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  1. Vistulus

    British CVs

    Still no Indomitable, is she stuck in testing hell or just waiting for marketing? An update would be appreciated.
  2. Vistulus

    Premium Aircraft Carriers—They're All Here!

  3. Vistulus

    HMS Indomitable.......

    Still disappointingly invisible…..
  4. Vistulus

    0.8.3 - PTS General Feedback

    Thank you, you are a good person.
  5. Vistulus

    0.8.3 - PTS General Feedback

    Why is the RN T8 CV (Implacable) not available, the US and IJN Tier 8 CV's are????
  6. Vistulus

    How to manually AIm AA now???

    Ok I sit corrected, but I am keen to understand in that case how the SINGLE Ranger in the game I just played managed to cross drop me from his TWO torp squadrons not once not twice but SIX times in three minuets
  7. Vistulus

    How to manually AIm AA now???

    and wave after wave of planes with unlimited ammunition isn't a massive nerf for anyone playing BB, CL or DD????
  8. Vistulus

    How to manually AIm AA now???

    Frankly it's pointless, whatever side you select the aircraft fly over you and are immediately on the non-gimped side for AA defence. You may as well just leave it as 100% each side. My feedback on all four rounds of the CV test was that they needed to restore the ability to select a squadron to focus fire on it..... THIS CAPABILITY NEEDS TO BE PUT BACK.
  9. Wouldn't it be great if we had a premium RN cruiser......
  10. Vistulus

    Great changes to HMS Cossack

    What's the point she wont be released until at least 0.7.8 now...….. [edited]pointless discussion
  11. Vistulus

    HMCS Haida leak, coming to ST soon

    Great news for Canadian players!! Personally until we are allowed to use RN captains on Commonwealth ships no purchase for me. BTW Wargaming, GBR is STILL part of the Commonwealth so this artificial barrier is just [edited]stupid.
  12. Vistulus

    Royal Navy Destroyers

    There is also HMS Anthony at Tier V (not to mention Phra Ruang, JiaWei and Gajah Mada which are really RN DD's), she was released for the Dunkirk event with a AA setup...... Presumably still lurking in the client. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Anthony_(H40) Can anyone post a link to this "plan" ?
  13. Vistulus

    British Premium CV

    Going to keep banging on here.... we have ONE British premium in the shop right now ONE.. YES ONE. A British CV even if it was a reskinned Bouge would be a 100% improvement on the current sad state of play.
  14. Vistulus

    British Premium CV

    Other than the sinking of the Bismark (Ark Royal) or the HMS Glorious (sunk by Scharnhorst and Gneisenau) to name just two.... Much much much more super famous than the Graf Zep which was never completed or operational, IMHO.
  15. Vistulus

    British Premium CV

    Still no news, astounding that we don't have a RN CV in game.