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  1. Anthoniusii

    [] Unique Camouflage Plus

    Once again you were right. Red_gun_camo_01.dds is now R_gun_camo_01.dds Problem solved.
  2. Anthoniusii

    [] Unique Camouflage Plus

    Re-creating the lost textures i encountered a strange problem making again Devonshire's real cammo over the Victorian one. I used the colors of Exeter that were the official colors of UK Navy and changed the entries. Before WG change the location of res_mod folder everything above hull was dark blue. Now i have this glitch : As you can see one chimney and parts of the deck are brown. As you can see in the texture nothing refers to brown. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Anthoniusii

    [] Unique Camouflage Plus

    Which cammo is the "world of Warships Anniversary" so i coyld modify it?
  4. Hunt For Bismarck . Description: The skin is a modification of the skin "Hunt of the Bismarck" adding the missing black/white stripes. Also redusing the shiny yellow color of the turrets to give a more realistic view of the ship. Instalation: Unzip the pack in your game's bin folder/latest build/res_mods folder. And you are ready to go. Screenshots inside the spoiler. Enjoy.
  5. Anthoniusii

    Will every update delete the previus res_mods folder?

    Yes No the new bin folder has an empty res_mods folder with the standard "read me" txt. The older bin folder apears after re-starting the game WITHOUT the res_mods folder in it. To create a realistic skin requires douzens of hours in photoshop and its unfair such treatment from WG. Also the screenshots in the screenshots folder deleted too!
  6. Anthoniusii

    Will every update delete the previus res_mods folder?

    Yes it has been entirely deleted.
  7. Before 0.9.6 in the res_mod folders created a new one without deleting the older folder. In 0.9.6 by changing the location of the res_mods folder toi bin one it deleted hundreds of hours of skining (texturing). Now in new build deleted the old one in the bin folder again. Will this happen EVERY TIME a new patch will be uploaded? Why the old build is not preserved temporaly inorder not to lose our hard work of trying to make the game pleasant?
  8. Anthoniusii

    [] Unique Camouflage Plus

    Thanks i found the new unpacker. I had to remake my Bismarck this time with more realistic yellow and red paints "damaged" by the sea aka no more glossy! Thanks AGAIN!
  9. Bismarck as it should be from the start: The basic cammo is the one with the yellow tarrets. I added the stripes and made the yellow color and the red/cross paints "damaged" by the sea , so not more glossy that areas. More to come.
  10. Anthoniusii

    I want my money back.

  11. Anthoniusii

    I want my money back.

    1st of all you thrown away all the hours i spent to make historical skins for the ships and not the idiotic and fictionary ones you have. 2nd Sound now causes CTDs 3rd Match maker is even worst. I WANT MY MONEY BACK AND I GIVE YOU CRAPY GAME to ruin it like the WoT team ruined WoT (unless to find a way to restore my older skin mods folder beacuse IT'S YOUR FAULT and you should make it public in the launcher news). If you can not restore my older res_mod folder I want the 300 Euros I spent to your game and delete my acount from the game.
  12. Anthoniusii

    [] Unique Camouflage Plus

    The curent inpacker does not unpack the skins and cammos anymore! How did you unpack the xml file with the cammo entries? Can you upload the curent vanilla one and the shp textures packages too?
  13. Anthoniusii

    [0.9.6] Modifications folder issue

    Why this announcement was not on the launcher news? Not all players watch the forums every day. That could allow modders to store their res _mod folder and not lost it entirely. Who will pay the amount of time spent for skins and other harmless mods?
  14. Anthoniusii

    Where is the res_mods file?

    0.9.6 update deleted the entire res_mods file without any replacement. Do all mods (including skins) banned from the game? EDIT: WG did not warn us for the resmod file relocation. How do I recover my older res_mod folder to place it in the new location? WHY WG NEVER MADE AN ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THAT RELOCATION?
  15. Anthoniusii

    0.9.5 - Dockyard

    Phase 4 of Dockyard lacks of type of ships that required to forfill easch task. Phase 4 has two tasks with "destroyed" ships requirements. The big one that includes other actions too has NO type requirement as the small one with the only five kills missions. I explain. With my last battle with Musashi I had 5 defended and two assisted in capture ribbons but they didn't count (the assisted in capture). Question. If there are no ships requirements how do we forfill the tasks? Or this was the purpose from the start (NOT TO ACHIEVE THE TASK )?