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  1. Sandwhichishere

    Scharnhorst Hype :D

    Sorry, I don't have a replay, but the Scharnhorst had 3 turrets each containing 3 guns on unknown calibre, 2 forward, 1 aft.
  2. Sandwhichishere

    Fail Divison TK's Me.

    ​ I didn't shoot back but it really has put me off playing.
  3. Sandwhichishere

    Fail Divison TK's Me.

    So I was logged in to play a game after having a rather poor gaming session on Planetside 2, I was hoping to enjoy some WoWs and instead got TK'ed by a Fail Division for an unapparent reason. The Link above is a screen shot of the team score board as I haven't configured WoWs to record or use any recording software. As you can see [edited] killed me in his Mahan and he was part of a Fail Division with [edited] in a Hermelin. At the beginning of the Match I said to all; "We have a Fail Division", and a enemy team member commented about a tier 1 in the match. Then a cruiser on my team complained about this being their second Fail Division today, the first one being 2x Baltimore's and a Umikaze, I have profanity filter turned on because I haven't bothered to turn it off and the cruiser said something filtered and complained about Fail Platoons, I agreed with him by typing "^" and said I haven't seen any recently in chat. A few minutes later, I notice [edited] approaching me head on and I think he may be trying to ram me, instead he passes me and launches 2 of his 3 set of torps into my side. When he does this I type in all chat; "PLEASE SHOOT AT [edited] HE IS TORPing ME!", [edited] reply's to that with "shut up [edited] (sorry mods) and has in that time turned around and launched his third set of torps into me, I had popped the repair consumable and damage control and was able to fire one full salvo at a enemy cruiser before I died. This has put me off playing WoWs to be honest, since when did parts of the community get so toxic? that they would TK or troll other players and make the game boring and no longer fun, this was my first and only match today, I don't feel like playing anything at the moment, just so annoyed and disheartened and angry.
  4. Sandwhichishere

    Scharnhorst Hype :D

    https://gyazo.com/cf953797698dd8621fdb09bb07e0688e I fought against 2 Scharnhorst's earlier today Anyone else hyped for German Battleships?
  5. Sandwhichishere

    USN Ranger: Flight Module

    TheIdesofMarch93, thanks for the reply. I guess I'll just have to be cautious when facing IJN CV's. They could do with making tweaks to the flight modules for 7+ USN Carriers, as the Lexington has the exact same issue as the Ranger, but a tier higher.
  6. Sandwhichishere

    USN Ranger: Flight Module

    Greetings all fellow CV players, I know this question has been asked before but those replys may be out of date due to the changes to carriers since the question was last asked. But what is the recommended/suggested flight module for the Ranger, I am still about 40 000 exp away from the ranger but I may as well ask. I don't have any real experience with the USN strike load outs as I prefers the balanced set ups but I have started playing the IJN carriers that are more focused on strikes. Thanks for the replays in advance.
  7. Sandwhichishere

    How do you attack?

    "How do you attack?" With Planes... (jokes aside) USN: I attack with torpedo bombers first, and hope to cause a flood, let them use DMC, then attack with dive bombers. IJN: dive bombers first to force them to turn and show a side, then torpedo bombers. Note: This are the naval attack doctrines used by the IJN and USN respectively during WW2 and it actually works reasonably well in WoWs. The idea to attack with one type of aircraft to make them focus on that type and sneak in the next type of attack aircraft​, IJN had poor dive bombers so attacked with them first, then snuck in their long lance torpedo bombers for the main strike. USN had unreliable torpedo's until late into the war so attacked with them first and had superior dive bombers that were accurate and powerful and attacked with them while the AA guns were focused on the low level torpedo bombers leaving. The IJN feared the dive bombers more than the torpedo bombers due to not being able to avoid being hit by them and their powerful AP bombs. (sorry for the necro)
  8. Sandwhichishere

    What has happened to Saipan after patch

    I get it with my aircraft from carriers and from my sea plane launched from cruisers or battleships, It tricked me at first but now I mostly ignore it, which isn't a good thing either...
  9. Sandwhichishere

    High Alert or Torpedo Acceleration? USN Carrier

    Thanks for the reply, my intention is to eventually get the Midway. The reason why I asked about High Alert is because I aim to play need the rest of the fleet and if I take damage every now and then that may cause a fire wouldn't High Alert be more beneficial or should I just switch out Damage Control for Damage Control 2?
  10. Hi all, I'm grinding through my independence at the moment and I'm undecided about which tier 3 skill to go for, either High Alert or Torpedo Acceleration. Are there any major benefits to one over the other or does it depend on my play style? Thanks.
  11. Sandwhichishere

    Bug or New Player Limit?

    ​thanks for the quick reply's, i'll tell him.
  12. Carrier nerf, AA Buff...

  13. Sandwhichishere

    Bug or New Player Limit?

    Greetings all, I have a friend who just started WoWS, the problem is that he can't access Modules, Exterior and the Tech Tree? Is this a new thing in the 5.3 update that I missed in the patch notes or is this a bug? Thanks all for the reply's.
  14. Sandwhichishere

    What useful things the Aim Assist mod can be good for

    Took the words right out of my mouth.
  15. Sandwhichishere

    Carrier Special Abilities

    in an ideal scenario, I would quite enjoy the ability to choose which aircraft I required for the battle. But implementing it would be the challenge, would you arrange it before the match without knowing what classes of ships your up against? Or during the match, which delays your entry into the fight. Then there is the case of would it complicate the carrier and put people off playing?