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  1. Archiee

    Atlanta and her position in the game

    I don't think the problem is with the Atlanta herself, more so the ships she is matched against. As a T7 ship she is often pitted against T7-9 ships where she is out gunned and out ranged. At T6 she is much more capable as while she is still out ranged, her rate of fire can compensate for the range and low damage of her shells. At higher tiers her range means her engagement envelope is within range of most of the enemy but she lacks the maneuverability or ability to hide in smoke that a DD would have at the same ranges, and thus once spotted is going to be primary target purely as she is the closest ship to shoot. I hear people say play her like a big DD. Okay, so play it like a DD with none of the abilities of a DD, and all the drawbacks of a CL. That makes no sense! Yes she has got a smaller detection radius than most CL's, but since she cant fire undetected its of little use after the initial ambush, and i point you to the low damage of her shell's to tell you how big an impact that will make. I honestly feel if she was reduced to T6, and was only MM'ed against T5-7 she would fair much better without changing her stats.
  2. Archiee

    Warspite's Armour...

    Picked her up a few days ago in the sale, and i love her guns. But i have to say im underwhelmed with her armouring. I have played a lot of battles in the NM and i know how to angle my armour in that ship, so i expected similar results with the Warspite considering her armour is that little bit thicker. However im finding im getting penned from angles i wouldnt have expected to be. Is this intended, or is somthing wrong with her armour?
  3. Archiee

    What's your favorite BB?

    Have to go with the New Mexico for her armour and fire power, once angled properly she is a tough nut to crack. However i love the Warspite, and while her guns are accurate, and can do monsterous damage with a citadel hit, the armour doesnt seem to match the New Mexico's. So while my head says the NM, my heart belongs to the Warspite.
  4. Archiee

    BAD-Armada BAD-A Recruiting Now !

    Hey guys, joined a few months back but haven't been able to play for about 3-4 weeks. Hope i get to catch up with you again soon.
  5. Archiee

    Unmoderated Free for all... Moderation TOTAL FAIL !

    Okay, thanks for the update, ill try and drop by tonight.
  6. Archiee

    Unmoderated Free for all... Moderation TOTAL FAIL !

    What days and times are your players active as i have visited your TS server a number of times over the last few days and there is no one playing warships and only 2-3 players in various other channels?
  7. Archiee

    Unmoderated Free for all... Moderation TOTAL FAIL !

    Hi im looking for a clan/guild ect to join for casual teamplay as i am becoming fustrated at the lack of it in random battles. I have played on a casual basis since open beta and predominantly play USN Battleships and Cruisers at tier 6. I also have the tier 8 North Carolina and im just over 100k exp on my road th the Iowa. i have avoided ranked battles since the first season as it was fully of salty players, and only participated in around 5-6 battles, so im not exactly a competative player. However that does not mean i do not wish to improve or be a better player. Cheers Archiee.
  8. Archiee


    Yes WG I want the Tirpitz. Yes WG I have disposable income. No WG I am not going to pay these prices. I cant justify blowing £40+ on an in game asset + stuff i already have and dont need more of, when I can spend said money on other things (steam sale anyone?)
  9. Archiee

    Apparently I have Time-travel...

    Roads, do they still need roads?
  10. Archiee

    New consumer rights for the UK

    While EULA's are sometimes difficult to enforce in full, the issue of changing the specifications has been around much lnger than digital content. You will find most manufacturers of everyday goods reserve the right to change the specification of the product. In the digital world that can mean a change in system requirements and the type of hardware required to use it, to the digital content itself. The argument of changing the specs of a purchased ship/tank would be covered by the reserved right by the provider to change the specification. While you presonally may feel cheated because the product no longer works in the way it did initially, WG would feel it is a reasonable change required to improve the product. You would need to prove that it was an unreasonable change, and even if you did you would only be entitled to a discount based on how much use you got from the product before it was changed. Basically unless its completely FUBARed when they realease it, and they dont put it right, you are entitled to a refund with 30 days. Also worth bearing in mind is once it is acknoledged that it is faulty, that 30 days is paused. So if its proven faulty, patched and supposedly fixed, the 30 days restarts and if it is still faulty the law still applys and you are still entitled to a full refund.
  11. Archiee

    Cruisers are outrageously unbalanced

    I have around half my time in BBs and once you get to understand how to play them, they feel fairly solid. Now i am an average player, i have games where i finish top or near the top, i also have games where i finish in the bottom half. The difference in these games are positioning, and dispersion. A good game i find myself in the right place at the right time and get some good shots in for high damage. A bad game i end up being out of position or disowned by my team mates, and RNGesus hates me. The only thing i think makes BBs feel underpowered is the RNG that can effect you accuracy. Its a fustration because you end up feeling that no matter how good your aim, RNG can either give you a insta kill or 1 hit in a salvo with a 30 second reload before you get to roll the dice again.
  12. Archiee

    Free exp for skip Colorado or Nagato?

    I use the converted free xp to skip the Colorado. I dont regret it, might try it out sometime now that the ranked matches are here, but after all the horror stories of peoples experiences with it, im glad i did as the North Carolina feels like a battle ship, even if im still in the stock configuration.
  13. Archiee

    How am I supposed to play BBs

    The New Mexico, when fully geared up, is a menace of the high seas. It can hit out to around 19km (at work cant get the exact figure for my setup) and will normally get 1-2 shells on target at that range. Once your at closer range, between 13-10km the guns feel quite accurate and you can certanly get citadels. But get within 7km of a cruiser, aim well and you can put them on the bottom in a single salvo with AP and citadel hits. Recently got into a fight with a Fuso at 19km. There was no cover between us, so i could only retreat, or keep sailing towards him. Fortunatley he was sailing towards me too, so the distance closed quickly. At range, he got a few shots off, but because i was angled towards him he was hitting the super structure for light damage. He switched to HE to light me up and started to get more damage out of his hits. I stuck with AP as we were closing and once we were under 10 km he turned to broadside me. My AP started scoring big hits, including a few citadels and i ended up sinking him with just under a 3rd of me HP left. The TL;DR of it is the New Mexico is a damn fine ship once you get into meduim to short range, and CL/CA and BB have to respect your guns or they will get a real hammering
  14. Archiee

    PVP whit battleships suck...

    Learn the hard way, or take some advice. If you see a destroyer and he is broadside on, your likely to have torpedoes incoming, so turn towards the Destroyer. The torps will either miss, or if they launch them after your turn, they will be easier to avoid. With air launched torpedoes, again turn twards them, or away from them, make it as hard as possible for them to attack from your broadsides, all the while your AA will be reducing the number of bombers, and thus the number of Torpedoes they can launch.
  15. Archiee