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  1. Dominico

    Is it time for DD to receive some love?

    I agree with most of your points but we will have to agree to disagree on the "battleships are worse players" thing. I think just the fact they last to the end of the match often (the bad ones), are expected to be trading hits and have armour means they are more noticable when absent from this. You don't often notice the destroyer doing nothing or out of place (i do see it a lot but i know most don't seem to) but you do notice the battleship at the end of the game way out of place. I think its a bit of observational bias. I have to say i see equally terrible players in all ships in equal measure, and i see equally good players in all ships in equal measure, but the tier 9 battleship sat at the back is more noticable than the destroyer behind his cruisers waiting for enemies to be spotted. etc.
  2. Dominico

    Is it time for DD to receive some love?

    In practice yes, but in reality not at all. Battleships have little to no influence where cruisers go. Cruisers will often lemming follow the destroyers, the battleships being slowest then follow them. Thats why you so often get lemming trains all going one way. Battleships will also seem to head towards captured points as they denote "safe spot" for them where there are no enemy destroyers, even though this is a terrible strategy. The situation you are talking about is everyone doing their job, how often does that happen in world of warships? How often do both teams have cruiser support with battleships sticking with them. I know when i play as a destroyer i have to keep pinging and asking people to keep up, as they will most likely stall and drop 10km or 15km behind, if not they support in 1 or 2 brave ships (who are usually then punished for playing well). I dont care to mention the number of times i have aborted a cap because no one came close, and i knew if the enemy team had managed to get it together unlike my team i was screwed, so instead i bail and see what sort of opposiiton we have, and wait for the team to grow some. No I cant think of any game where a battleship has decided where his team are going ever really, except when they say something at the start and the destroyers actually listen (which again is super rare). Though yes, this is the way it would work in real life.
  3. Dominico

    Is it time for DD to receive some love?

    totally right here. From spotting (or more often than not, not bothering to spot caus its dangerous) to capping, to torping everywhere. The destroyers decide the outcome of the game if they have average skill level players. If one team has ming mongs in destroyers and the other team average, that first team is screwed. Putting more forced destroyers into the game just makes this worse and wouldnt fix anything in the match maker. I cant count the number of high destroyer count games which i have been in which are just frankly terrible and you are at the whim of your 4 destroyers ability. (Or the cruisers to stop spamming HE at battleships and start shooting at them).
  4. You have deep set issues. I dont know where it stems from but you seem to think that destroyers are played by intelligent amazing people and battleships are played by dribbling idiots. The forum posts of the destroyer majority players pretty much disprove this idea where thier input is usually stats that dont support them, silly pictures or omgroflskates comment. Add to that when you play some games actually take the time to see how terrrible some of destroyer players are just like you seem to think the majority of battleship player are. 2 destroyers on the team both going to the same cap. Destroyers staying behind thier cruisers/battleships because they are *insert stupid reason here* destroyers sailing off the map chasing a lone battleship while thier team is raped because it no longer has eyes. Destroyer chasing cv round map and being torped/bombed to death. Destroyer attacking cruisers solo. Destroyer attacking belfast captian then saying its op caus it died in its smoke which is usually a get out of jail card for morons. Destroyer sitting still in smoke side on in cap. Destroyer spotted by planes still sailing towards enemy. Destroyer ignoring cap when cap will win game to chase *insert pointless ship here* destroyer... i could go on with the massive list of halfwitted destroyers that we see virtually every game. So in a nutshell let it go with your childish bbbabies crap. Let it go with the we are great you are all morons, our hardest to see, fastest class which chooses the rules of every engagement unless we are outskilled or stupid is tough to play. Etc etc blah blah. Its old now. I prefer the Belfast is op posts. Atleast they are amusing and bring the buthurt destroyer players from above.
  5. Weve had this argument before and you are wrong. Concealment>speed>armour Destroyers have it easiest to escape. Followed by cruisers followed by battleships with least speed. That prevents them escaping withoit backup. Level the skill and equal the situation battleships are least "escapable" type. This is one reason why japanese battleships are so good. They have great speed allowing them a bit more chance to escape. Warspite has its conceal for a little help. Americans are screwed.
  6. This is only really prevelent in t10. This is due to the fact that most battleships who move forward are hugely reliant on thier team to cover them or they have a short painful game. You cant change the ability of destroyer and cruiser players to play well and screen thier battleships so the only way to sort it would be HE and torpedo fixes. But then you run the risk of making battleships top class. The way things are currently though the team with a well supported battleship and good combined tactics from the destroyer down will win which i dont think is a bad thing. Its frustrating when you are not on this team but thats online games!
  7. Exocet. Weekend tester full time gif boy!
  8. Dominico

    From the Dev Blog... Smoke!

    Personally i would say make them visible when firing. All ships, however that visibility should be short. Say 3 or 5 seconds to simulate muzzle flash. This way captains who watch the smoke can hit the enemy or ships firing a lot like belfast get spotted but if they stop firing or are careful they can keep hidden. 20 seconds is excessive and pretty much removes the cover of smoke in an unrealistic and unbalanced way imho.
  9. As a battleship ypu are nost reliant on the other classes op. Unfortunately there isnt much you can do about it other than adapting as so.
  10. Dominico

    RN BB Super HP

    You are aware they dont use all the heal dont you. You are aware rhey may not even get to use all heals? You are aware starting hp is more important than potential heals arent you? Are you aware? ?
  11. Dominico

    USS Indianapolis - located after 72 years

    That wasnt speilberg, Robert shaw ad libbed that speech. Genius guy. Along with the other guys "we're gonna need a bigger boat!"
  12. Dominico

    What is the worst thing about Belfast and Kutuzov?

    Ugh this tiresome gem. Bad player gets deleted by belfast and arrives to whine. Worrying that beta testers dont get the game they beta test. Really worrying lol. Some of the regulars whiners will no doubt turn up soon! As for some of the points on belfast. Its smoke makes it immobile. You can torp the smoke. Dont sail towards it if you cant cope. Or sneak to it with a dd and torp in the right situation. Charge in a battleship in the right sitiatuation (it has no torps). Shoot said smoke. Use spotter plane for more accuracy. As for the radar combined with concealment. Actually its less than conceal. So if you pop radar as soon as spotted you will have very little time to hit said enemy if you can even radar them at all. And if the enemy had half a brain they will turn and scoot. Radar is also enough for 3 or so shots. Not enough at range to get a kill on anyone with half a brain. Add to that in any destroyer you see belfast before he sees you. What are you doing appraching any closer to a dedicated destroyer killer? Muppets... Basically this boils down to please dont have any counters for destroyers because im terribad at coping even though its actually piss easy to cope with belfast in any ship. More destroyer babies... you are playing the easiest class with the highest speed and concealment. You litterally choose the rules of EVERY SINGLE ENGAGEMENT ON YOUR TERMS. It has no heal. Its armour is crap. Its made of citadels. Its guns are piss poor. Its huge. Whine some more. Thankfully wargames gets it. Graff spee performs better. And fiji is about the same. Are they op? /end thread Ps the worst thing is the incessant whining. That wasnt an optipn though.
  13. Dominico

    Balancing Changes - What to do?

    Wow there are some heavy whinage posts recently, is this the incoming battleships that got all the destroyer/cruiser players riled up? Its not healthy to play one class excessively it seems. You guys need to relax, get out a bit and wait for it to happen. Remember when you were all in tears about IFHE and radio location, and it turned out neither were that spectacular, 10 or so of you were going to quit (never happened) it was going to ruin the game, teams would be imbalanced no one would play all the destroyers would die in the first 5 seconds etc etc. Similar thing, wait for it to happen, go out get a beer, chase girls realise that WG know what they are doing, you play 1 game, they are watching literally 1000s, they are well aware of balances, and although from your point of view of playing 1 class heavily, battleships, or (insert ship that kills you lots) are broken its not like that, every class has strenghts and weaknesses battleship players will tell you how powerful torps are etc etc. Learn the counters, adapt, and play your best. Seriously this forum has turned into world of whinesh@*s hahah. Get excited about new ships, embrace the improvements coming, if you are really bad at cruisers or battleships or destroyers play a different ship!! The whinage is getting a bit out of hand.
  14. Dominico

    Game settings not saving

    yeah not for me either. Everytime i loads the game its in windowed mode. Every time! So there is an issue since last patch for sure.
  15. Dominico

    Are RN BBs going to shift the meta more to camping?

    Yeah of course, a slow battleship with really good concealment and armour is going to be hiding behind a hill. Yes this will definately be the way that players will play it to win. Im sure it will work great. Back to reality, how many warspites do you see behind hills or at the back of the map, yeah... thought not.