships i wouldn't recommend buying the Tirpitz if you are newer to the game or value your money. MfG Boom
  7. Colonel_Boom

    Too many T10 ships driving around

    Hello captains, i notice more and more that there is a preference towards playing T10 ships in this game. I don't think that it was that bad a year or two ago. If you jump into a T8 nowadays you seem to have a very high chance of being bottom tier. I remember WoT having high repair costs in T9 and T10(even good players could only prevent loosing money consistently) in addition to MM changes to prevent this from happening. But in WoWs you can actually make lots of money in high tiers. I think that WoWs should at the very least change its MM a bit. If there are many T10 in the queue then put them preferably against other T10, so that T8 and T9 ships get more consistent matchups. What do you think? MfG Boom
  8. Colonel_Boom

    Gneisenau and GK

    Oops. I just saw that. I mean of course the 105mm guns. The 150mm were dedicated naval batteries. I will correct that.
  9. Colonel_Boom

    Gneisenau and GK

    This is from my link. http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNGER_41-65_skc33.php The Gneisenau in the game uses these guns. At least i think so. I can't find the C/31 right now. But the C/33 and C/31 are both L/65 and the C/28 is L/55. Projectile Types and Weights HE: 33.3 lbs. (15.1 kg) AP: 34.8 lbs. (15.8 kg) HE, Incendiary: 34.8 lbs. (15.8 kg) Illum: 32.4 lbs. (14.7 kg)
  10. Colonel_Boom

    Gneisenau and GK

    Hey, i wanted to talk about the GK secondaries. The GK uses the 128mm multi purpose secondaries derived from the 128mm Flak 40 which was the last generation of heavy anti aircraft weaponry of the Wehrmacht, used in 1943-1945. Ingame the Gneisenau also uses the same 128mm guns. On my research towards the armament setup of the Gneisenau's Hull(B) i found out that the 128mm guns were supposed to be part of the 1943 refit of the Gneisenau which were never realized and the 128mm were never mounted on ships with the exception of the late DDs. Now my question is about buffing the fire chance of these guns. The only difference towards the previous generations 105mm guns is the HE damage(1200 to 1500). The GK actually has a worse secondy setup than the Bismarck/Tirpitz in regard to fire chance because it sacrifices 1 150mm dedicated naval battery turret for them. I would buff the HE fire chance from 5% to 7% to be in harmony with the increase in gun calibre. I also found out that the 128mm can fire shells with a weight of 26kg to 29kg while the 150mm 105mm shoots shells with a weight of 15kg to 16kg which would also support this change. I always found it weird how the secondary armament of the Hull(A) is better than the Hull(B). It feels like you trade naval secondary power for AA secondary power. What do you think? MfG Boom
  11. Colonel_Boom

    Friedrich the Great, or the art of fail.

    The Freddy has the one of the best armor in Tier 9(ignoring the Musashi) and tutrleback. You can shatter alot of cruiser HE shells on everything but your superstructure. Just don't fall for the temptation to get the all guns on the target in a heated situation because you want to do damage. An well angled Freddy is a fortress. The bad turret angles and the weak broadside armor against other BBs shouldn't be exposed lightly. If you do that against enemy battleships then you will usually receive double the damage in return which is a bad trade of course. The FdG broadside armor is prone to full AP penetrations from other BBs. Even if they cannot citadel you, they will do tons of full pens to your broadside at medium to close ranges. These are my experiences with the FdG. MfG Boom
  12. Hello recruiters, after years of going solo and on/off-play, i finally decided to settle down and actually enjoy this game. I'm looking for a clan which organizes regular divisions and some nice team battles. I want to see the game from a more competitive side(no random vs. random 24/7 gameplay). I speak "fluent" english and german and have access to a diverse selection of VoIP software. PM me or whatever and thank you in advance. MfG Boom
  13. Colonel_Boom

    Organized Fleet Battles

    I think that tier 10 is not a fun tier to play at and is simply another carrot on a stick for newer players to reach T10. I think T8 is currently much more balanced and fun. Forgetting the ranked thing(which i find boring), i just wanted to know what players think. How many players actually play CW?
  14. Colonel_Boom

    Organized Fleet Battles

    Hello captains, do you want to play more organized and have actual fun doing it? Are you bored of playing random vs random battles 24/7? Are tournaments too inconvenient and/or stressful for you? Do you crave to play some relaxed organized fleet battles with interesting rules, actual interactions with actual human beings(unlike randoms) to have fun after a long day of work/school/studying/lazying/other? Then lets discuss a concept for organized fleet battles and potentially plan them. I'm still waiting for a WoT-type company game mode. Back then some people said that there were not enough ships to do it(not the case anymore). And now with the new training battles there are at least some options. I suggest a game mode looking like this: Tier: I-VIII Total tier points: 50-64 (sum of all the ship tiers in a team) Carrier: 1 max. Destroyer: unlimited Cruiser: unlimited Battleship: unlimited Enemy ships are set to hidden. Commanders are set to be allowed to recruit. Optional: Voice chat. What do you think of this idea? Do you think the rules should be changed? Should the game mode be something different? Or are you entirely against this idea? I'm thinking of getting people together to organize these battles in training rooms. Right now they are still kind of staged and simply intended for training, but i feel that a game mode like this is missing since forever in WoWs. I was thinking of someone, for example, opening a thread to declare organizing some fleet battles in the evening and (if there is enough interest on the forum) to excecute it. I didn't play a lot in the past months and i'm currently clanless and bored of random battles all the time. MfG Boom
  15. Colonel_Boom

    The Competitive scene in World of Warships

    Some competitive game mode would be highly appreciated. Random battles with random people are getting very tedious. Right now big communitites have to organize battles and are basically fighting between themselves. MfG Boom