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  1. My new engine boost activated theme
  2. Me after todays KOTS: https://thebest404pageeverredux.com/swf/house_tha_powa.swf
  3. Suggestions thread

    Would make sense if we had decent xp system but currently destroyers get still nothing for "winning the game" and BB's are rewarded hard for damage.
  4. What to do with oil...

    Yeah, maybe one of these currency is oil but we don't have any info about buildings. I hope they announce something soon then.
  5. What to do with oil...

    Simple question - any plans to naval base improvement? Currently our clan (probably not only ours) have a lot of oil but we can't use it in any way because there is nothing to build in base and we can't trade it for anything else. Is there any plan to add some buildings SOON? or other option to spend collected oil?
  6. I added your lovely Montenegro to map @Boris_MNE