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  1. Anthoniusii

    Full Zoom Binocular - Enemy Grounding Shake Bug

    Update: Game integrity and repair does not solve the problem. Graphics card is OK (tested in benchmark in extreme graphics in TW games like ROME II AND ATTILA TW that had serius issues with graphiics and card responds smoothly). While the waragaming.net.Game,Center is online the PC loses power. It drains too power ...The game still created trempled screen on the monitor .Last game yesteraday 10:30 last night without any issue. That issue apeared today.
  2. Anthoniusii

    Full Zoom Binocular - Enemy Grounding Shake Bug

    I have the same issue my self. the monitor screen shake like you've just grounded when: Loading the game. Loading a battle. Zoom in to aim. Yesterday i had not such issues. I checked my GC playing demanding games like ROME II TOTAL WAR in extreme settings and had no problem. The first time i notticed that shake of the screen and apearence of squares and lines , I reinstalled through the settings Microsoft Visual 2005+++ as the game loader downloads and seamed to play smoothly. I exit the game and started again having the same proplem , a trempling screen, with lines and squares in the cases i mention above. Now i check the integrity of the game and reair and wait to see what will happen.
  3. Anthoniusii

    [BUG] No signals as wewards after battle achivements.

  4. Ranked battles. Playing Gneisenau Battleship Achivements : 1) High Caliber 2) Close quarters expert Result : No signals added as rewards. The only notification was the service report. How can we claim owr rightfully rerwards? Are ranked battles excluded like Co Op ones fromm such rewards ?
  5. Anthoniusii

    New game update system in patch 0.10.5

    Thank you all for your answers. I did that check and you were right. My PC may be 15 years old but the atleast 6 years i sue W7 x64 Ultimate so the icon in my disk is the same as yoru example. Again thank you all. I always ask when i don't know something. As I said i am a total noob when it comes with OSs and PCs.
  6. Anthoniusii

    New game update system in patch 0.10.5

    I am a 15 years modder of Medieval 2 Total War and Rome Total War games. Those games have serius issues with W10. So i still need W7 because all my modding tools are working in W7 but not in W10 properly. I am noob in technical matters but if changing the format of the disk will cause troubles OR WILL REQUIRE re-install all my W7 compatible tools i will pass. I prefer noty to throw away 15 years of personal work and comitment simply to play a game that is unballanced but WG never asked its clients (espasialy those that pay real money) if they are confortable with severe changes. The link WG provides for that "upadate" is this: https://docs.microsoft.com/el-gr/windows-server/storage/file-server/ntfs-overview
  7. I have read that the way that game will be upaded after 0.10.4 patch will radicaly change. The format that WG has chosen is only for windows 8 and Windows 10. What about the clients that still use W7 x64 Ultimate. Will they be able to keep their game updated or they will be forced to upgrade their windows to W10? We need to know for sure inorder NOT TO SPEND money in a game that we wont be able to play in the near future.
  8. The title says it all.. The risk is that the reward might change in the next year and those that have been left with only 1 container short to see their efforts go in the trash can. Could WG create an extra mision or bring to ARMORY one container per player for this line of KotS series? Its unfair for those that endured watching videos in russianwithout subtitles for a container to see their trouble in vain.
  9. Anthoniusii

    please fix your twitch drops

    I have posted for this issue in 3 dufferent threads. WG either does not care or can not fix the problem.
  10. the question in the title is clear. If the KotS will start from zero next year we must stop watching the streams from today. What will happen if many of us will remain with one KotS container short? We will have wasted our time watching streams in russian for nothing?
  11. Damn i will be ine container short from the completion.
  12. Is that true.

    We that can not complete the entire collection we are following twich for nothing?

  13. So we are watching for nothing...WG must make an annoouncement.
  14. Anthoniusii

    King of the Sea mision.

    Any news of a possible solution?
  15. So the question that emerges is "will be another KotS event next year for the same reward or will complete misions for nothing this year?