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  1. roadstar

    SERVER ISSUES 02/06/2019

    Server down yet again after an update. same old same old. :(
  2. Very annoyed in match making. players getting frustrated in match making of premium ship Belfast in rank battles. Due to them sitting in smoke with radar, unable to see or get near them. if they have 2 Belfast`s they just alternate there radar. I have to complain myself that it is not fair in most cases of the recent games that I have played. this print screen says it all with 2 BELFAST ships on the same team, with NON on the other. Would it not be better to put a Belfast on each side. MMs sort it out, getting well P^SSED OFF WITH MM. PLEASE DO SOMTHING ABOUT THIS ISSUE. OR ARE YOU GOING TO COVER IT UP IN SMOKE?
  3. roadstar

    Events: R vs GNB

    I have read a few comments of people not achieving 500 battles. I personally feel that certain players were deliberately committing suicide to get there 500 battles in. thus making this competition flawed and also players getting annoyed.. Most players play to win the game which will take longer and make it harder to achieve 500 games. WG please think about the strategy when composing these events. I still think R event was better because of the simplicity of the rewards and fair play.
  4. roadstar

    GNB "its a secret"

    I got my 1000 diamonds within the 12 mill target goal. thought that would be the end of the EVENT. well (ITs A SECRET) all right! WG don't know what there doing in this event. Are they going to change the goalpost again in future events?---- Please, WG set a target for ALL and let that be the end of it. P.S I put a TICKET in about the change of diamonds from 12m to 15mil. NO ANSWER YET. what a surprise!
  5. roadstar

    Events: R vs GNB

    The Kamikaze R was a better event solely because you new what to aim for in the time frame. GNB over supposedly 4 weeks was confusing because they extended the diamond count from 12 mil to 15 mil, WHY?. My personal greave is I could have played the missions more leisurely, instead of putting a lot of game time in, to reach 1000 diamonds of the 12 mil. then once you have your total there are no extra weekly missions. KAMIKAZE R gets my VOTE.
  6. roadstar

    Update 0.5.2 - General Feedback

    Bugs within game when loaded. No surprise, when you have trouble loading the update. well done WG. score 2 out of 10....
  7. roadstar

    UpDating Problems

    in each section of download just pause/un-pause, you will get there.
  8. roadstar

    UpDating Problems

    use pause and un-pause till you start to download. it WORKS. good luck.
  9. third DD game of the day
  10. second DD game of the day.
  11. second DD game of the day.
  12. not bad for first DD game of the day.
  13. looks like there short of wo-tank players. HEHE .
  14. down but not out, 1st time for me today.
  15. roadstar

    "Server busy - please try again later"?

    WOW server crash. It will be WOT next, with the influx of players joining in there. Better get a book out just in case.