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  1. Lin3

    Tier 4 CV sealclubbing has to STOP!

    There's OP and there's OP. OP as in current Hosho or OP as in Nikolai. The thread starter and iChase's video are making out that it's about as OP as the Nikolai. It isn't.
  2. Lin3

    Tier 4 CV sealclubbing has to STOP!

    No, it tells me that the current Hosho is not as easy to carry battles in as iChase makes out. He made it sound like anyone could jump in the ship, spam torp bombers and expect something approaching a 70% win rate and 100k average damage. I've tried it, and so far I can't. I'm not even close. I'm miles away from those stats. The Hosho in my hands is considerably less powerful than the Phoenix, Kuma, Svetlana.
  3. Lin3

    Tier 4 CV sealclubbing has to STOP!

    After watching the iChase video I thought "I'll give that a go. How hard can it be?" So I bought a Hosho. After 25 battles my win rate is 35% with 35k average damage. It's not as easy to carry and average 100k damage as iChase makes out. He's clearly a far better Hosho player than me. I think that Hoshos are far more balanced than OP Nikolais. Or the OP tier 5 GC's. After the initial novelty I've been finding the CV gameplay boring. You spend a big chunk of your time flying your planes up to the front line. For now, for tier 4 I'll be sticking to my Phoenix.
  4. Lin3

    Ranked Sprint Season 7

    Got to Rank 1 in 27 battles. Mostly in the Budy, plus a few in the Aoba. Decided the Budy was better, due to it being better at wiping dd's. Strangely streaky season. Lost my first battle then won every one till I got to Rank 5. Then lost 5 or 6 in a row. Then won a load in a row to get to Rank 1. With a big thanks to all my team mates that played well.
  5. Lin3

    Smolensk Have to force me to Delete the Game

    Have you played in it? I have. I lost my first 8 games in it. One of those evenings where 2 dd's were dying in the first 2 minutes of every battle. Leaving the Smolensk and the rest of the team exposed and lacking in the ability to spot. The highest damage in it so far is 193k. In my first battle. Most battles I've been getting no kills. In my battle this morning I got 6 kills from only 111k damage. I got 2nd most xp for my team. So a pretty average battle. 4 of those kills were dd's just before the end. In two doubles kills. Enemy team were winning and they all made the mostake of getting too cocky. In that situation the Smolensk was devastating. My average damage in the Smolensk is about 105k after 15 battles. I've had a few poor battles of around 30k damage in it. I will freely admit that I am a pretty average player at tier 10. My best Russian captain is in my Shchors with 17 points. But the build on him isn't really suitable for the Smolensk. So I've been using an 8 point captain that's now up to 10. When he gets to 14 points my Smolensk will get IFHE... With the high coal cost, this will be a ship that's played by experienced players. Some you can tell are experienced but not very good at this game. Those are the Smolensks that will get punished and won't be that effective. Some Smolensks you can tell are good players. Those are the ones to fear. I can also see this being an evil ship in a clanned division. Mated up with a destroyer and radar cruiser. It will be interesting to see if Wargaming nerf the Smolensk. What with their policy of not nerfing OP premium ships - eg Belfast and GC. However, will they make an exception with this one because it's bought with coal instead of £'s? I would be annoyed if they do nerf it because of the huge coal cost. But then I can see that other players would be annoyed playing against it. If they do nerf the Smolensk, they should also nerf the Stalingrad and Kremlin whilst they're about it.