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    History Research. Modder in Medieval 2/Kingdoms Game and Modder/Skinner in World of Tanks.

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  1. Anthoniusii

    Update of the Ruckus in the Depot Event

    That was about to ask...There are no ingame misions to get access to these tokens. That is stealing. I remind WG that Spanish Parliament is about to pass a law that forbites in Spain online games with "looting boxes" that have no quarantee result as measure against gamble. If that law will pass many EU countries will follow. Then i wonder how you are going to lure your victims in non quarantee looting boxes.
  2. Anthoniusii

    Clan Battles rating bug.

    No matter if our clan wins a battle or loses one we get this message: Is this a joke? Can we expect a fix soon? We spent signals to play thoise battles without any actuall reward!
  3. Anthoniusii

    Update 0.11.5 - Bug Reports

    Today i started to play the new update and I have cosnstant spikes of FRS and PING as a result when i zoom in to aim enemy ship it apears to make sudden moves and finally is not there! Does WG server has any issues again? I tested my PC with other online game "heavier" than WoWs and had no proplem.
  4. Anthoniusii

    [] Unique Camouflage Plus

    When i open the XML FILE and search this i have no results. In search of those 3 camos you have to type ASD030_Black . Thanks anyway.
  5. Anthoniusii

    [] AnthoniusII's Ships skins and camos. Will be release this weekend as soon as i make a new camo for Black.
  6. Anthoniusii

    [0.11.5] Simply Grey Paint + Historical camouflage v.1

    What is USS Destroyer Black entry in the Camouflages.XML?
  7. Anthoniusii

    [] Unique Camouflage Plus

    What is US Destroyer Balck camouflages entry in XML.txt to allow me release my update pack?
  8. Anthoniusii

    500th Anniversary of the Swedish Navy

    You missed all posible dates for years. 28th Octomber the Italian invasion (one problem that hunts Russians in 29th of Octomber Pravda congratulated Mousolini for his invasion, 1 year later Pravda wrote "Greeks you saved us"). 21st of May Battle of Crete (a mison similar to Duncerque could be made ). UK lost 30 ships around Crete! You see because of the GREEK involvement in the Tsar's side there is a complex against Greeks by Russians not to mention recent Church politics that drive Russians to "ignore" Greece's contribution to WW2. "When we will win we will enter Bulgaria as punishers , Serbia as libarators and Greece as Pilgrims" Joseph Stalin
  9. Anthoniusii

    500th Anniversary of the Swedish Navy

    500 years of Swedish Navy. Great....But why so much complex for the 4000 years of Hellenoc/Hellenistic/Greco-roman/Hellenic Navy? Hellenic Navy was the 2nd world wide with submarune after Swedish! Hellenic Navy was the 1st world wide ussing air bombing in real (not exercises) world wide. Hellenic Navy was the 1st in western Navies that adipted anti-ship missiles (exocet) even when French themselvs did not trust them! Hellenic Navy is the only Navy that in 4000 years no ship of it EVER surrendered! Why si much complex for Hellenic Navy?
  10. For atleast four year and even more there was no new addtion in the Armory for middle tier ships such tier 6 and tier 7 mainly Cruisers and Battlehips. As long as I remember the last tier 7 Battleship for coal was the British Battleship .Since then no new addition came. Can we expect new additions in the near future? I have 250k Coal and i wont spent it untill new additions will arive.
  11. Anthoniusii

    [] AnthoniusII's Ships skins and camos.

    OP post updated.
  12. Anthoniusii

    New Codes

    Me either!
  13. I agree as idea. BUT actually nothing happens because as the poster admited he keeps buying premium again and again. I made this mistake 3 times. Bought KII , bought Vanguard (big mistake) and finished Hizen with doublons more than the last 3 phases believing the lies WG wrote about the ship's parameters (huge mistake also).. Now despite the new ship in shipyard looks promissing i will spant 0 doublons for it. Also I stoped buying tier 10 premium cammos since there are unlimited ALL STEEL camos that from the in port settings i can see them as the real premium ones too! In my case only WG lost the last few months more than 60 Euros. If 100 or 1000 players do the same WG will be forced to change its policy.
  14. Anthoniusii

    Georgios Averof armored cruiser(Pisa-class) 

    GA is an after dreadnought armored cruiser (later this class evolved to Battlecruisers). But now that WG finally managed to combine damage fronm different caliber 2ndaries of a Battleship this Armored Cruiser will be intesesting to play with 8 huge 2ndaroes capable to sink Cruisers or heavily damage Battlehships and few douzens light 2ndaries capable to damage only light cruisers and Destroyers. The old excuse that 2ndaries damage difference was a trouble does not now exist. Greek Navy has a long tradition od "hybrid ". Dardo Italian class DDs in greek service were different in weapinry diplacement , with British AA guns and torpedos, King George and Queen Olga used german 128mm main guns and german 37mm AA guns on a british hull with british torpedos. That hybrid ships are far more joyable than the cloned ships like Panasia Crusiers or Panasia DDs!
  15. Anthoniusii

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    Does this list includes those that won premium ships for example? EDIT I found the list. Its odd though. 6 years of playing no reward. 6 years of opening containers only 2 moinths earlier i had a premium ship Ocronber's Revolution"! That is a bizzare out of mathematical odds coinsidnce. It seams that WG got enough real money from me and conciders me as a fool that i will keep paying for its products and that is why all adds to win something even when adds given by WG i should have 6 premium ships from daily containers instead of one.