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  1. Griva

    BB AP changes on DD

    There is big change, actually very big one. I tested it how it works with montana what is the most dangerous BB if it comes to AP and result was very balanced. Side salvo from 5-7 km ended with 1k - 6k hp what is totaly fine the same goes for salvo from behind, it took like 4k - 10k where 12k damage was max and it's quite ok. When i did the same with harugumo he got deleted in 1 salvo. Fun fact - to do 12k damage to normal dd i had to hit 10/12 total shells while harugumo ate like 6 shells in total: 2 overpens and 4 pens for 24~ hp. In general it is good becuase when you hit DD, he still eats damage and now it's not possible to get deleted by random pens. If someone thing that DD can rush BB easly now then it's not, first of there are many radars, second before he comes he will lose a lot of hp or die and third even if not then you deserve to be killed by this DD becuase you are somewhere alone.
  2. Griva

    Jean Bart - congratulations WG

    I meant gay don't fit into context. Putting any reference to gay here makes no sense. Again I see your point, I am aware someone can be triggered also but I do not make fun from these people. I know it, you know it and everyone should know it - thats my only point. Anyway if there are so many people who see it differently I will just remove it
  3. Griva

    Jean Bart - congratulations WG

    You are quite right but this is not why it's not why it's wrong on the subject but why in general it's bad. Gay don't fit here because it does not reference for the same. Anyway you are in general right. They are poor souls but that's the problem that nowdays people who are not involved into it have many things to say. Sure it's not pleasure to see it by someone invloved into it but they accept reality and most of people can distinguish internet memes (refering to behaviour) to reality. I am not sure how most of people see it but for sure most of people know it's not directed to any concrete person so don't mix it with "wishing cancer". Simply I don't know why people twist it to "get authism" from "you act retarded".
  4. Griva

    Jean Bart - congratulations WG

    Sorry I am potato, maybe instead of stating "It's wrong becuase it's wrong" tell me what this meme means and why it's wrong on the subject - I am very curious now
  5. Griva

    Jean Bart - congratulations WG

    As I understand that posting duplicate thread itslef was mistake (probably brain eclipse from lack of sleep) then I really don't understand what is so distrubing in this picture. I mean maybe I am wrong somehow then you can explain me this. I don't see any reason to deeply analyse memes and all other similar pictures - authism reference to retardation and that's all. If you feel triggered hard by this then sorry but I don't see any reason for that (as long as you don't take all memes seriously) becasue I do not reference any certain person with that horrible disease. Also this "trend" is not new at all what is about naming diseases by words describing human behaviour/life/items or vice versa? It's hundreds of years but I can be wrong so you can explain it from you point of view
  6. Griva

    Jean Bart - congratulations WG

    https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-deals/premium-shop-november-2018/#jean-bart You (WG) stated/promised (or whatever) that "Tier IX and X ships won't be available for purchase" directly by real money. You made whole concept of tier IX free exp ships where it's possible to pay but not directly (you need first exp to convert) just to break it now ? Congratulations! I know WG is company and they crave money more than anyone else but would be nice to not to break your own concepts
  7. Griva

    Twilight Battle

    Very fun gamemode, some things are unbalanced a little but it does not matter - it's still fun.
  8. Griva

    PTS 0.7.11 - General Feedback

    No for 10% for torpedo belt. The problem is simple - me and everyone around gets angry when we see ribbon "penetrated" for 0 damage. Simply speaking game lies to me to what is happening. Correct solution: When you pen only torpedo belt just set ribbon to shatter or just inform players that we did not penetrate real armor. Your solution: Let's break 25% of ships in the game and totaly change mechanics to fit for current ribbons. It does not make sense at all. Big NO.
  9. Griva

    BB AP changes on DD

    Problem of large damage to DD's from BBAP is not rare, it happens every game, every 2-3 salvos so any change fixing this issue (even partly) is welcome. For me best change of this year. //edit While 10% damage to bulges is horribly bad idea.
  10. Fair point. I stated it wrong. It's probably can't be named nerf then but changing gameplay to unfavorable for DD's in current gameplay (and not only DD's). First of all changing concealment for all classes is not (as any other factor) linear becuase you don't touch all classes concealment and other values like radars, secondary range etc... It's the same as buffing concealment of stalingrad, if you lower concealment to 12.2 km then it's still fine for DD but if it gonna be lower than 11.7 km then it's bad becuase you can radar from concealement. That was the problem with worcester. In your example 7km for CA and 10km for BB is not "buff" already becuase 7km is already very close to DD's concealment and radar will rape you. If cruisers had no radars (or very short) then it would be acutally buff becuase you can: - outspot all other classes (as before) - when they get spotted they are always in your effective torp and gun range - you can still escape in most of cases - if you spot someone, he is probably doomed by your team - eveyrone is forced to come closer in general or they gonna be useles but they can't spot you = you are safe We got actually very similar scenario in game - cyclone (except the fact that you can't see anything outside 8km) when spotting range goes to 8km who is the king? Destroyers. Almost all ships have big trobule against DD's during cyclone ofc except radar cruisers. Anyway your case is not actually about buffing something but this will change gameplay totaly into something new. I see it this way that If you change only BB concealment to ~10km then it will be small advantage for DD's 'cos avarage BB player will become more breave (am I wrong?) and try to come closer what increase chance to eat torps because avarage torp range on tier X is somewhere near 11km. If you nerf BB concealment then it will make a little harder to land torp but for sure at the same time it makes BB life harder. In this case your damage should drop a little but spotting should increase. Obviously any buff/nerfs got multiple consequences in gameplay but the only problem here is the fact that it can stack with time (this is how usually WG break game) and as I said in previous post WG tends to do it totaly around the problem.