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    Royal Yugoslavian Navy

    i dont think that it was an invention, because many partisan-stories were related to real battles (neretva, sutjeska...) but inflated and altered. If i remember correctly they used the riverboats to blockade a "zeljezna vrata" or something in that direction. My serbo-croat language skills are very very bad though i was born in nowadays bosnia. Anyway its offtopic because its not exactly abut the royal navy... i never deemed the predecessors of the nowadays "balkan"-states as seapowers, and even the pre-predecessor in form of the austro-hungarian empire was always inferior the other european powers when it came down to the navy.
  2. Anomalie77

    Royal Yugoslavian Navy

    I remember a famous YU-cartoon about the partisans (re-)capturing a former RYN riverboat and blocking the danube, and hence blocking iron-shipments to germany. Cannot tell if these Stories took place or were just inventions...
  3. Anomalie77

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    sweet! I like the look of the tree... and this is a better imagehost because some others that are used slow down forumbrowsing to a point where it just gets unbearable. Wow.. Ise CV/BB Hybrid? oO