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  1. Clan battles season 3 rating changes

    Only if you assume that those people did 30 games xD You can still get stalingrad anyway if you played ranked Domino effect. Just consequence of adding Alpha/Bravo ratings. For me it's painfull that no one in WG dev team said "hey it may brake or current system". It's still ok if it happen (but should not), sh*t happens but in this case I would wait for some kind of fix...
  2. Clan battles season 3 rating changes

    True but only 14 clans currently in hurricane, it's not that much. It's worse that these clans probably got second rating around typhoon what is basically taking points of any random good clan who deserved those.
  3. Clan battles season 3 rating changes

    Exactly. Points flow only between clans around you and that's why this is kind of "steal". You want to advance so you play Alpha but Bravo still kept all points and the same goes to every other clan. In result no new points show up simply because Bravo ratings "closed" points in their own ratings.
  4. Clan battles season 3 rating changes

    It's hard to confirm any theory about MM and points distribution itself but the problem is not there and it's not the fact that you face strong enemies too. Simply speaking there are not enough points for everyone because they are stolen by other rating divisions. No one can advance higher becuase you need to get points, to get poitns you have to win but you face all the time the same enemies so points flow between same clans. To get more points into pool you need to get them from weaker clans but they just can't advance higher also from the same reason. If you had chance to "release" points from bravo ratings of all clans you would get almost double number of points flowing currently between us.
  5. Clan battles season 3 rating changes

    It's WG , even if they know they forgot to balance new feature - it's actually common thing in games but it's very important to balance new things with old ones (for example cards in card games) because you can break game. For me as long as it's said at the beggning (clear rules) then it's fine - it's fair but in this scenario something is broken and you can't call it feature. The problem is not that it's way harder itself but the fact a lot of clans assuming the same rules as previously and for example getting steel for stalingrad will be the same. WG changed a little way how you get it but in final result it would be the same but it's not because you can't do the same thing as in previous season - you need to put like twice time and effort. I bet a lot of Storm clans would not play that much if they knew it's not possible to get higher for them... Plus thing is we are talking only about hurricane league not even mentioning the typhoon leage :E Yes but this says 5081 is not total number of clans but all clans playing that season (I guess) - anyway in season 2 there was few dozen of clans in hurricane (personally I remember at least 50).
  6. Recently I realised that in this season it is way harder to get higher leagues (typhoon and hurricane), I wanted to share my thoughts and confirm if it's true. Let's start with hard data: if you check season 2 data you can see that in the previous season (according to WG data) 4,7 % of all clans got into hurricane league. If this is true (personally I don't belive it) then around 240~ clans (?) reached hurricane league. Even if this is not true you can check in game client just now that you can see at least 25 hurricane clans there for season 2 (last position ending with 112 points so there are way more). Personally I remember at least 50 clans in hurricane so it's still safe to say there was at least 50 clans there. Now If you check hall of fame for this season you can see only 14 clans in hurricane league and only 5 more clan wars days left until the end of this season. There are few reasons for that and one of them for sure is that this season is in the middle of summer but this can't explain what is happening here. I don't know how exactly mathematically prove my theory but I will try to explain it now: For this season WG introduced system of Alpha and Bravo division and thank you very much for it the idea itself is very good but I see WG totaly skipped consequences of this mechanic. At the beggning of this season it was insanely easy to get storm league - the reason for this was that whole season started with "dobule" points becuase everyone started with 50-150 points in each of their rating. In result the initial flow of points allowed everyone to go higher faster (first week). Currently becuase of ratings there are "not enough points" for everyone to get higher. Why? First of all a lot of clans used their both divs only for first part of season, this way points were distributed between double amount of ratings and these points "stuck" there now, stolen by everyone and closed in their Bravo division. It's even worse if you consider the fact that good clans stole twice number of points in their both ratings. As reference, clan rating is based on elo rating and I want to note that in this rating number ot points is not infinite, number of points is determined by number of participants. // EDIT - better explanation in spoiler I'm not going to complain hard about this but personally I think this is kind of unfair or rather WG broken their own system. All rewards were not changed, WG promised stalingrad for 3 typhoon but there was not consequence in difficulty level and whole point distribution. You can tell me "this season was more competetive" and it may be true but that was not intended - it's WG incompetence in this case and it was not announced at the beggning of the season. What is your opinion about this guys? Can you tell us something about distribution for this season? @Tuccy @MrConway
  7. Conditions to get "Change team" screen

    That's interesting becuase first day I haven't got any and I was online like 2-3 h and did at least 5 randoms and I got nothing. Yesterday was even more interesting - I was in game more than 5h, at least 4 randoms, clan wars session and and after 5 hours I got finally this offer...
  8. Shortly: I wanted to know what conditions I have to meet to get screen with offer to change the team in Go Navy event. Bassicaly, when it happens? When I am online longer than X hours? I have to make at least X wins? damage? battles? missions? or it appears in totaly random way? This is quite important to get this offer because without it, it's not possible to get some rewards from arsenal. You can get up to 5 points per day including +2 for loyality so if it appears randomly then it's a little unfair...