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  1. Anthoniusii

    Bug Reports

    Bug: First Kill and Close Quarters awards for the 1st time today....No signals as reward. Edit : Delayed rewards by 15 minutes.
  2. Anthoniusii

    Sound quality drop.

    In the last two patches i have a strange issue with sounds. Engines, explosions and gun fire have pauses (tiny) or create funny sounds or missing certain frequences. Audio starts well with speaking but when planes , guns and explosions start sound is a mess!
  3. I quess that i use the old one (supercontainer) with brown background and black/red stripes. But thanks to your advice here is my finall cut of the Revolutionary camo as low blue/grey visibillity camo. The script that defines that cammo denies colors other than blue, white , redish and purple. I had to remember the shoften edges technick to have one color to errase smootly in to the other. AGAIN THANK YOU FOR YOU HELP.
  4. Which camo is this year's Gamescom one? Because gamecom_41 has cycles as patern. I used your Lunara warrior camo! Great work. I had a lot of French Revolutionary camos and i used your patern to make some low visibillity camo of myself. Having a long expirience in camo scripted colors in World of tanks i managed to make that French camo closer to British camo colors. Now with the same colors i want to adjust gamescom camo patern as well. can you help me by naming it?
  5. Anthoniusii

    Time to unistall this game.

    It took me 6 years to unistall World of Tanks when it was no longer the game the title said but a fantasy game instead. Unforthunatly WoWs needed half that time to force me make that desision even i have spent more than 100 Euros in it. The reasons are clear and simple. Maps with huge number of islands confortable only to small ships. Broken spotting system with totaly invisible Destroyers and zoom in aiming system. Invisible torpedos (in the last 2 patches). Now we have Aircraft carriers with almost unlimmited number of planes with huge number of planes per squadron and the ships AA defence cut in half. A non Destroyer or Aircraft carrier player must be in allert for AA attacks, Destroyers the miracusly apear in distances less than 2 kms launching hundreds of torpedos every 1.5 minute the same time that the rediculus OVERpenetration feature destroys the REALITY of having heavy artilery on board. For an unknown reason ships (even US AA defence Cruisers ) are unable to shoot down a single plane !!! And for the future? WG announced the Soviet Battleships line. If I use the OP Soviet Cruisers that have more armor and more AP capabillity of the tier 8 to tier 10 British Battleships i can imagine that Soviet Battleships will have laser guns unbrakeable armor and will be as aggile as a Destroyer, all in the Glory of Russia's attempt to convince world through games that everything it made was superior world wide. If the aircraft carriers will continue to have unlimmited planes with huge number of planes and ships wont restore their actuall AA defence and the spotting system will finally fixed not by a ship's category but by its actuall size, WoWs will say good buy to my PC's HD just like WoT did a year earlier. A Shimakaze of a friend of mine has 100 Consealment number. It launches 15 torpedos every 1,5 minute aka 195 torpedos in a 20 minutes battle and if a shell hits it it gets LESS damage than a Cruiser of a Battleship. Maybe when Klingon cruisers will enter the game and the game will ghange name to Star Trek i might re-install it. One last question to WG development team. When STYX missiles will be added to the game ?
  6. Anthoniusii

    CV rework feedback - I like it, somewhat.

    New CVs with their endless plane squadrons and the reworked AA defence of the rest of the ships RUINED the entire game. Ships that with captain's skills could shoot down 10-20 planes in an entire battle now can only shoot down 2-3! Also it takes to much of attention to monitor air strikes in the middle of a naval gun battle in the same time! 1st the abillity of HUGE in numbers plane squadrons to attack from different sides (already existed) can not allow player to have in mind which sector will enforce in his AA defence while recieves fire from guns and torpedos from DDs!!! After the OP DDs we have the OP CVs ! What will be next? The OP imaginary Soviet BBs that will end up having STYX missiles?? You have ruined the AA difence!!!!
  7. Anthoniusii

    [] Unique Camouflage

    It worked with WordPad. The untextured 2ndary guns is a glitch of the curent patch. One nottice. If you copy paste the guns entry of Musashi gun textures to Yamato you get this: 1st picture. Inorder to have Musashi's guns: 2nd Picture you have to change the guns entry to Yamato to this: It has to do witch color is scripted as "black" in every unique camo. THANK YOU AGAIN for your precius help.
  8. Anthoniusii

    Bug Reports

    An other bug ...Torpedo loading counter is not visible as it was before see the new screenshot . Does ANYTHING works as inteanted in this build ?
  9. Anthoniusii

    [] Unique Camouflage

    My friend does the existing unpacker works for the new patch of the game? Please take a look to this bizzare bug and issue: When i used the existing unpacker and unpacked camouflages.xml and made AGAIN the nessesary changes. The new camouflages.xml causes the entire cammos DISAPEARENCE. ALL OF THEM. Is there a new unpacker or should i re-locate the camouflages.xml in to and other subfolder other than res_mods?
  10. Anthoniusii

    Starting the game without the game center.

    This installs ENTIRE game from the start.
  11. I was forced to re-install the game because the game its self has many visual bugs (see my post in Bug thread) and unforthunaltly i t came with the WG Game Center. Is there a way to have a version of the old game starter and uninstall the Game Center since i have unistalled World of Tanks and actually i do not need it?
  12. Here is the issue. With the existing unpacker we could make skins or change cammo entries in Cammoflages.XML file. The existing Cammoflages.XML file. does not work. When i chose the unpacker to unpack the new Cammoflages.XML , make the changes and place it in the res_mods folder all cammos DISAPEAR. ALL
  13. Anthoniusii

    Bug Reports

    1: An odd bug in Musashi and Yamato premium cammos. Spesific 2ndary guns lost their cammo. They used to be same color as the ones the arrow point (green as the main battery of Musashi or textured as the rest of Yamato had them in same position). A while ago i made with the unpacker tool a simple modification in the camouflages.XML file and Yamato also had those green turrets. The most bizzare is that the old camouflages.XML does not work and even if i unpack the new camouflages.XML and modify it and place it in the res_mods folder then ALL CAMMOS simply disapear. Any idea why? Does the new build require a new unpacker or its a general bug anyway? 2: An other example was the Chinese New Year cammo ..When i selected it on one of my ships it was simply invisible. Game shown that it was selected but ship looked "naked" from that cammo!!! EDIT: Question Can I uninstall the WG Game center and log in with a simple sortcut to WoWs since i long unistalled as AUFULL the Wolrd of Tanks? If yes how can i do this? :
  14. Anthoniusii

    General feedback

    True.... Now planes do everything they want with out feeling any threat at all! In the previus status 6 torpedo planes reached a ship with 95 AA points up to its hull loosing atleast one of them but now no plane casualties at all. So far we had invisible DDs launching 12-15 torpedos every 1 minute not we have OP CVs. I wonder whan STYX missiles will enter the game?
  15. Anthoniusii

    General feedback

    AA modification 1 has been removed and replaced by AA modification 2 that can be used only for tier 9 and tier 10 ships. Now AA modification 1 does NOT add anything in the ship's AA defences and all ship AA defences have been redused to half! Is that the way it was suposed to be?