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  1. Griva


    I might be wrong but Im pretty sure they wrote +2 in description. I guess then they edited it later becuase it was not correct. I still miss heal
  2. Griva

    And there we have it: CVs in Clan Battles

    OH wait guys, read this:
  3. Griva

    And there we have it: CVs in Clan Battles

    Personally I see it this way: This time they made it on tier X, the same team size as normal clan battles (7 vs 7) and as addition they offer steel for testing - for me it sounds like they really want us to test it to see it can work or not. I would say (and hope) they are not sure about putting CV into clan battles and after this test they hopefully decide to disallow CVs. Personally, after watching NA KOTS games im disgusted by CV and this is 9 vs 9. DD exists only to be rekt my HE bombs and whole overspotting breaks the basic idea of the game. Im not gonna be surprised if most of ships give up concealment at all for other upgrades as it's useles now. //edit :D " Aircraft carriers will not be allowed to participate in the fifth Clan Battles season, codenamed "Land of Fire".
  4. Griva


    1. There were never 2 full squadrons 2. Before update there were 22 planes with upgrade 3. Even if I am wrong, the heal is still the same.
  5. Griva


    @MrConway I checked in game Hakuryu and there is no +2 planes but +4 (26 in total) and the heal is the same 180s cooldown and 3 charges. Is that intended? And btw Haku is still weak but at least playable now.
  6. Griva

    Next Clan battles season format

    I meant this talk about adapting is [edited] becuase there is no way to just adapt and perform as good as without radars. And also I said, clans stopped using 2 DDs last season for that reason. It not gonna work like you think. It is not about it will be hard or not - the point is CVs will doom gameplay not only for cruisers but everyone, especially DDs. Just look at this scenario: If cruisers are in danger from the very first minute of the game, then logical solution is taking route in last lines. If not, you will die or be seriosuly slowed down to avoid fire. This means that as DD you have no AA cover and no gun support, what makes you easy target or CV. If you go cap alone you gonna die alone. If you go spot for cruisers, CV also strike you as the easiest alone target. If you stay behind with others it means you are useles and this is even worse than with 4 radars meta. On top of that you have to remember that finally enemy radars will come closer or push yolo and you are going to be spotted radars too. Adding CV into game is equal to adding just one more additional obstacle for DD. I am DD player too and I don't see any scenario how CV's will help DD's to be more useful.
  7. Griva

    Next Clan battles season format

    The basic difference is that previously CVs fought against each other and on the other side there was other Haku with the same amount of planes and you could not just yolo spot every time, everywhere you wanted, becuase you needed to deal with enemy planes. Previously the issue of overspotting existed too but assuming you had at least half skilled Cv in your team, you had tool to partly prevent from that. If I just decide (as CV) to finish back line Zao with 5k HP, how you are going to prevent it? I don't even have to strike him - it's enough if I keep him spotted, how to stop me? Also second significant difference is that previously when game started you needed to wait first, to load your planes and then again wait to take off every single squadron, while now you start in first second of game and getting full speed takes like 3s + on top of that rocket planes are insanely fast. Do you really think that spotting whole enemy team in 45 - 60 seconds and all other stuff listed above seems right? Still you can disagree because you are CV player or you just like this kind of gameplay but I think it's way more interesting when team is unspotted and there is more tactical play and guessing than only pew pew.
  8. This is actually true, never reach that bottom