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  1. Colonel_Boom

    Need Advice

    1. "Last Stand" skill(mandatory on nearly all DDs) 2. Propulsion Modification 1 Engine and rudder have no armor protection in DDs, so nearly all HE in the game will take them out hitting in its vicinity.
  2. Colonel_Boom

    Is WoWs is a powercreep game?

    The title says it all. After 4 years the game hasnt done anything big for at least 2 years. There is no free team battle game mode in a game that calls itself a team game. CBs are restricted, have an ELO system and reward you a special ressource to get some stuff. Everything is designed for players to sink their time and money intp the game. There is no heart anymore. The game is entirely designed for grinding and therefore powercreep. MfG Boom
  3. Colonel_Boom

    Make AFT a T3 skill

    It has already been suggested a few times on this forum. Make AFT a T3 skill. The 4 points are no longer worth it. MfG Boom
  4. Colonel_Boom

    [Discussion] How/if there should be lower income.

    In WoT, T9 and T10 tanks were much harder to maintain than lower tiers for the simple reason of preventing players playing only T10 tanks(that was the actual statement many years ago). Credit grinding was intended to be done with lower tier prems. But since WG began to introduce T9/T10 prems and gave every ship the option of a premium camo, it shows that they haven't thought about it.