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  1. snoopychase

    New player Looking for friends and clan

    right someones already been in touch so i no longer need a clan thanks for the response <3 admin can close the thread when they get the chance
  2. Hi i'm a newer / returning player. i'm looking for a clan to help get me back up to speed as well as learn the game inside and out. i'm very enthusiastic and have a lot of time to sink into this game once again. im pretty low tier currently but hey thats the grind we sign up for right ? anyways im 30 years old british and operate at most time zones within reason. i'm mostly looking for friendly non competitive clans as i doubt id be able to keep up with the competitive ones sadly. anyways that pretty much somes me up. i'm open to any nation but i do love the british ship line out of love for my country but anyways im open to picking up and playing anything really as long as i can learn and grow as a player of world of warships ill be happy even if it is standing back as a cv and just hoping my planes do something other than get shot down haha anyways hit me up if you like.