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  1. DEFCON_1

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    Foam: Stern foam is fantastic on fast ships, on slow ships it looks like it's moving on it's own speed, unconnected to the speed of the ship. Also,you used the same effects for bow wave foam and it just looks terrible. It gives me the impression that i have propellers there. Bow wave is actually water being split and pushed forwards and to the side, not towards the back, hence the "wave" action. You have to make bow wave move like that and the foam to form accordingly on top of it.
  2. DEFCON_1

    USS Massachusetts Teaser

    Are we sure it's a premium people? I really can't see how this could be another premium. If it is then the devs are reaching a new level of lameness and laziness.
  3. DEFCON_1

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - British Battleships

    Once people figure out how easy it is to sink them, they will start dropping down the list. So far everybody's ignoring them and still focusing on the usual targets. Once they start focusing RN BBs as primary targets they won't even survive long enough to do a lot of damage.
  4. DEFCON_1

    Verdict on Nelson?

    Do we have to argue about this too? OP says "I am struggling in this tbh.".
  5. DEFCON_1


    You wouldn't be so surprised by the lack or protection if you had not skipped the two previous ships, or at least the one. Hell you would have actually felt an improvement.
  6. DEFCON_1

    I finally got the NC...

    Assuming that you're not a cripple from birth....did you quit walking the first time you fell? Just keep playing and you'll learn to use her. Norca is all about learning to use those devastating guns, and especially their amazing range. One more thing i'd like to say, and please don't take it the wrong way....but you're generally very inexperienced in the game. Norca isn't an easy mode ship, she has serious weaknesses that you need to learn to cover for. Play the game some more, with other ships, learn different tactics, learn how to use the maps and your own team to your benefit. All this will make you a better player and you will finally be able to use Norca effectively and not just go derp. Come back to her after 1000 battles or so and see if it gets any better. If not, you might as well focus on another BB line because she might just not be for you. Also keep in mind that from T8 and on gameplay changes dramatically because not only you're facing a lot less potato players but also much more powerful ships. It's going to be the same experience once you get to the same tier with cruisers. You need more experience. And lastly, never sell anything expensive you buy unless you're 1000% sure that you won't be buying back. You're just wasting precious money by doing it....money that could be used for buying stuff that make ships perform better.
  7. DEFCON_1

    Verdict on Nelson?

    If you're struggling with Nelson then you should consider playing another game or just don't bother with BBs. Yes i'm serious.
  8. There will be. Although judging by the speed of development it's not going to happen any time soon. It'll probably take them a couple of years..... God they work so slow...
  9. DEFCON_1

    About King George V and armour angling...

    Heh, some cruisers are tankier than KGV. About that "speed"....there is no speed. If you turn even just a little bit speed drops dramatically. You can go relatively fast as long as you go in a perfectly straight line, and that's something that doesn't help you survive.
  10. DEFCON_1

    Did anyone else have a terrible weekend?

    This weekend went surprising well for me. Yeah the usual weekend warriors going DERP, but it wasn't as bad as other weekends.Come to think of it, it was the first weekend ever that i was in a good team for the most part. That or maybe it was just me trying harder and paying no attention to morons because i wanted to finish unlocking a couple of ships...
  11. DEFCON_1

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - British Battleships

    KGV has serious armor issues. Everything goes through no matter the distance and angle and she takes too much damage both from penetrations and especially fire.
  12. DEFCON_1

    Nurnberg (Tier VI) - the Fighting Machine

    I see that you are one of the few players who are aware how effective German AP is....so my suggestion is to NOT stop at Nurnberg because after Yorck it only gets better and better. I just unlocked Hipper and i'm in love with it. It's still stock and i do more than 60k damage per battle and score at least 2 kills consistently. Keep going! Yorck isn't bad either, just different. It's more of a mix of a cruiser with old armored cruiser guns ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMS_Blücher ). If used right it's very powerful and it's the only German cruiser that can be an HE spammer. For short range engagements AP is AMAZING and of course you have plenty of torps as well.
  13. DEFCON_1

    About King George V and armour angling...

    Done it, doesn't work. That way you only guarantee that enemy will score even bigger damage. In fact that's the first thing i did with it because i too thought about this because it seemed more logical, but apparently the armor doesn't work. There's either a HUGE gap that we can't see or something else.
  14. DEFCON_1

    About King George V and armour angling...

    Oh yeah there has to be something wrong with it. There are many ships with comparable armor (thickness and scheme) that don't have any issues,we can't argue about it. The damn thing is even softer than a Japanese BB, and we all know how soft those are. Not to mention how much fire damage it takes....oh my god...and i though German BBs burned a lot...
  15. DEFCON_1

    German BB's VS British BB's

    I haven't played the new ships much bit to me it seems that British BBs are the exact opposite of German BBs. German BBs have armor that actually works but they lack the damage output. British BBs are as soft as butter, softer even that Japanese BBs, but they can do a lot of damage (mostly due to HE). Honestly, i prefer German BBs. Even though their damage output isn't so good, at least they can last for some time even when they're being focused. This actually equalizes the lack of firepower. British BBs lose a LOT of HP even if you sneeze on them. Every single hit is a full damage penetration, no matter the angle. If British BBs didn't have the OP HE spam and improved heal they would have been completely useless.Again, i haven't played them much but that's just my opinion so far.