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  1. Anthoniusii

    Hard drive space taken up by WoW's

    Which updates in the "Updates" folder " is safe to delete to have some more space in my hard disk?
  2. Anthoniusii

    Is there a link to see the european line of DDs?

    So I was right. For WG Europe is north of Alps and Danube river. I do not see a Greek Destroyer only North european vessels. I guess for WG's sense of Guild about congratulating Mousolini in his invasion to Greece in 1940 MAKES THEM EXCLUDE Greek Destroyers.
  3. The title says it all. I saw some strange names all of them from northern europe . Unless Europe is northern of Alps i am curius to see the destroyers line.
  4. Anthoniusii

    British Bictorian cammo.

    Yes the same way you barbarians call Velisarius Belisarius, you call Vasill Basill ...that is why Victorian can be also Bictorian , to help members that write barbarian languages to understand.
  5. Anthoniusii

    British Cruisers: Early Access

    Again...lets try simple english. The spesific player knows where to ask that question and recieve an answer. Most of the players simply don't. That is where THE FRAUD IS.
  6. Anthoniusii

    British Bictorian cammo.

    The unfairness is that if you are a chosen guy from WG you get free premium cammo and ship. But the pay clients are only a small percentance in the total players that play the game. What would happen if all those douzens of thousands would stop play. You that you pay or you are too close to WG to have free premium staff would wait hours to have a descent matchmaking to start a single battle.
  7. Anthoniusii

    British Cruisers: Early Access

    That is where the FRAUD lies. If a player that can no longer buy a bundle with tokens he should NOT also be unable buy bundles with gold. The spesific player nows the official site and asked. Douzens of thousands though when they will see that bundle will be in a temptation to give real money hoping to have the ship without knowing the TRUTH you just mentioned. Do you see my point now?
  8. Anthoniusii

    British Bictorian cammo.

    The question is simple. In the next update will the Golden/White cammo , be available for the 4 ships for free when a player will unlock the ship or not? Because if NOT there will be a great unfairness to random players that are STILL the backbone of the game.
  9. Anthoniusii

    British Cruisers: Early Access

    Yes you can through the bundles bought with Doublons and that is WHERE THE FRAUD is...like all "random" early access so far after the 1st that was the ARP ships that when you finished a task the ship was available. The fraud is in somewhere else in this case. Those that were "lucky" (WG has been proven that can chose who will be lucky and who wont) that had all four ships they have a premium cammo for free. That cammo will cost from 1000 to 3000 doublons for the players that will unlock those ships like every other ship in game. Its not guble its stealing...hopes ! There is no randomness in any event. When the game had an issue and i had to have a supercontainer as reward i contacted and administrator and the next day the first crater was a supercontainer miracusly! That proves that WG can chose the "lucky" ones that wants to promote its events to lure the thousands more into a witch hunt that leads to no where.
  10. Anthoniusii

    [] Unique Camouflage Plus

    Union Jack cammo with realistic patern and realistic British official colors.
  11. Anthoniusii

    [] Unique Camouflage Plus

    Following your lessons here is my version of the Victorian cammo for Devonshire. Its inspired from the latest unique cammo for Leander that uses the official British cammo colors (like Vanguard ). The 2nd picture shows Exeter with its cammo patern with the same British colors. EDIT: I don't have your expirience to make deck cammo changes to follow the realism but the 3rd image is from the real Devonshire and I atleast made the hull like it 4th image.
  12. I am missing only 3 items from the Italian Cruisers collection but suddenly they stop being available without any option by me to stop or continue having them in my custom boxes of every day missions. WHY?
  13. Anthoniusii

    Ranked Sprint (1 vs.1)

    The new Rank battles are a JOKE aren't they? As many times i chose a Cruiser i have to fight against a AIRCRAFT CARRIER ...Waves of endless planes one after the other and the ship is sink before it reaches the half way of the map and take a single shot! Can you introduse us the developer of this STUPID IDEA to laugh on him and cry on us because we still play your games?
  14. Semi-Armor-Piercing , means LESS piercing than a full AP shell. Aka means that "soft" targets like Destroyers and Cruisers CAN NOT BE OVER penetrated because of that less piercing. Less piercing means that the majority of a shell's explosion power will detonate INSIDE the target. If is that so (simple physics) then why the 8 inch guns of the Italian Cruisers SAP shells cause to destroyers of light Cruisers only 400 points of damage the same time 152mm guns of light cruisers of other tech trees HE shells make a lot more direct damage to same targets -NOT included the fire-? Is that something developers forgot to do in their shell power ballance?
  15. Anthoniusii

    [] Unique Camouflage Plus

    Thank you again. I did something simplier. I found the color entries of the Zara unique cammo and coppied them to Regia Marina's ones. Now what remains is to chose a rather realistic patern . Thanks again. EDIT: Regia Marina final cut.