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    Armada: Mainz

    Sorry, what? It is a German LC, of course it sucks. There would be some good games, but that is it. Dodgy takeaway? Don't use crap then. I order trough JustEat and for £30 you can feed family. There is customer ratings for a reason. FYI, in the almost 9 years I been ordering myself(way before Online apps) I never got ill. And I rarely order from Big Name franchises
  2. 700

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.4

    Does these turrets have course addjusting shell AKA like planes do? Nope, shells don't do that. Only planes DO. LOL Are you serious here? CV players are better players? Or you just went *edited* way? Checked your CV stats... nothing to write home about, especially new ones. And as now surface ships have far less defense against planes, so all your other rambling is a BS. See ya. Edited: Removed insult. Arty_McFly
  3. 700

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.4

    Oh yes, radio... "(what it is?does your planes has wireless high speed internet with GPS and fire control radar?)" What radio did in real life against ships in WW2 period - was general place of enemy ship(like spoted on minimap during storm), so yeah stop BSing about it.
  4. 700

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.4

    Maybe because the turrets are On Your SHIP and not 20-30KM away like planes are? Truly I lament Germany if its people inteligence took nosedive to your level.
  5. 700

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.4

    Are you really bitching about realistic ship speed in the game where planes spot a ship and said ship becomes visible to all other 11 players immediately in your team and they can target it(what it is?does your planes has wireless high speed internet with GPS and fire control radar?)? Then why you don't complain about AA sector mechanic which spreads the fire instead of swating your planes out of the sky with concentrated fire? Why your CV planes ares are controled by you and not your pilots? Oh wait... it's another CV player rant. Whose CVs WR after "CV rework" went up significantly...
  6. 700

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.4

    Lets take look at T10 BBs. Lets start with worst in air detection: Name Detection sea/air MG Range Surprise fire range over detection sea/air GK: 17.6/14.9 20.6 3.0/5.7 Repu 18/13.5 26.1 8.1/12.6 Monty 17.8/12.9 23.6 5.8/10.7 Yama 18/12.8 26.6 8.6/13.8 Conq 15.7/12.5 24.3 8.6/11.8 CVs attack range over detection: limited only by Map Limits. Also they can "shoot" over islands... CV player reaction: "Stop nerfing us!!!!" My reaction to CV moans: "Yeah, suuuure"/s.
  7. 700

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.4

    CV in Ranked Battles? Who though this idea is "briliant"(/s)? edited who does not play WOWS at all, apparently. And at T10. Yay, now there will be no tactics like flanking, ambushes, etc... "Great job"(/s), edited Now only one more competive mode to edited left is clan battles. "CV FOR CLAN BATTLES! Greatest idea in WOWS history!"(/s) - no one said, EVER. CV super spoting adresed with 45s delay, in the begining of the battle(so taking in account planes speed CVs will spot ships a KM closer to the middle? xD)... LOL Ya are serious here? How about droping ships air detection down for a couple KM each too, except DDs(who gets 0.5KM down) or even better DDs aren't detected by CV unless DDs are in CV detection range(or 12-15 KM from CV)?
  8. Space camos, not bad... WUT?! Price - 8.000 D again?! What? Really? It is a reacurring camo and 3.000D more than standard premium camo. I know it is WG, but geez... and UI is getting ever WORSE, FFS! WTH you are doing with it? Mining cryptocurrency? Optimize UI, you slackers! mate, you have 21 battle. That means, you have barelly any idea what to do... nevermind play for ship advantages and for a win. Myself, I don't want you on the team in Space Battles with less than 200 battles, nevermind 21. It will be like trying find black cat in the dark room with you as captain...
  9. But of course. After all now WGing will have console players do hard thinking, like when change course or speed in BB... Or aim without Aim Asssist... Console gamers will
  10. well, this is strange. I check Januarry missions almost 2 weeks later and there is still "Parcitipation" button active for Azure Lane, wth?
  11. "The Holidays Are Coming!" yes, they do. So stop acting like your player base is only nolifers without families and real life. You give middle finger to us and get multi-thousands of middle fingers back. Oh and steel mission price is retarded. Thanks for helping save money and time! 4K(you actually need to grind it too!!! haha) steel for T8 ship price?
  12. LOL, just because WGing is putting price on things, it doesn't mean that price they wants is correct "value" at all... In other worlds overfkingpriced. no wonder their owner is billionaire
  13. ah, you are one of those which WGing is claiming to be unable play as RTS-esque game mode. anoher one who like graphics but no substance. I would like from you to still say the same after few hundred battles. Where you will do only flying towards enemy... again and Again and AGAIN...