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  1. Anthoniusii

    Game & Balance Improvements

    I repeated my MM testing with my remaining tier 8 ships. Its bizzare that their 1st battle is among tier 8 ships and tier 7. The next 10 battles ARE ALWAYS AGAINST TIER 10 ships. Now ...if we calculate how fast tier 10 cruisers and DDs shot and the fact that in every 2nd shot of their they cause a fire ! tier 8 ships are doomed! Not to mention that tier 8 ships AP shells have no impact against tier 10 BBs. The same aplies to battle where tier 7 ships confronting tier 9 ones! Now calculate that WG not being able to ban ilegal mods that auto aim makes the game less and less enjoyable. They did not learn from the past mistakes of the World of tanks team that half of their customers after years of playing not play the games of the competition. Bad MM, invisible ships with "magic" HE shells that the "captain" with his magic wand defines how often they will cause a fire, unlimited torpedos that load faster that a battleships main gun shells, broken visibillity/spotting system. All these lead to one way trip to competition. If this team wants to see it game continues to exist and make profits they should ensure that all players will enjoy a battle not nessesaraly a victory. My bismarch lasted 3 minutes because one tier 10 destroyer and two tier 10 cruisers set it on fire every second shell!!!!I was amased that Bismarck lated those 3 minutes with so many fires but in those 3 minutes i launched 15 shells ONLY. Where is the fun on this?
  2. No it doesn't. Because WG can chose in which players it can provide "gifts". In an event in the past i did not get a supercontainer that the event was suposed to give. I wrote it here and by a "miracle" the next day in the 1st box i had a supercontainer. Coincidence? Next example: Someone wrote that in Belgium gambling is forbiten and a moderator responed to that client to contact the WG suport team to solve this problem. That means that Belgium players can have better "options" to win prices directly from WG simple because gambling is forbiten. Lets supose than 1000 Belgium players contact WG suport team and get ships with their containers. THose 1000 SHIPS will be removed from the pool of the lotery the rest of thousands of customers that their countries allow gambling making the chanches to win a high value price almost 0. Let me remind you a video that someone bought 100 British Event containers and got NO ship at all but other had all 4 gaining not only REAL money but also almost 30 million game credits profit! I made the mistake and bough KII with real money. No way they will see my precius money again with such frauds. They could have 50% discount in premium ships and premium cammos for a week arround Christmas and everyone that would interest would buy what he would like. For example lets supose that i pay 40 euros and in the mega gift containers i have two destroyers ...I NEVER play with destroyers. So my money got wasted. But if with that 40 euros and a 50% discount i could buy 1 ship of my choice and a premium commo i would love to spent my money. Do you see my point here? EDIT: I play this gae for 3 years now and got a handfull (less than 6 supecontainers) in random boxes ...Ofcourse in the hundreds of containers i gained i NEVER had a ship. Others "more lucky" (define lucky in this situation when everything is under a computer control that human hands can interfear) had numerus premium ships.
  3. So we can suspect that WG can direct the lucky boxes in selected customers. I can not explain otherwise (like in the British Destroyers Event) how people buiy douzens of items and get nothing and others get EVERYTHING with limited efforts. Statisticaly it does not make sence. Chrismas Offers could easily be 50% price in all premium ships and the one that wants one could have it. That way someone can spend 100euros and get nothing and another with 5 euros will get 5 ships.
  4. An other first action world wide made by Greek Navy was the 1st torpedo ship attack in war time in December the 8th of 1912! How many first places in the naval history must a Navy have inorder to attract WG 's attention. I forgot...Soviet navy gave so many naval battles!!!! So the Dutch , the Polish etc. How many of you know that half of the convoy ships between USA and UK were greek in owneship? For that USA GAVE AFTER WW2 100 Liberty ships as donation to Greek ship owners that lost their ships and ofcourse their Greek crews! Even in the frozen north atlantic that us crews refused to go , Greeks gave their cargo ships and their crews inorder the military help to reach Soviet Union. But alas WG as a Russian Company is primeraly ungratefull for those that help them saved!
  5. Maybe my english are too bad. I was on the screen that time to find OPPONETS is and you wait to be in a battle. I was NEVER been in a battle to understand the issue and stop waiting and restart. For me the time was running to find suitable opponets not LOADING A BATTLE. When that "clock" reached 16 minutes and the "leave queue " was not responding i tried to log out and then i had the windows message that WoWs exe does not respond. Many times i had CTDs durring battles but in those cases atleast the list of opponets apeared in my screen meaning that i was participating in a battle even if i was not able to be in it. EDIT: How a teamkill aplied when i was not active in a battle?
  6. Anthoniusii

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  7. No because of two things: 1st I was in the screen that says "waiting for a battle can take no longer of 5 minutes" and despite that the button to take my ship of the waiting list did not work. So i tried to close the game but i had the windows message. I closed the game with Ctrl+Alt+del and reloaded. When game put me in port i saw my ship waiting without signals, cammo etc and with this warning !!!! FIX THAT DAMN GAME! Imagine what will happen in the transision time from DX-9 to DX-10 and from x32bit engines to x64bit ones! How many such unfair punishments we will encounter because they can not load a battle properly?
  8. Anthoniusii

    Izumo + Musashi or Yamato

    Depends. If you want to particiapate in Ranked battles get Yamato. Izumo has some of the most accurate main guns in game. Just like others i did not spend free XP to get Mushashi but Coal . This has a possitive feature that even in defeats you can have a profit (gained credits-those for expences) from 150k credits and reach with a victory and a good game up to a profit of 400k credits. Yamato is better but its credit consumming. All three BBs have the same problem though. The idiocity of WG developers that made HE SHELLS OP and every single shot ignites to a fire making those beasts easy to sink by a single destroyer. Their HUGE guns have no effect on destroyers because WG made that call! In a year almost all players will play only Destroyers weaiting in line like the same idiocitu made the World of Tanks Dev team with OP autoloader tanks!
  9. The title says it all...I chose a ship , load a battle, I am on hold for 16 minutes , trying to restart the game and i got a message WoWs does not respinding Windows search for a possible available solution. I start the game from the main exe and here what i got: So the game does not allow me to play , I lose credits, signals and precius cammo and on top i get a punishment! Good Job WG!
  10. WG refused to define what Naval Legend is in its own prospective. Because all the videos i saw about Legendary Ships do not even "scratch" the epic journey of Adrias that the ENTIRE ALLY FLEET in Alexandreia took position to honor it because surviving and making such a journey hunted by German Stukas was simply IMPOSIBLE. Also Polland may fought bravely but its navy has 0% importance to WW 2 out come when the tiny Greek Navy sent to bottom of the sea transports full of soldiers, destroyers etc in a narrow sea fully controloed by the mighty Italian Navy. Instead we have a Polish Destroyer and a Dutch one...forgeting the HUGE strugle in Mediteranean Sea of the Destroyer Vasilisa Olga that was a british hull with british long range torpedos, with 128mm german guns and 37 mm AA german guns also but ALSO THE 1ST SHIP WORLDWIDE that a primitive Naval radar was tested by Dr Mr Santorinis in 1938-1939 and because Greece had limited intustrial cappabillity was given to British to further development. Did you know that Greek Navy was the 2nd worldwide that used submarine? That is the only Navy that its ships never surrender? That has the ONLY ship that defeated ALONE an entire fleet twice? Did you know that Armored Cruiser Georgios Averof had a significant (among others) change from the pissa class ships and that was its RAM? In fact the admiral Kountouriotis attempted to ran the Turkish Flag ship and Turks lost their courage and fled! The 1st that made air to sea bombing in real war? That was the 1st that tested Ship radars? That was the 1st that adopted exoset missiles when even the French that created them were sceptical about their use , making the Greek Navy the 1st in western world (soviets were 1st world wide) that adopted guided ship to ship missiles? And what among these are "legends" to a Russian based company ? It seams they do not forget that when Italy invaded Greece PRAVDA's 1st page congratulated Fasist Mousolini for his desision. Quilt is the only reason i can imagine.
  11. No....in my 3 years of playing NO SHIP ever was a reward in less than 8 supercontainers i had .I guess ships are for WG's friends (as friends i mean those that regulary pay for long time premium accounts and are part of great clans).
  12. Its not about nationalism (that is a bad adviser) but its purely about Naval history. When you see that ship that is more than 100 years old: And you learn that it all alone defeated an entire FLEET twice in few months, served in the Russian Campaign , and served in both World Wars and its available for detailed scallinng because its open to public. When you have Adrias destroyer that made an EPIC journey that considered impossible. When you have realy unique ships simply because one of the two manufacturers accepted agricultural exports as payments then you have the recipe for arealy unique ships that are not childish like the ARP or High School or Azur commic cloned ships but a real lesson to naval history, then its definatly not nationalism.
  13. Anthoniusii

    Georgios Averof armored cruiser(Pisa-class) 

    I posted some questions here: Some suport would be nice.
  14. Will WG modders (developers) inteand to visit Georgios Averof (the last and still fanctional) Armored Cruiser to design Both this ship and Pissa Class Armored cruiers, that fought 2 balkan wars, the Russian campaign, the Greek campaign in Asia Minor, that defeated ALONE the turkish entire fleet twice and still stands? Will WG developers honor REAL HISTORY and not produse cloned ships and create realy unique ships like the Greek Destroyers of WW 1 and WW2 that were entirely unique combining British or French equipment with German one like the famous Vasilisa Olga or earlier Dardo Class destroyer (D-83) or even the most FAMOUS Destroyer of allies the Hunt III class Adrias that made the most epic journey from Turkey to Alexandreia without its bow??? Finally how you define a ship as legend?
  15. So my delima is this. Instead of my old PC monitor i want to buy a 32 inch FHD TV and use it as monitor as well. Could this cause any performance problems?