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  1. Ra97oR

    Other ship changes

    I can't even test the Premium ships I bought already on Live. I think that is the issue there.
  2. Ra97oR

    HMS Warspite - A Beauty and a Beast

    I seems to take significantly more damage in my Warspite now against BB shells for some reason and pretty much every BB shooting at you at 15 k+ seems to do citiadel not matter the angle. Also have trouble dealing citadel damage to other battleships too, it seems the penetration of the 15in was worse than before.
  3. My first kraken is on my Yubari... It is all down to people feeding at lower tiers than the actual ship being good. Everything that have a gun will knock out your engine with HE and anything with AP will citadel you. While I do manage 36k avg damage and 1.45 kill per game, it is like shooting yourself in the foot before you enter a 100m sprint, doable but you have to be racing snails. It's like sailing a DD that can't stealth and have a citadel hitbox. With the recent lack of CV, the SINGLE AA barrage and the so call better AA guns don't even come in the play. When the Kuma get a float fighter to spot DD and doubles as AA.
  4. Ra97oR

    Manual Torp Drops should Go !

    CV player don't seems to understand that the moment a ship have to turn and evade, you have effectively taken it out of the fight for a period of time, at least around 30 seconds. And if they cared enough, they can either lose all their TB forcing you to turn until the planes die, or have the planes turn far faster than you can and still slap you with a full side on hits. That is against a ship that have dodged in advance and not locked in combat of any kind. Now, if the CV have targeted a ship that is locked in combat with another ship, auto drop would have forced the same thing. Either they will eat a full salvo, or turn and get taken out by your friendly ships. If that is a BB, it will lose out on any armour angling, potentially showing their flat side with the guns lagging behind not being able to return fire. If a ship is not locked in combat, I don't expect to hit them in my BB or DD if they have half a brain, why would CV players expect to deal damage to players that is actively evading? Manual drop is a major part of the problem with CV, and using auto drops doesn't take away the ability to make muti-directional attacks either. It just stop people blobbing all their TB in one impossible cluster and drop them as close as possible.
  5. Ra97oR

    Gun size vs damage output misconception (SOLVED)

    If anything, I do want that the fire chance per minute and range due to "secondary armament" perk for the 155mm guns and under be rebalanced. 6ins guns shouldn't outright 8ins nor it should have a vastly superior chance of fire over time.
  6. I tried this thing as an experiment. Getting on a T8 Atago and speak up in all chat saying "I am totally new to the game and just got this ship". You will be surprised by the amount of warm welcome you get from both side of the teams. Of course, the more toxic "wallet warrior" hate and name calling does pop up every now and then, but people are generally better behaved on WoWS than WOT from my experience.
  7. Ra97oR

    Stats of a Good Player?

    I do disagree. Depends on the ship type, finishing low HP targets are vital to winning games. Low HP ships will still shoot back like a full HP ship, being a cruiser and finishing low HP ships are priority after shooting up DDs and planes. Stuff like zoning the enemy with torpedo presence aren't counted in the stats either, but have an indirect contribution to the WR I guess.
  8. Ra97oR

    Pay 2 win game

    Rather, you don't have an edge paying real money? Premium consumable are cheap enough at earning tier to be used every game and still make a good profit, or cheap enough at high tier to not make a massive difference on the money you are going to lose anyway. In WoWS Premium consumable aren't any better either, just cooldown faster. The only real pay2win is the signal flags being available in the store, instead of only available from awards. But it is so minor compared to WoT gold ammo, which silver cost is prohibitively expensive to be used.
  9. Ra97oR

    041 knocking at door : no HE nerf ?...

    As I said before, it is not really how much damage fire causes, it's about the delivery of the damage. Huge damage from RNG rolled DoT is not really pleasant, especially on certain ship the chance they get makes it nearly a guarantee. It's not about nerfing fire, it's about making deck fire more enjoyable per-say for one that is causing it and one that is inevitably taking it. I play the game for enjoyment, fire is the least enjoyable aspect of the game for me. Causing fire is not as enjoyable as landing a torp hit or citadel or even making a large number of HE hitting the right spot, nor you want to acknowledge your enemy playing well when you are set on fire, yet purely based on RNG, it can cause as much damage as a BB citadel hit and will only go up when you get bigger ships. Nearly unavoidable pure RNG based damage isn't fun for either side.
  10. Ra97oR

    041 knocking at door : no HE nerf ?...

    Replying to you seems to be a waste of time. Using "skill" to counter "large damage that does not rely on skill at all" is exactly what is wrong. And if you actually play the game and get halfway decent you will know that fire is not a rare thing, against a CL in a short gunnery duel, you are going to get set on fire multiple times in 30 seconds.
  11. Ra97oR

    041 knocking at door : no HE nerf ?...

    Citadel damage is easily avoided, just use your armour properly. It's not the average amount of damage received, it is the way the said damage is dealt and triggered. Pure HE damage is fine imo, to get a lot of damage from it, you need to land a lot of good hits. Require aiming just like AP shells but at different locations. - Skill is involved, you can work to minimize damage. Flooding damage is fine, if not too weak atm. You get hit by a difficult and risky to use weapon, especially in case of DD launched one. - Skill is involved, should have been dodging. Fire damage is not fine, all you need to do is land a hit with HE shell. It can be a terrible shot into the belt armour of a BB, but RNG is all you need and rely on. In a few lucky hits, you can deal more damage than a well aimed citadel shot from a BB - Skill is not involved, based on sheer luck. Fire is a minor issue on lesser skilled players that are going to get wrecked by others anyway, but truly frustrating for a better player. See that BB that just 1 v 2 your team's BB, using armour effectively and dodging HEs with movement? Lob HE shells in the general direction with poor aim and pray for RNG to grant you damage is not the way to go IMO. Fine to be taken down by well aimed HE salvo, torps and AP, but glancing hit from poorly aimed HE dealing more damage than a full HE barrage, hell no.
  12. Ra97oR

    041 knocking at door : no HE nerf ?...

    One citadel is already extremely punishing, you can angle against AP making it near impossible to be citadel. But against fire, especially certain ships with fast firing guns, multiple fires can start before you can reload your gun. HE damage is already fine against battleships, 8in does great damage just lobbing HE at the decks, and CL with smaller guns all have torps, except the Cleveland, if you need to fight it. CA and CL are meant to fear BB like BB fear DD. Not seeing it at the moment. Just had a game on my Atago, peppered a NC with HE. Doing 8k per salvo excluding fire. That is more than what I can do in a Nagato, pre salvo with 33 second reload, the NC was well angled AP most likely will do minimal damage even if it hits.
  13. If only WG cares about catering to competitive players at this stage. While I do agree with pretty much every point you said, the chances of WG doing something about it any time soon is pretty slim.
  14. Ra97oR

    041 knocking at door : no HE nerf ?...

    I was there pre 0.3.1, unless it was even worse back then. Doing 7k in my Mogami was a daily thing against BB. If I have to choose which one was worse, I would say they are about equal. Current 6in > 8in for fire chance is pretty bad too. Hitting with multiple AP require aiming, you can actively evade. With fire you only need to get lucky once due to the sheer length of the fire itself, with 6in guns it's not difficult. Both are not fun.