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  1. Lin3

    Tier X battles problem

    Yeah, but that's just it, in a few of my tier X battles I've been deleted very early on after getting too enthusiastic in supporting my DD's in my cruiser. Combined with a lack of map and meta knowledge. I didn't intend suiciding, but that's exactly what happened: killed without firing a shot, or without firing a meaningful shot. And the landslides would happen between 2 very evenly matched teams. All it takes is a bit of good or bad luck early on, or a simple mistake or two and your team is down 3 ships in 3 minutes. It's the nature of the game at tier X. You could have the same evenly matched teams meet 10 times; 4 times team A would win with a landslide, 4 times team B would win with a landslide and 2 times would be close. I find this game more fun at the mid tiers where the battles are more chaotic and more of the nature of switch your brain off and just sail around pew pewing whilst staying hidden or dodging incoming fire. Maybe you should try mid tiers more?
  2. Lin3

    The game is EDIT on so many levels

    I don't think you can have a ship commander level game that's both fun to play and realistic. You could have a realistic game, but it would be boring as hell. If you want a naval combat game that's relatively realistic and is engaging to play you have to go up to the Operational Commander level. For example, a game like CMANO, which is a modern version of Harpoon. World of Warships is an arcadey, Tom and Jerry Cartooney type naval combat game. It prioritses gameply over realism - which is a fair enough tack to take. It's not a game for everyone and it's certainly not perfect. Your comment about it being super expensive couldn't be wider of the mark. I've been playing this game since Open Beta and I haven't paid a penny so far. You can't get cheaper than that!
  3. Lin3

    Tier X battles problem

    Lockhead_108, I finally bought the Zao and the Des Moines a month ago. I will freely admit that in plenty of the early battles I failed hard. That was because I was trying different things to see what works and what doesn't. I'm still very much learning, but am slowly getting better at these ships. Both of these ships are somewhat different to what comes before them in the tech tree. So it's not like I could play them like a Mogami, Ibuki, Buffalo, Baltimore for best results. I was also trying a few different builds and for the first 3 battles in each, retraining the captain for each ship (which really sucks for us free to play players). I'm sorry if I played in a battle with you and didn't meet up to your minimum playing standards. I was trying my best. It just wasn't good enough. However, you are being unrealistic if you expect me to play tier 10's well from the first battle. We've all got to learn some time. It's also worth noting that your 50% to 53% win rate in your Moskva, Khaba and Salem are nothing to write home about Lockhead_108. And it therefore seems ironic for you to complain about player skill at tier X when your skill level is rather mediocre. The landslide nature of many battles is down to the nature of the game, especially at tier X. If one side gets stripped of 3 DD's / radar cruisers early on, it gives the other side a huge advantage in the spotting and localised DPM game. At mid tiers I find this is less of an issue because of the more chaotic nature of the battles at that tier, plus my ability to help turn around losing positions in ships like the Omaha.
  4. Lin3

    52K dmg from bombs as a cruiser

    OP bombs would be a better description!
  5. Lin3

    well... it could be worst

    Octopus? More like a damp squid.
  6. Lin3

    World of HE Games

    Aint that the truth! I rarely use HE in my Musashi. In my Omaha I use it a lot.
  7. Lin3

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    Small sample size, but so far about 1 in 3 battles in my Musashi I've been top tier. With the Buffalo it's about 1 in 10. Gentlest mm for the Musashi seems to happen during the busier evening period. The Musashi really rules when it's top tier. For example a couple of days ago I was up against a Nelson and Belfast division as the only tier 9 BB in our team compared to their Lion. In my Omaha, I find that Belfast Nelson divisions are a terrifying prospect and I'd expect a hgh chance of a loss with me struggling to counter them. In the Musashi, it was "No worries, I've got this". All I did was park myself in the centre of the map, just behind 2 caps, with some island cover, and projected Yamato class naval power!
  8. Lin3

    Newport scenario after changes

    This evening's attempt was good news, bad news. We got a 1 star victory tonight and 3 of us survived (1 more star & 2 more survivors than yesterday)! I personally did less well than yesterday, getting 199k damage and 10 kills in the Budy (down 14k on damage and 1 kill on yesterday). The Budy has replaced the old Cleveland as the go-to silver ship for carrying this. When I tried in the Aoba today, I only got 150k damage and 5 kills in a 1 star victory. DPM is still very much the meta in these missions.
  9. It's the lot of every tier 5 cruiser to be shot at a lot in battles featuring tier 6 or tier 7 ships. The 13.9km range of the Furytaco doesn't help. The Omaha get's picked on a lot too - as it's so squishy. The Ko'burg and Emerald (between smokes) are hot targets too. There are times when you can take full advantage of this, especially in the Omaha. Kite, dodge shells like mad, keep 14kms to 15.4kms away and let them chase you all the way across the map. You get a lot of players that get tunnel visioned. Seems like many of them never tap out of zoomed-in view between salvoes. And most of them take no notice of the mini-map. Plus, if you've been hitting them it becomes a personal thing. Once they lock onto you they're like a dog with a bone. They won't give up till one of you is dead. More often than not, it's them that dies first. There's something pleasantly sadistic about burning down a tier 7 BB whilst he repeatedly fails at blapping you out of the game.
  10. Lin3

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    Both ships were fantastic and extreme pieces of engineering. It's a shame neither of them survived as they'd make great tourist attractions as museum ships now. They'd be one of the 7 Wonders of the 20th Century Military World. My opinion is slightly biased as Avalon Hill's Midway game was the first of many wargames we had in my family. The Yamato features in that. It's also worth spending half a minute contemplating all those who lost their lives in these ships. With them being the tip of an overly large iceberg of the personnel who died at sea in that war.
  11. Lin3

    Newport scenario after changes

    The Defense of Newport mission this week is not always about winning with 5 stars. This evening I was in a 0 star win and I felt delighted at the end. I was the only human ship left alive. 213k damage with 11 kills in my Budy. Very satisifying. Now the challenge is to see if I can get more kills and more damage in my next attempt at this...
  12. Lin3

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    One thing I've noticed is that my Musashi has been getting significantly gentler mm than my Buffalo. I can only speculate that this has something to do with the 5 BB's per team soft cap and the Buffalo being sucked into tier 10 battles almost all the time to make up the numbers.
  13. Lin3

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    I was about 15kms away. Angled nose in. Didn't want to get closer as he had a few ships around him and it would have been (a quick) suicide to charge in. Maybe it's just a culture shock as I'm much more of a cruiser player and am used to landing salvo after salvo on BB's at that range - especially ones as static as this Conqueror. The Musashi does remind a bit of the KV-2 from World of Tanks, where the guns troll you as much as they troll the enemy.
  14. It's similar to the World of Tanks adverts. They're good adverts too. The Warships advert does capture the arcadey, not too serious nature of this game quite well.
  15. Lin3

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    I'm enjoying my Musashi so far. Big fat stupid clumsy ship that it is. I can see that I need a lot of practise to get any good in her. For instance how to defeat stationary or reversing broadside Conquerors, because the one I was shooting at today, I was only getting 1.4 to 4.3K salvoes on him. My Buffalo does better salvoes on Conquerors than that.