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  1. Bonjour, je suis à la recherche d'un clan pour jouer en division ainsi que profiter un peu des opérations/batailles en equipe/etc et votre clan à l'air sympa donc si le recrutement est toujours ouvert je suis interessé ;)
  2. Bonne chance pour le recrutement, j'ai trouvé un clan.
  3. voguer en croiseur ne me fait pas peur ;)
  4. Salut à vous, je reprends le jeu après une absence conséquente due à un long voyage à l'étranger et avec l'apparition des team battles je me vois bien rejoindre un clan sympa. Je joue depuis l'alpha et je suis plutôt un joueur de DD, niveau t8 j'aurai bientôt le benson et le fubuki. donc je me vois bien rejoindre votre clan en casual en attendant d'avoir les prérequis pour jouer en team avec vous ;) Je passerai vous faire coucou sur le TS la semaine prochaine, je suis absent en soirée cette semaine. Sinon j'ai aussi joué à WOT pas mal, chez -LCM- et Dandy principalement.
  5. Romu

    Phantoms and Witches

    sadly i was away for a few days, will only be able to attend the event today ! Lets try to sink that beast ! ;)
  6. Romu

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    yeah i'd rather be playing vanilla then dealing with people who play with unfair stuff !
  7. Romu

    The SIMS is awful now :(

    yeah i'm almost tempted to sell it now :/
  8. Perso il dort aussi depuis des mois. Depuis le nerf fumigene et vu les dégats critiques que les DD prennent maintenant il n'est plus amusant à jouer je trouve. Je n'avais pas acheté le grem car je ne voulais pas jouer russe mais je pense que c'était un meilleur achat :/
  9. Romu

    A bit worried about the population

    well not every new player will fall in love with the game, the drop after a few days was to be expected. If we can keep a healthy number after a while it'll grow again
  10. Romu

    Missions torpilles ?

    Ce qui serait bien comme dans d autre jeux (hearthstone par ex) serait simplement de pouvoir supprimer la mission pour recupérer une autre (sur hearthstone on peut faire ça une fois par jour) même si c'est pour pour avoir une autre 8h plus tard ca serait une option sympa, j'ai été coincé avec 3 missions anti avion au début dla beta ouverte alors que je ne joue presque que DD
  11. Romu

    We already have such a "lovely" community.

    i find the community for the most part to be very respectful and communicative. sure you'll meet on occasion a dude that seems like a 10 year old on crack that'll blame his failings on his team but other then that i think we have a good bunch so far ;) i love to talk & mostly trash talk with humor and respect in all my games and i've never had a real problem with anyone so far. at the end of the day it's just a game and if you point out to them how ridiculous they are with respect and comedy most of the time they'll just shut up and move on ;) i think we have a decent community with many passionate people about history and naval combat, i don't see it becoming toxic to the extent of most games with HUGE communities that are pretty young. Lets just all have a good time boys ! About the chat being useful, i find that if you try to connect with people about other subjects in the early game (when people are getting in position) they're more likely to respond to querries and suggestions when things get real. At best 33% tend to react but it's better then all playing ffa ;) Well its my view of the matter after a decent amount of games in alpha and to a lesser extent beta.
  12. Romu

    The "Shameship" that is the Arkansas

    i find arkansas decent and iwaki good if you played a few games with them and know what to do/not do with them. anyone complaining about gifts recieved for playing a free game is somewhat ungrateful imo. you earn more credits on them and you can train your commanders in them without having to buy another premium for that nation so people that don't want to buy premium ships should be pretty happy to have them i would say. now we just need german/british anniversary/xmas gifts :p
  13. Romu

    Option to Invert Mouse Y Axis, Please

    i would love an invert Y axis aswell, been playing games this way for 20+ years and it'd help a lot :p the xml tip didn't work here aswell i'm affraid.
  14. Romu

    Fix the map border exploit already

    it's bad sportsmanships but it's not that big a deal. I've played in the vincinity of a thousand games and i've never had a problem with someone being so good at it that it mattered. imo they should work on the german fleet and not on border changes :p
  15. Romu

    P2W u went there, and died

    Thanks a lot, 50 battles and i didn't notice you could do that :p