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  1. But of course. After all now WGing will have console players do hard thinking, like when change course or speed in BB... Or aim without Aim Asssist... Console gamers will
  2. well, this is strange. I check Januarry missions almost 2 weeks later and there is still "Parcitipation" button active for Azure Lane, wth?
  3. 700

    Collector's Club Launch

    Useless rubish again.
  4. "The Holidays Are Coming!" yes, they do. So stop acting like your player base is only nolifers without families and real life. You give middle finger to us and get multi-thousands of middle fingers back. Oh and steel mission price is retarded. Thanks for helping save money and time! 4K(you actually need to grind it too!!! haha) steel for T8 ship price?
  5. LOL, just because WGing is putting price on things, it doesn't mean that price they wants is correct "value" at all... In other worlds overfkingpriced. no wonder their owner is billionaire
  6. ah, you are one of those which WGing is claiming to be unable play as RTS-esque game mode. anoher one who like graphics but no substance. I would like from you to still say the same after few hundred battles. Where you will do only flying towards enemy... again and Again and AGAIN...
  7. "I In late August, just days before the declaration of war, destroyers Burza, Grom, and Blyskawica sailed past the strait of Skagerrak and into the North Sea, shadowed by Kriegsmarine patrols." so Poles in ships did running and left their compatriots on land LOL And just before "war was officially being declared", so they got advanced warning , from whom? (They arrived at Scotland’s coast right as war was officially being declared)So that is when UK and France declared War on Germany... 3rd of September?
  8. "We're facing a similar situation with DirectX versions lower than 10.1. Supporting those versions takes a lot of time and effort on the part of the Dev Team, which in turn slows down the development of the game" - ah, the development of the game. Making copies of ships: Massa, Alabama. Or Bart... Or Mushi... Or "Black ships" LOL There was someone with 64GB RAM so what is your max ussage of RAM, 7 GB probablly? xD
  9. not so fast mate. first they will fleece upcoming Console gamers and ONLY then RIP in another couple years On BF Deal I was thinking maybe get a Tirpitz B, but... Now if TirpitzB had Torps AND Hydro yeah. Otherwise why bother with ship which has only different camo?(not that I have Tirpitz...) Thanks WG for helping make a choice AGAIN LOL You know like shafting old customers/players and giving gibs to newbies for "First purchase", remember that one? Oh, and Armada deal. No Kami, Belfast, GZ and other slightly OP ships for like 300£? Go where lasers isn't visible.
  10. When you compare apples and oranges. Mino can't start fires... Wooster trives on them. Which one has HE and which doesn't? Also with radar meta try playing DDs, I do. It isn't fun: you spot radar ship=you're in radar range, le everyone and their dog start shooting at you. 40 seconds duration
  11. Hello. We are looking for more members to join our clan [H_M_S] The Unsinkables. If your over 18, have a win rating over 50% in random battles and would like to join to play Clan Battles, look us up in game and apply for invite or just PM me. Searching for people who are sociable, because we want players all use Discord for communication or at least to check clan announcements. Discord link for a clan chat: https://discord.gg/nCXbQYF To download Discord: https://discordapp.com/download
  12. When your "regret" gets explained in next line... by you. If you call "approaching" what happen with FC venting anger at his failure on me at Saturday, that makes it 2nd time... And as first was with you, cherry, a couple weeks back, where you said the same as FC before he went into full cursing mode(as opposed mixed swearing word here and there), just without swearing and in calm voice("be silent and do exactly as FC says if you want play Clan Battles"). Now I wonder why your answer to my post makes no mention about FC bad behavior(which is a routine behavior) and instead try deflect all blame on me? And to think that I never called any person I played with "you f*ck" or "you c*nt"(of any similar words at that matter) as FC so nicely called me, but I'm the one damaging "community cohesion"... LOL I'll do no paraphrasing, just some quoting: is that is where "a fish rots from the head" or "birds of a feather flock together" example? Or both? It is an academic question, really. Enjoy your games, same for people I played with too... and I really mean it, instead of just predending. Like we talked two weeks back, there is only one faced me, not these two faced persons you meet so much these days. P.S. My post also bumps this tread up.
  13. ex BAD-F sailor here. Got kicked off because someones anger managment is in dire need of updating. There was fun match in CBs yesterday(10/3/2018). FC was shouting "I'm going die, I'm going die.", and when I said "you will not die", he dies minute later while being in enemy Gearing's smoke in enemy's cap, broadside to enemy BB at 8 KM because he was shooting non-stop while virtualy at the standing still, in a Hinderburg, so of course inevitable happened... Then FC goes off the rails on you after battle, when you try explain to him, he start swearing at you and clan boss supports him saying that "you was supposed be in other place than FC told you to be"... But hey, what you can do. It is my fault than FC died and we lost a match by 6 points, isn't? P.S. I was dead few minutes before FC died, so yeah. and this... waiting until person disconects from game and TS and then kick him off without saying anything is truly... something. Anyway there is nice people in BAD-F, it was fun but be carefull if FC is on his bad day, which seems prety much every day in CBs.