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  1. Submarines are inevitable. First of all feedback comes from many players and most of them are unexperienced or dumb, so negative feedback comes most likely from minority with at least 3 working brain cells. Second, WG have put into submarines development so much money already, that there is no way they will give up on them and whatever we say they must land in game. Sadly submarines are bad designed on many levels and very not healthy for the game, so we can just enjoy these great mechanics prepared by WG! So much fun!
  2. Griva

    Procedural generated maps

    No no, this is not how it works. There are no premade tiles or anything like that. There are only premade whole islands - the only thing player would download would be list of islands and their positions and rotations, so literally few KB. Your client will get only instructions how to generate the map from the files you already have. In theory whole thing would be almost as fast as normal loading. Simply speaking there would be large pool of random maps for free, for everyone without any additional downloadable content. Also, algorithm generating islands in certain pattern is not that hard to make and even if maps would be kind of similar in some ways, it's still more interesting to play in such a map than 100th battle in the same one.
  3. I don't read forums too much and maybe this topic was already on the table, but I wonder why WG didn't make map generator. I am completely aware that structure of the server and client might not allow such things and it would be expansive to rework, but in other case it should be quite simple: There are plenty of premade islands in the game already and unlike many other games there is no need to connect ground tiles. In theory it's simple as putting water plane and some algorithm puts islands randomly in quite symetric way. Positions of caps, islands and spawns are sent to client and generated in the same way. Obviously such random scenario will not be balanced perfectly, but because it's fresh to everyone there is no advantage coming from knowing the map. Moreover it does not need to be random battle map, it can be special gamemode like asymmetric battles. Additionaly seed of each map is known and at the end of the game, each player could vote if he liked map setup and WG could gather data what maps are fun or not fun and then design new maps based on liked seeds. What do you think? // EDIT There would be no additional content to download before the battle starts, read this.
  4. We are talking about free camera after you die. There was an option to click [2] to follow salvo of main battery and [3] to follow torps and [shift?] to enter free camera mode.
  5. // EDIT: Thank you for many offers, I need to comapre them now. Hello, simple criteria: - English speaking community, preferably international - Discord - Competitive clan (typhoon - hurricane), but not try hard - Avarage clan WR somewhere around 60%, not 50% If you want to contact with me please do it via private message here on forum, thank you.
  6. Griva

    Looking for a clan

    You got pm in game