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  1. _Historic_

    Bug Reports

    Cant even download game just sits there checking files happy days
  2. _Historic_

    Guide: British Cruisers

    Simple guide too UK cruisers sell them their a waste of time with the muppet APHE ammo get in a tier V match and 50% of the ships you will not be able too pin enjoy. Look I don't mind the weak armor play smart too stay alive but the fact that your guns are fing uless makes me a we bit unhappy after waiting for over a year for UK boats. Tier V bouncing of a US tier 6 cruiser and a tier 4 jap BB hell HE would have done some damage but this APHE waste of time Way to piss off your UK players WGing....
  3. _Historic_

    Weather Effects

    They are great but and only a small but Camo lvl is messed up by it to point this out a Gearing can spot a Shim long before I can see him, My shim has camo the 2mil upgrade surface 6.8km gearing is 7k+ so why can he see me before I can see him (and no I was not firing)
  4. _Historic_

    unpacking takes forever

    here is a crazy idea tell people uninstall game and download again it quicker sigh
  5. _Historic_

    Downloading Game Patch Time

    All you are seeing is the DL stopping and the update unpacking IE HD speed
  6. _Historic_

    Downloading Game Patch Time

    seeding makes no difference too DL as it's upload sigh
  7. _Historic_

    Another Shameless Channel Plug....

    Yep cheating as you can see in the video he is using his brain when firing torps ban him this is not accaptable is a DD player spamming is the only way to go.
  8. _Historic_

    MOD [0.4.x] "Das Boot" Login Screen 26.07 Update

    DUDE !!! this is way so cool +1
  9. _Historic_

    Cry Havoc [EU] Looking for new members.

    A few quick questions, Does it matter if you can only play at weekends and whats the average age of your members ?
  10. _Historic_

    Cleveland shell velocity

    I was thinking that myself good god the Cleaveland eats same or lower tier ships alive its the only ship I can say that puts a smile on my face when I drop with CV's it turns fast AA is just OMG granted the guns will bounce off most BB same tier using AP but hell that is what HE is for, In short give it time your soon mentally adjust your shots and be nom nomming other ships.
  11. Yer it not bad at mo I have even see some friendly stuff in game but for the most part in game chat is a hate fest.
  12. _Historic_

    Clutch System

    Oh and why you are at it can you check the brakes
  13. _Historic_

    BBs are underpowered

    I agree with the OP why I don't drive BB's much though I do have a Fuso I play Cruisers and after using my Cleveland to solo a same tier BB at 4.5km, Drove though the mid part of two brothers and he was sat there took he's first hit started too turn too try and keep he's guns off me but ended up just trading shots. Now I know yes the Clev has crazy high DPM but even so at that range and the same tier I should get my [edited]handed too me. So I know this is not doing me any favors but I think BB's could do with some love. As a cruiser driver I look for reasons to do stuff Ie DD screen AA escort But when I can just sail off and own BB's whats the point of doing that I want that Oh S*&T it's a BB feeling back.
  14. _Historic_

    Game Needs More Maps

    Making maps for different tiers was not smart as you end up playing the same map over and over again, Maybe as it's to do with gun range's it would have been better too scale the map sizes in some way. Two brothers is starting too rub me up the wrong way after playing it for the 80th time. Yes I love the different games types they do help mix it up a bit But as the OP said You really do need the start adding or making the maps we have work at different tiers.
  15. _Historic_

    "Server busy - please try again later"?

    Oh so that's what that plug's for