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  1. Foofight

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Gotta love such loses ! 2 DDs left who was hiding from me until time ran out
  2. Foofight

    Sugestion for next ranked season

    Hola, hei, hallo, hey... whatever... As i have played alot of ranked, i see a pattern.. The destroyers who live, win the battle. Easy as that,,, Noone else can cap, noone dears to get near the cap knowing theres DDs around,.. Try with a cruiser or battlship, ur spotted whole game.,... My sugestion is to make the ranked battles be a base cap battle. It will make battleships and cruisers viable again. It will make more sense to defend ur spawn, instead of rushing points and get destroyed. The way this ranked work out now , is the best DD wins the game.. U cant change that... DDs have stealth, noone else does. IF you lose ur DDs , u cant do nothing in ranked... Why should DDs decide the ranked battles ? I think its unfair and fail... I hope WG look into this , and do something next time Regards Foo
  3. Foofight

    Help with the Ognevoi

    U need a high skill kaptain to make this ship shine. Go with the skills : Tier1 : BFT Tier 2: Exp. Marksman Tier 3 : Vigilance Tier 4: Demo expert, AFT and ( Survivability expert when at 18 points, still saving up for this one) No need for tier 5 skills on russian gunboats. With this setup u get over 14km range on ur guns, and high fire chance. Always hunt other DDs, avoid cruisers, but spam HE on battleships from 13-14 km, they will burn to death. U will get battles like this: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/59533-ognevoi-nerfed/
  4. Foofight

    1 good reason to buy Gearing ?

    Me to, but i was suprised how fun it was to play it. It is very slow and slugish compared to fletcher. But the flamespitters are insain on this one
  5. I know, but its the only usable perk at tier 1 imo. Some AA buff is always welcome.
  6. As i am gonna use the captain on brit cruisers i went for BFT, turrettraverse, torpedospotting, demoexp, and stealth. All brit cruisers will be firespitting machines with 152mm guns all the way to tier 10
  7. Foofight

    Cursed Ship and your pain...

    Gotta go with Gneisenau. I see myself as a pretty good player, but this ship is either completly garbage or bugged/broken. The guns on this ship has the worst RNG i have ever seen on a ship. Spent like 7 mins vs a 20k hp Bayern to kill him at 4-5 km range in one game. He was driving away from me, but my shells just couldn't hit him. They fly 20-30 meters over or to the side of where i actually aim all the time.
  8. Foofight

    World of Warships 1st Birthday Achievements

    By the looks of the icon my guess is that " A shot i the dark" require you to shot down planes from inside smoke.
  9. Foofight

    1 good reason to buy Gearing ?

    True, forgot about the reload equipment i have mounted. Guess i'll buy it just for having it. Getting 50 flags is worth it :p
  10. Foofight

    1 good reason to buy Gearing ?

    Why should i buy this ship? Fletcher is better at everything gearing can do... U get worse handling, worse range on guns, worse reload on torps (50sec more!?!? hahahaha), worse cammo, worse speed.. Just to get 1 more gun, 2000 more hp and get totaly broke by repaircost instead? This is retarded...
  11. Foofight

    Where is Shimakaze now

    Uhmm.. if u really have to rely on the 0.2 km better stealth u get on kagero to do a good battle, ur kinda failing. Shima is still an epic torp DD. 3x5 torps will always hit something ( Use the 12km range torps, to have better cammorating on them, and never launch all at same time.). If u specc it right, u have 21k hp, 2 min reload on torps, and decent turnrate on your cannons. I use the turnrate equipment on the cannons, and it works pretty decent as a gunship when u wait for torp reload. U got better HE dmg than RU and US. Always go with a teammate, never alone.
  12. Foofight

    Ognevoi nerfed?

    I get s*** battles like this all the time now, have they stealth nerfed Ognevoi ??
  13. Foofight

    OMG Warspite has been buffed!

    True, didnt know bout that thread
  14. Foofight

    OMG Warspite has been buffed!

    Naaahh, its just the insainly good player driving it
  15. Foofight

    Bayern the beast - The best T6 BB?

    Haha +1 Worst shellspread i have seen on a tier 6 BB. Cant hit crap on 15km+ I have full secondary specc though, 7.6km secondaries is fun on tier 6