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  1. KillSlim

    Richelieu - Tier VIII

    To continue eldurino's point, this ship is garbage. It's ludicrously easy to counter because a slowly reversing battleship with a sizable superstructure isn't hard to get some fires going on, and for the bigger guns on the team, easy to make that bow tank irrelevant. The guns are inaccurate and heinously unreliable, that long range means nothing. I had a game today where I fired at a broadside Zao 12 km away, and I don't think I'm that bad of a shot. 7/8 shots missed and the one which did hit bounced. The AA is reasonable, that's the only plus I can think of, every other T8 BB is preferable in a major way. NC is better at long range, KGV and Bismarck are better at mid/close range respectively (with the former having some notable HE potential), and Amagi is a better flanker. Rich is not even a jack of all trades, it's just unreliable to the point of being a liability in the team. Mobility is particularly terrible because of that turning circle and slow rudder traverse, so it's good torpedo fodder. I rub my hands with glee whenever I can shoot at one because I'll likely do a lot of damage to it and take little to nothing back.
  2. I wonder how WG will buff it. No one reputable is recommending it so I doubt many people will buy it. It's strange to me how it's being marketed as super fast when it's utterly gigantic and easy to hit.
  3. KillSlim

    Free Chapayev - Where to go from here?

    It's not a complicated play style, pick an island to hide behind and spam HE. Pray you don't get the Ocean map. If the island-hiding-HE-spamming play style fits you, which realistically is the only way the ship works--because you will be primaried every single time you can be shot at for easy citadels--then feel free to play Chapayev. Schors and Buddy have identical play styles.
  4. KillSlim

    friedrich der große - some suggestion needed

    FDG is just a weird ship that doesn't work. Too big and cumbersome for close quarters, where it's inaccurate guns should flourish. Too inaccurate for any long range work paired with bad firing angles, and no gimmicks like a powerful HE. Secondary build is fun but rather ineffective at high tiers. AA is decent but as others have pointed out, it's not useful in 75% of games. It's a bizarre support (?) brawler (?) AA (?) hybrid ... thing?
  5. KillSlim

    How to Play Royal Navy Destroyer DDs Line Hms Jervis

    Lots of people are definitely saying something similar where you grasp it and it flourishes, so I'll persist and practice. Edit: 2 days later and I think I've grasped it, I'm enjoying it. It's damned good. The best way I can sum it up for others who are struggling is that it's an aggressive support dd, or at least that's the way that it works for me.
  6. KillSlim

    How to Play Royal Navy Destroyer DDs Line Hms Jervis

    Currently going through the first couple of games in Jervis and I'm experiencing the teething problems a few others have mentioned when first using the ship. At the moment I just can't stand using it, it's horrible.
  7. KillSlim


    The stats from wows-numbers take into account the performance of a ship since it gets added to the game, hence why it has 900k battles and Yueyang has 500k battles, because it's been in the game longer obviously. The 52% figure is taken from it's entire lifespan, and so it can't be cited as an accurate "recent" statistic. Stop being dishonest.
  8. KillSlim


    It's really not in a good shape, and yes there are worse dd's but that doesn't detract from Khaba's bad position. It just can't perform well enough now that the only way to effectively field it is to suffer a 9.7 km detection radius with all 3 rudder modules to make up for it's abysmal handling. In terms of size it's comparable to some lower tier cruisers, so it's easy to hit and easy to spot. Torps went from being occasionally useful (Like the ones on Tashkent) to yolo last ditch weapons. The 50 mm armour simply gets this thing wrecked fast by bigger ships. Khabarovsk Shimikaze Gearing Pheonix Kuma Svietlana Karlsruhe Iwaki Alpha Danae Yubari I want some more replies showing Khaba is actually okay by posting some winrate stats which are skewed from back when it was OP. You don't see it much in games these days because it's outshone by Grozovoi and Harugumo. The only reason I have games with it is because Khaba is my 1st T10 DD but I'll let it gather dust from now on, using it is an intentional handicap.
  9. KillSlim

    Queen Elizabeth

    I don't have many battles in the QE but I hate it currently. The Warspite is just better in most aspects as a BB thanks to it's agility, it can overcome a fairly slow turret traverse which isn't that bad anymore these days, partly thanks to it's rudder shift. That helps it's survive too by dodging torps on top of bringing guns to bear. What option would you rather take? I know which one I want. Shoot down 0 torpedo bombers but avoid every torpedo (Warspite) Shoot down 1-2 torpedo bombers but absorb 1-2 torpedoes (QE) I couldn't care less about BB AA at this tier considering how short range it is. It can give a T6 and a T7 CV a slap but you don't stand a chance versus a T8 CV, so why not boost the performance of your guns rather than buff a situational aspect of the ship? This is why I've taken the module which increases turret traverse speed, which makes the horrible turret traverse slightly more bearable, although it's quite a negligible effect.
  10. KillSlim

    T6 French Premium: Battleship Dunkerque Disappoints

    I had an amusing game today in my Warspite, can't remember which map. As the game started an enemy Dunq was immediately spotted and lost roughly 40% of it's HP as a result. I felt sorry, honestly.
  11. KillSlim

    British Cruiser pain

    I free XP'd to Leander as I had a lot saved over, as the T1 to T5 ships looked terrible, it seems I was right in thinking that. Leander clearly establishes the play style for the rest of the branch, as the next ships in the line seem to be continually improved versions of this ship. It's fun and almost scary to do so much damage in a short space of time to broadside targets. The second that target turns away or towards you, you are unable to do any damage. It doesn't matter what ship type. Yes these ships accelerate/turn quickly and have a lot of consumables at their disposal, and yes they have high rates of fire, but the second you meet an angled target (Which is 100% of the time if you're chasing a target or are being chased) you're done for and must switch targets, or stop firing all together if it's completely ineffective. It's the easiest hard counter in the game currently. I've had a handful of decent games with Leander but I fear that as more people learn that the RN tree can only shoot AP they will become even more uncompetitive and less enjoyable to captain. They need to have weak HE shells which either have a minimal HE chance (roughly 1%) or cannot start fires at all.
  12. I'm in love with the Bayern, almost every aspect about it is good. Here's what I've found in my first games: Pros: Strong, reliable armour Powerful, very accurate 380 mm guns with max dispersion at 223 m Numerous secondaries, 10 x 105 mm and 6 x 2 105 mm Respectable turret traverse speed Reasonable AA (the 6 x 2 105 mm AA guns can be further buffed with MFC) Good top speed of 25 knots (Although it can reach higher) Fast rudder shift time, 13.9s Respectable Concealment, 13.4 km by air and 10.9 km by sea Cons Torpedo protection lacking at 21% Max main battery firing range somewhat lacking at 17.7 km This is an effective brawler and it definitely has the tools for the job.
  13. KillSlim

    T6 French Premium: Battleship Dunkerque Disappoints

    Would this ship be more suited at T5 if unbuffed?
  14. I can't find a download link anywhere here or on Aslain's forums, help?
  15. Hi, I'm looking for a competitive clan to join. I don't know anyone who I can play with WoWS with, and I'd like to try out events with more people who are on a similar skill level. https://eu.warships.today/player/500422274/KillSlim