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  1. Mk13

    Lag Spikes since latest patch

    Same here micro lag shutter pauses. Also in UK on Plus net.
  2. Mk13

    I just done something really stupid

    Bin there done that third a confirmation dialog
  3. Mk13

    How Do I Sell Ships?

    Yep just done that myself So pleased to research a new tier ship didn't notice the Dismiss command. Drat and blow (or words to that effect) There goes my most experienced Captain...... Suggestion to help muppets - default this to Send to Reserve and safety question are you sure to dismiss Should be too much of additional hassel as selling ships only happen once and while. Against the heartache of losing your faithfully nurtured staff. Or is there a way to retrieve said love one? from a Despondent Muppet
  4. Mk13

    Gun sound and lag

    Same here Distorted Sound and jerky gameplay No lag flashlight since 0.4 patch but still jerky and distorted sound. Happens with my ship and others - more ships more distortion and more jerky.
  5. Mk13

    Where's our premium + doubloons?

    Got my doubloons and 3 bundle Prem Ships - yeah Not got the Kitakami replacement Atago - Anyone else got it yet?
  6. Mk13

    Server IP

    Someone quoted login.worldofwarships.eu I'm doing a pingplotter for it right now
  7. Mk13

    Lag of Death

    My ping is ok 40-60 its the intermittent packet loss that is making games uncomfortable for me. When I first got on it ran like a dream two patches in and lag light is a flashing and ships jerk forward every couple of seconds.
  8. Mk13

    Welcome to the Closed Beta Feedback section!

    Driving Carriers is a bit hit or miss As scrolling around the map/screen can also reset the auto-pilot and can leave your carrier jamming island or map edges. Having to keep going back to carrier map to reset destinations.
  9. Mk13

    My ship sailed on without me..

    Happened to me today Grid E9 Ship sailed on out of sight then back in as I turned so rudder control still worked Tried going to map screen and back. To menu and back No joy Restarted game and back to normal with ship scrapping the map edge. Weird
  10. Mk13

    Some lag'n'rubberbanding

  11. Mk13

    vanishing ships

    Happens to me at very range 2Km - Destroyers, Cruisers Could be smokescreen effect...in binoc view. Could the mechanic be changed so the ship fades out/in. As apposed to snap vanishing...then snaps back in seconds later This would represent the smokescreen and not just a bug of invisible ships.
  12. Mk13


    Starting playing a few weeks ago - no problems. Loving the game. This last week since the Warspite Patch has been laggy and jerky. Ping and FPS remain fine. Cut back on playing WOT for exactly the same reason, that's been laggy for several years. WOT suffered from an intermediate server loss of packs. Has the server route been changed recently?