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  1. Anthoniusii

    Ranked Sprint (1 vs.1)

    The new Rank battles are a JOKE aren't they? As many times i chose a Cruiser i have to fight against a AIRCRAFT CARRIER ...Waves of endless planes one after the other and the ship is sink before it reaches the half way of the map and take a single shot! Can you introduse us the developer of this STUPID IDEA to laugh on him and cry on us because we still play your games?
  2. Semi-Armor-Piercing , means LESS piercing than a full AP shell. Aka means that "soft" targets like Destroyers and Cruisers CAN NOT BE OVER penetrated because of that less piercing. Less piercing means that the majority of a shell's explosion power will detonate INSIDE the target. If is that so (simple physics) then why the 8 inch guns of the Italian Cruisers SAP shells cause to destroyers of light Cruisers only 400 points of damage the same time 152mm guns of light cruisers of other tech trees HE shells make a lot more direct damage to same targets -NOT included the fire-? Is that something developers forgot to do in their shell power ballance?
  3. Anthoniusii

    [] Unique Camouflage Plus

    Thank you again. I did something simplier. I found the color entries of the Zara unique cammo and coppied them to Regia Marina's ones. Now what remains is to chose a rather realistic patern . Thanks again. EDIT: Regia Marina final cut.
  4. Anthoniusii

    [] Unique Camouflage Plus

    The only i could manage for Regia Marina cammo is to use lighter brown tones and new patern. All available colors give Regia Marina brown results.
  5. Anthoniusii

    Update 0.8.10: “Resolute and Rapid”

    The collection IS NOT AVAILABLE in game for me... I completed all prepvius collections and they apear in the proper line but this collection is NOWHERE TO FIND!
  6. Anthoniusii

    [] Unique Camouflage Plus

    I tried but the Regia Marina always stays in brown tone colors. I wonder if the italian type 2 custom cammo could replace the Regia Marina one by codding. It has the right strapes and the right colors.
  7. Anthoniusii

    [] Unique Camouflage Plus

    Thanks again!
  8. Anthoniusii

    AGAIN WG favors the few selected that has chosen.

    That is were the FRAUD is.... Lets supose i get all these 4 ships for free and you wait to get them in game. To buy all four of them plus their upgraded hulls and targeting systems you will need more than 30 million Credits. Not to mention the upgrades that are optional . So i get a 30 milion credits gift from WG because i am a good client (bought too many premium ships or I am a member of a top clan) and lure the rest to spend REAL MONEY in premium boxes THAT DO NOT QAURANTY the resulst as one who bought 130 boxes for the Bristish Destroyers proved. On the other hand the "gifted" ones will keep EXP POINTS untuched the same time the rest will require more than 300k of exp points to research and unlock the same ships all THE SAME TIME BOTH cases played and forfilled all the missions in the Italian Cruisers Event. So the favored ones MOCK the rest for the fact that will have to pay in real money or game money (that often is a transformation of real money) to get what others got it for FREE! See my points now?
  9. Anthoniusii

    Essential game deficiencies

    Your sugestion actually is rather sneaky. Why do you wish to know your teammates or your opponets win rate? To avoid attack expirient opponets exposing to defeat your teammates? To let your teammates sucrifise them selvs against expirient opponets and have easy kills afterwards? In fact the mods that actually shown those infos in Word of Tanks was one of the reasons thousands players stop playing it after years. My sugestion is to fight what ever opponet comes across you. If he is better your defeat will make you learn and improve your gameplay, if he is worst you will win. Why you need to know info in advance? Such sugestions are for cowards that hide behind rocks waiting their teammates to damage the enemies enough to steal their kills!
  10. The title is clear. Yesterday there was a minor patch and AGAIN log out was imposible. Then i remembered that in the previus two patches -DESPITE THYE FACT MICROSOFT VISUAL 2015++ WAS ALREADY INSTALLED- the game inorder to log out properly re-required the same INSTALATION? WHY??? The same problem accured last time two years ago and since the last two major patches and the yesterday last minor one never required this instalation. Now each update of the game no matter how big or small it is requires the same FILES as separate instalation!
  11. Anthoniusii

    [] Unique Camouflage Plus

    I want to transform the Regia Marina cammo from the one that has now two tones of brown with one with two tones of blue/grey. What is the name in the res_pac of the Regia Marina cammo to extract it and change its colors?
  12. Anthoniusii

    Italian Arc - First part

    Will be a second part ( that we will be able to unlock the four early access cruisers? IF YES when it will be start and when it will be over?
  13. Its stranger few SELECTED members while in collective 3 still to have all 4 Italian FREE cruisers and others NONE! Do not try to say that is random because JUST LIKE when an error comes our the Developers can focus on re-pay certain client , the same way WG choses in who will get the Italian cruisers for freee and who will not. So for the SUCKERS that still believe the random system will have to pay more than 30 million cxredits to buy those 4 ships not to mention their upgraded hulls, targetings systems, ships upgrades etc! The chosen ones will have them ALL FOR FREE and laugh for the suckers that still play hoping what WG promised to them! I told it in the British destroyers event and i tell it now and i hope WG will prove me wrong. Its a FRAUD!
  14. Anthoniusii

    Constant CTDs today.

    The issue continues today. Espesialy with Musashi and other high tier ships. Constant re-conect requirements and icon freeze.
  15. Anthoniusii

    Constant CTDs today.

    Also a question to developers. Why after EACH update the game REQUIRES re-instalation of Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 like in the previus patch?