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  1. Orange__Pekoe

    Give all cruisers heal?

    No, Cruisers have rudder shaft and speed to help avoid shoots from BBs and islands they can use for cover
  2. Orange__Pekoe


  3. I rarely get a Detonation in my ships currently stand at two detonations I have no problems with the mechanic in the game
  4. Orange__Pekoe

    The worst tier 4 BB Arkansas Beta

    my experience with the Arkansas beta has been very good, CVs is problem when enemy team has experience can ruin the battle for the ship. The Arkansas beta is my third highest ship killer with 40 ships sunk. with only 28 battles fought and 16 wins, because the amount of changes with the mechanics and my long period away from the game, because of the weak PC I had for few years till 1 year ago when I got a proper gaming PC. The Arkansas has bad case to miss shots due to shell dispersion at close and long range, my experience of this comes amount shell fall short or long from the target but when all shells hit it does a monster amount of damage to the enemy ship. I got say it's a fun ship to play and great to sink enemy DDs, CA, BB.
  5. Orange__Pekoe

    Fan-Made RHN Averof Battlecruiser

    Beautiful work, I would love to see ship in-game when the developers see your project and you helping them with some more ship projects in the future. Keep up the good work
  6. Orange__Pekoe

    A-poi-calypse Now II: the death of torpedo boats

    I got say the amount of damage that Wargaming is doing to the japanese torpedoes destroyers, making them in terms useless against over nations destroyers that have better turning rates of the guns and the spotting range of them. while I grinding up the japanese torpedo line of IJN destroyers I noticed that tier 6 stock ship can be spotted at 6.5kms and has stock torpedoes that need to be fired at 6.0km. so the enemy would spot me before I got in range with torpedoes attacks on them. wargaming made the grind for the upgrade torpedo tubes hard to get forces players to spend 10,000xp on hull upgrade and 4,000xp for the tubes after. all games that played ship was death with 9,000 damage with guns and being killed by cruisers and destroyers from other nations. I got say in the CBT the IJN was the great ships with their torpedoes and great power to hide from cruisers and destroyers alike. since they added Hydroacoustic Search and radar that can spot IJN easily when they haven't popped smoke or have smoke up. The Belfast is heavily OP and wargaming is too scared to nerf it because it's premium ship tag to it's name. Wargaming needs to buff the IJN torpedo destroyers and fix this game before the Japanese DD will be useless line in the tech tree
  7. Orange__Pekoe

    Update 0.6.7 Bug Reports

    1. Description The Basically tried enter match with the Battleship Nagato, after finding a match enters the loading battle screen then after few seconds, loading goes to waiting for players. Then the game starts but I'm still locked into the loading screen for the whole battle. < happened yesterday. tried it again with same ship and locked out battle again and I had to force close the game and re login into game and solved it 2. Reproduction steps Select the Battleship Nagato. Enter the Random Battle). 3. locked into the loading screen and unable to enter the battle 3. Result Example: Enter button disappears, also spinning loading button stays, made me lose ship and credits also flags. only seen the battle play on the minimap tab. 4. Expected result Example: The game should have loaded me into the battle and made credits. 5. Technical details only way to fix the bug was to close whole game and relog into the battle to fix the issue.
  8. Orange__Pekoe

    New player here

    welcome to EU server, enjoy your stay awhile learning new things and skills while playing the game with us all
  9. Orange__Pekoe

    New ship preview: High School Fleet

    The Graf spee HSF is fun to play and it's balance because with heal helps when half hp is taken out be one battleship from all angles
  10. Orange__Pekoe

    [Guide] Basic CV gameplay

    Thanks for the good guide on CVs, this guide helped me learn more and tips on how to play my tier 4 CV.