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  1. kHares

    Game unplayable since last patch

    I had a game where I just couldn't hit ships from any range. Saw the shells land right on the enemy and nothing. Later ran into a salvo of torpedos....and they just went right throug my ship. After the battle I watched the replay and it clearly showed every one of my shells fell half a screen behind the enemy and the torp salvo was nowhere near me. It's lag,desync, net problem, not much can be done about it. Next day game worked fine.
  2. kHares

    Sink the wows-stats (XVM for warships)

    I honestly do not get you guys. Xvm is a tool, a useful one at that. If people misuse it whose fault is that? It is a tactical tool in a very randomized arcade game and you want to ban it? 2-3 good player working together can win a match or you can focus down a great enemy player. Yes, I have 20k battles in WoT. My past experience: Yes, it can make chat easily toxic, when that happens I just ignore it. 95% the time chat is useless anyway, different languages, raging about artys etc. Yes, in wot there is a winchance prediction based on stats, know what I do? Disabled it after a few times because it really can only tell which side has better players. Yes, people sometimes throw games if they see too big of a stat difference, know what I do? I do my bloody best. Of course that is what I aim for in all of my battles unless there is a ridiculous mission. You dont give up and your stats will show it. "Stats mean nothing" Come on, that is simply a lie.