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  1. Bace92

    US CV nach Update zu stark.

    seit der alpha geht die cv sache schon so und es wird einfach nicht besser. erst nerfed man die japsen, dann ändert man die setups der japsen (später die amis ein wenig) und nu? amis haben 10k bomben LuL der torpschaden für diesen üblen blocktorp is seit jeher zu hoch und zu stark und jetzt on top noch mehr munition? ich meine gut je nach skill des spielers kann auch ein ami cv mist sein aber in sachen historie und logik sind die japaner schlicht weg zu benachteiligt hier. bestes besipsiel setups us hat n bomber setup (ohne fighter bis zur lexington) die japaner "hatten" mal eins nun is man aber gezwungen jäger zu haben wenn man hier das ganze prinzip ändern würde hätte die community nicht immer so arge probleme damit. Solche umstände leiten Japanische CV fahrer die noch leveln einfach dazu ein es komplett zu lassen wenn man gegen den ami teilweise einfach null land sieht.
  2. Bace92

    US BBs Gun Dispersion (Suggestion)

    Hi Terendir First thx for your opinion. The second thing is sure i understand what you want to say but for me US is a Nation id like to play but its somtimes really a Pain in the arse. A good example is since i got to North Caro i am a big useless Shotgun. I had enough battles where i missed Targets (no DDs) on 6-12km range and this only because the accuracy/RNG. Now on my Iowa im ussing it with 253m dispersion and even there many times i cannot hit those enemys when shells just spread out like crapand thats why i want a change. Its not like i want to put them on the same level as IJN but a fair buff i mean why do i shoot them when i use my des moines? cause they are so freefood because of that problem. To the Point about the Germans; yes your right on that.
  3. Bace92

    US BBs Gun Dispersion (Suggestion)

    update 0.5.6 and still same as ever. i dont see any improvement in the accuracy on t8 t9 t10 us bbs. sorry WG if you keep on this no one will play this nation ever again...it not like they were bad in history but you just kill them all over. thx again -.-
  4. Bace92

    US BBs Gun Dispersion (Suggestion)

    hello people after some weeks not playing wows but following patchnotes and stuff i started a testing. dont know why WG has no intention to buff those 3 ships but well i have done a couple of games again and still same issue. you can aim perfectly and it happend that you cant hit a target on 6km ( yes this happend to me ). on this 6km i shot an Amagi broadside and the shells just went missing behind or in front of that Broadside.... i mean come on thats not even worth to call it a Braler... pls WG buff them.
  5. Bace92

    US BBs Gun Dispersion (Suggestion)

    update: http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNUS_16-50_mk7.htm after finding this article about a testing of the modernized iowa its even possible to buff the stock range to a disspersion of 230m if we would take this on a historically level. and from a guy in the us board: "In Open Beta the North Carolina had its dispersion adjusted upward by 45 meters from what it was in closed beta, even though the Amagi was already at an accuracy advantage." well that if thats changed again it would solve the issue for many players compared to Tirpitz or Amagi who can do easy a avrg. dmg of 80k -100k imo accuracy must be buffed for these 3 US high tier Battleships, even when its just a buff that avoids to shoot like a shotgun at ranges on 8-14km. (yes this happens a lot).
  6. Bace92

    US BBs Gun Dispersion (Suggestion)

    Hi sterbu Thanks for a feedback well and about your Iowa too. Well they dont need to be like in low tier but just a bit better. Nerf IJN could be a way but the rage also could be huge from the community
  7. Bace92

    US BBs Gun Dispersion (Suggestion)

    sure i thought about that too, let say its pretty furstraiting for US players when you shoot on 8km, 10km or 12km targets and the spread is so awfull that you cant hit the enemy properly. it happens in my NC and in other players i talked to, so i think a little buff would not destroy the game
  8. Hi Captains, Sailors, Lads and Gents First of all let me explain what i did in the Picture above: So yeah as you see i changed on the right Side the Dispersion of all 3 US high tier Battleships on Stock Range and on Top Range. Dont forget its only about Dispersion ( Gun Spread ), i dont want to change Ranges or something like that ;) The diffrence between Stock and Top is also similiar to the current patch diffrence, round about 8% - 8.2%. Ok then, I thought it would be good to adjust these 3 Battleships but in mind that IJN is more accurate in this game even with bigger Calibers, so yeah with all this stuff like Caliber, Range, Nation, Ship and the mighty RNGeesuss xD i decided to do it like this. Yeah, i think its pretty Fair enough and i hope you guys WG, Devs, SuperTesters, Players would like it too ^^ Well if you are not sure about the pic, just ask me. any opinions? or maybe hints for a better suggestion? just let me know and feel free to discuss with me greetings bace92
  9. pew pew Gearing no srsly, nice to know those things, thx mate +1
  10. Bace92

    Mal eine Lanze brechen für die Carrierfahrer

    Grüss dich Marlek Ich hab mir erstmal dein Beitrag ganz oben gelesen und danke dir für das Engagement! Mir persönlich ist dies auch schon passiert, so wie du es oben erklärst und leider ist es einfach unter aller sau, dass man genau dann noch von Teammates oder Gegner auf übelste weise geflamet wird. Keine Ahnung warum immer alle denken die "CVs sind OP", ok gut aus meiner sicht sind die amis im moment schon ein wenig krass seit die japsen nur noch 35knt torps haben aber lassen wir das bei seite Im Grunde kann ich dir nur zustimmen, dass die Community mehr vertrauen in CVs steckt und sie nicht bei jeder gelegenheit anflamet. Ich würde mich freuen, ich fahre ab und an meine Hiryu leider lasse ich sie dann wieder stehen wegen flamereien oder suicide teams. gruss bace92
  11. Bace92

    Die große Mod-Umfrage

    zurück zum topic Vote: ja 1. Spiel is so wies der Hersteller wollte, keine eingriffe nichts und gut ist gibts ja in genug andern Spielen auch und da gehts auch. 2. Bin selber kein freund von XVM oder sonstiger Stats Geschichten zumal es vieleicht dann nur wieder in flamereien und ankakerei endet und keiner freut sich dann. 3. Die Statisitken in so vielen Spielen die es gibt reichen doch? muss es denn immer noch mehr sein? ich finde halt nicht und bin mit der "Vanilla" Version immer äusserst zufrieden.
  12. Bace92

    Ignore option

    http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/31965-ignore-option/ se here how you can block players ingame and yes report system could be improved but hey time will flow things will come
  13. Bace92

    Ignore option.

    you can ignore the players. just simple search the names in your contacts then rightklick on it and set him/her on ignore
  14. Bace92

    [Suggestion] Some changes for DDs

    oh then pls re-think your playstyle in higher tier DDs but well just stop crying about a mechanic that only affect close range battles, but sure you want DDs to be OP 17kdmg or riot? right? xD srsly just stop it. its about balancing and you dont think about this!