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  1. How to balance and design new maps in 3 steps Step 1 - Find or create image with curved lines This is the hardest step, you have to find good images with a lot of long curved lines. Actually tribal tattoos are very good source, for example: Step 2 - Find key curves Just follow your imagination and select few key curves, for example in our tutorial we are going to use the first tribal: but if you don't have ready to use image then you have to create your own lines. You must follow just 3 rules: 1. Whole shape have to be symetric 2. It's good if your lines cross 3. You need 1 big curved line in the middle (very important) Let's make one example: Step 3 - Divide curves in pieces and put islands every X distance Last and the most important step is to put islands in key points. These points you can get by dividing curve into same length pieces like this: It's easy and remember - if you make too big islands just divide them in half. Map will be automatically balanced if you followed your premade curves. After you put all islands you just have to put few caps and voilà !
  2. CB Season Three; some points.

    True but not many of them and the fact they started with handicap it does not matter those point's can't be taken away from them. It's not low becuase all groups moved one level down. Most of clans from hurricane moved to typhoon, typhoon to storm etc, in result number of clans from hurricane in previous season is like number of clans hurricane and typhoon together. It's not about number of clans but MM and points itself - simply speaking it does not matter how many clans play here, there always will be clan stronger than you with additonal division to stomp on you or steal your points and no one benefit from it
  3. CB Season Three; some points.

    I don't negate it but personally I don't have any reliable data to confirm this. Opinion of one random person or even clan is not enough to confirm something especially while humans are broken and do a lot of cognitive errors. Simply speaking something was broken for sure in MM and points distribution but I have no idea if it's MM itself or result of Alpha-Bravo or other unknown factor.
  4. CB Season Three; some points.

    You can't judge that something worked or not if something else is broken. You can't tell if telescope is good if it's cover is on it and you can't see anything. MM could not work well at all becuase had no option to select teams well. Normally you would have 3 times more clans in hurricane and typhoon + points difference between clans would be way greater. It's more complex problem anyway - domino effect of adding Alpha nad Bravo mainly. @Commander_Cornflakes First 3 leagues gives in total 900 points at total to reach strugle to typhoon, 1200 to hurricane. Not all clans play clan battles and most of clans stop after few games. There is way more clans in typhoon and storm and they can stomp on potatoes from very bottom as effective as hurricane clans stomp on storm clans. Those 20000 "stolen points" are stolen not from potato league but from typhoon and storm leage mainly (becuase points flow upward) what gives you additional 20 typhoon clans. Avarage dog and his owner has 3 legs. Math don't work in this way, you can't just divide 2 numbers and act like problem does not exist because you can't see it.
  5. CB Season Three; some points.

    It's bad perspective, now mutliply by 100. If your team smash all potatoes team (example aluminium league) on the bottom then you going to advance higher but then you gonna meet Storm clans as Hurricane clan, you gonna stomp on them for a while then advance let say typphon with your bravo but you still get Storm clans and you continue beating them (because rating is broken). The problem itself is not that exactly your clan will do it but any other Typhoon or Storm clan, strong enough to beat potato clans on the bottom and the same goes for any leage. + as addition by advancing second rating up to Typhoon you steal at least 1000 points from others
  6. CB Season Three; some points.

    Im not sure how much broken it was but sometimes you can be wroung about enemy team rating. The fact they are typhoon does not mean they don't play Bravo Storm divison so you are going to lose more points. As I said not sure, have not check it but sure something was anyway broken there - you lose 21 points for clan in typphon the same group and then get 20 points again for very similar one. About MM I think it was bassicaly the same as the previous season but MM had big trobule for most of season becuase no one was able to advance higher and this is result of Alpha Bravo ratings stealing the points. I would say it's just consequence of broken rating, not bug itself, MM would proably work fine if not this, but how to pick strong clans if there are for example 3 in the same league as you? Not possible. At the same time the fact it's summer + clans struggled to get higher resulted that people gave up and played less so it was even easier to get the same enemy. DD's are bassicaly very useles in clan battles but adding worcester to game made it even worse. I like DD's and I don't know why maps are made in the way that radar crusiers get advantage. As always there would be more maps but we got at least 6 this time, not 4...
  7. How Clan Wars could have been

    At the beggining I rly counted to see this but now in reality it's not possible. For the first season this CB system was good becuase we had no clan oriented gamemodes, for the second season it was meh but ok, for the third one for me it's not that exciting especially after brekaing elo system. From experience you should know WG needs a lot of time to implement something and there is high chance they can totaly fail (yeah global map 2.0 I see you). From our point of view I totaly agree wot map 1.0 was totaly exciting, alliances, fighting for provices and that stuff but it's harder to implement in wows because playerbase in way smaller, clans capacity and that stuff don't allow to make format 12v12 etc... Anyway current system of clan battles is more like stronghold from wot. I rly want to see something fresh but I think it does not have to be exactly the same as we had in wot. For example one of problems is that elo rating of cb forces you to play competetive all the time. Many players just want to have fun in the game, not go pro 24/7 and there is no teamplay gamemode for that. Next one is that rewards for hurricane are not attractive, why clans should put their effort to get there? Another one was that global map allowed players to feel that they fight for something, even if this is just bunch of pixels on the screen it's kind of material and that was exciting unlike "wow, strorm leauge group II, 30 points, yey." Also more people, more fun - I know 12v12 can be hard to make but 9v9 is totaly real. Simply I rly want to see (maybe alternative) team/clan gamemode available to play in more exciting way.
  8. Clan battles season 3 rating changes

    Only if you assume that those people did 30 games xD You can still get stalingrad anyway if you played ranked Domino effect. Just consequence of adding Alpha/Bravo ratings. For me it's painfull that no one in WG dev team said "hey it may brake or current system". It's still ok if it happen (but should not), sh*t happens but in this case I would wait for some kind of fix...
  9. Clan battles season 3 rating changes

    True but only 14 clans currently in hurricane, it's not that much. It's worse that these clans probably got second rating around typhoon what is basically taking points of any random good clan who deserved those.
  10. Clan battles season 3 rating changes

    Exactly. Points flow only between clans around you and that's why this is kind of "steal". You want to advance so you play Alpha but Bravo still kept all points and the same goes to every other clan. In result no new points show up simply because Bravo ratings "closed" points in their own ratings.
  11. Clan battles season 3 rating changes

    It's hard to confirm any theory about MM and points distribution itself but the problem is not there and it's not the fact that you face strong enemies too. Simply speaking there are not enough points for everyone because they are stolen by other rating divisions. No one can advance higher becuase you need to get points, to get poitns you have to win but you face all the time the same enemies so points flow between same clans. To get more points into pool you need to get them from weaker clans but they just can't advance higher also from the same reason. If you had chance to "release" points from bravo ratings of all clans you would get almost double number of points flowing currently between us.
  12. Clan battles season 3 rating changes

    It's WG , even if they know they forgot to balance new feature - it's actually common thing in games but it's very important to balance new things with old ones (for example cards in card games) because you can break game. For me as long as it's said at the beggning (clear rules) then it's fine - it's fair but in this scenario something is broken and you can't call it feature. The problem is not that it's way harder itself but the fact a lot of clans assuming the same rules as previously and for example getting steel for stalingrad will be the same. WG changed a little way how you get it but in final result it would be the same but it's not because you can't do the same thing as in previous season - you need to put like twice time and effort. I bet a lot of Storm clans would not play that much if they knew it's not possible to get higher for them... Plus thing is we are talking only about hurricane league not even mentioning the typhoon leage :E Yes but this says 5081 is not total number of clans but all clans playing that season (I guess) - anyway in season 2 there was few dozen of clans in hurricane (personally I remember at least 50).