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  1. H4RT_of_STEAL

    4.1 test server and update notes

    this -almost one kilometer=0.8-1 km in my book
  2. H4RT_of_STEAL

    4.1 test server and update notes

    for a brief moment i thought i was in the AW forum...
  3. H4RT_of_STEAL

    4.1 test server and update notes

    my memory is failing me, who are you again?
  4. H4RT_of_STEAL

    4.1 test server and update notes

    4km are a better range to work with than 1km. i still went as close as possible but with the longer range torps you can far more often shoot at ships that are moving away. with 7km range you would have to be way inside the spottign range to do so.
  5. H4RT_of_STEAL

    4.1 test server and update notes

    fixed that for you it is remarkable that you really think i dont care what happens to the game. dont forget to buy premium and all ships, to show WG that they are doing everything right by turning this game into world of BBs i did. and judging from my stats, it worked.
  6. H4RT_of_STEAL

    4.1 test server and update notes

    minekaze nerf it was the only DD worth playing, now there is none. thank god i uninstalled last week. keep it up WG and this will be the next world of warplanes.
  7. H4RT_of_STEAL

    Torps nerfen bitte!

    wärenddessen leide ich weiter in der senjo welche jetzt fantastische 8km torp range hat :,( aber weggeklickt werde ich trozdem noch. also auf japanische zitadellentreffer ist noch verlass jungs es wird das gleiche sein, was wir beim tiger in wot haben. nur das es diesmal ein premium schiff sein wird (was natürlich die schiffsklasse selbst im normalen techtree nicht ausschließt) weswegen dann alle von betrug reden werden. denkt dran, hier habt ihr es zuerst gehört!
  8. H4RT_of_STEAL

    Torps nerfen bitte!

    stein ist OP! mit freundlichen grüßen, schere. jetzt mal ehrlich leute. wer sich in dem aktuellen metagame noch von torps treffen lässt ist selbst schuld. einfach regelmäßig kurs und geschwindigkeits änderungen vornehmen und schon seit ihr das schlimmste was einem DD spieler passieren kann: nicht unfähig. wo er recht hat hat er recht leute. wenn wir das spiel weiter um die "unterdurchschnittlicheren" spieler bauen wird das nen sehr kurzer spaß werden. es sei denn ihr wollt alles und jedem irgendwann in BBs rumfahren sehn weil irh die bismark so gerne habt und sie ja das beste schiff ist.
  9. H4RT_of_STEAL

    japanese CAs from t8 onwards

    just a word before i go into detail. i want ships to be has historical as possible ingame. meaning RL armour, speed and roughly agility. but i am willing to take cutbacks for balances sake. 1. i know cruisers have bad armour. but tis not about the armour thickness itself but rather about its placement on the ships. i am commenting completely by impression of the armour to me now. the mogami, despite being the better armoured ship to the pensacola seems to be the weaker ship overall when it comes to taking fire. the citadel seems to be the entire lenght from turret 3 to turret 4 and hight from the waterline up to the maindeck. this results in a huge "hit me for damage" zone. the pensacola on the other hand, which is well known by american CA players for having no protection on paper and ingame doesnt seem to be half as vulnerable to gunfire. i would like to point out again that i am only talking about shooting those ships, not driving them myself. at the end of the day i would rather shoot a mogami than a pensacola. lets have some other extreme examples. the cleveland doesnt seem to have any kind of citadel that can be reliably penetrated by AP shells. on the other hand, the aoba take massive damage to anything between its main turrets. 2. i dont quite get this point there used to be an interesting balance between cruisers before the torpedo nerf hit. i was totally fine with driving the far more vulnerable ship while i was able to stay outside of their detection zones and work from afar, a bit like a huge destroyer. i dotn even know if japanese cruisers were touched after the torpedo change. not only did they lose their range, but torps are also far easierto detect giving people bigger reaction windows. i dont think a gunbuff/nerf would fix anythign for cruisers. rather a change to their torp armament. would 12km range for t8, 15km for t9/10 really hurt that much? so by all means, lets not mirror ships and their gameplay now but make each class useful again. dotn make people think they drive a t8 ship that cannot take on a t6.
  10. H4RT_of_STEAL

    japanese CAs from t8 onwards

    lets take world of tanks as an example. lets take some t6 tanks as an example. let us assume a vk3601 and a kv 85 are having a 1on1. both have equal chances to win that fight. while 1 tank may have higher DPM the other my have more armour/HP. at the end of the day it will most likely be playerskill that decides who wins. and that is, at least in my eyes, how it should be. now i realize it is hard to achieve balanced gameplay when you dont want to mirror factions/units. but as of now, there is no balance in the most remote sense. i just hope it will be possible to win a 1on1 fights with skill and not with "i drove the better ship".
  11. H4RT_of_STEAL

    japanese CAs from t8 onwards

    well, the senjo doesnt take as many citadel hit so that is something...i guess? too bad that its still 3 times the size of the average american citadel. does that mean you actually like the aoba? do you really thing it is able to win a gunfight against a cleveland? let alone be able to get in range to fire torps and hit?
  12. H4RT_of_STEAL

    japanese CAs from t8 onwards

    just unlocked the senjo...again. its as big of a dissapointment as the rest of the line, a citadel the size of whole ship that gets penned by HE shells. whoever thinks about unlocking it, just dont bother.
  13. H4RT_of_STEAL

    Cz, DDz, BBz r OP plz nerf

    recommended clubbing ships for the first weeks of WOWS are the Minekaze, Fuso in combination with "aim assist" mod but basically everything with torps and good camo will do fine. if everything stays like it is now...
  14. H4RT_of_STEAL


    nerfing or buffign speed would make those parameters unhistorical and as far as i understand this game and world of tanks, speed is something that rarely gets changed to unhistorical levels. besides from that, i dont think thats the japanese cruisers downfall. its their vulnerability to AP shells overall. if a BB can just click you away from 15km, somethig is wrong, no matter how much his paper beats my rock. on the other hand, that very same rock cannot beat scissors since its torpedos are damn near ununsable.
  15. H4RT_of_STEAL

    Which of the 3 pre-order premiums would you reccomend most?

    none unless they change the game back into pre CBT balance