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  1. Atlanta is totally OP and I love it

    Yeah but Flint you had to earn by grinding through Ranked seasons. The others were all available for anyone willing to open their wallets.
  2. Atlanta is totally OP and I love it

    An Atlanta divisioned with a Saipan and a Belfast would be a pretty strong division.
  3. Gun sights

    If the spotter plane was the default aiming view and we only went into the current default view when popping radar (for example) we'd have threads saying "I can't aim for s*** when I turn my radar on". It's all down to what you're used to. Some half decent cross hairs in spotter plane view would help too. The more I use the spotter plane the better I've been getting at it. Although it still helps if I'm using a high rate of fire ship to walk the shells in. I find it easier to hit ships that are sailing away at an awkward angle with the spotter plane than the default view.
  4. BTW, is Emerald going to get buffed then?
  5. I agree with everything you said. Apart from one minor correction. I've been finding mm in my Omaha very evenly spread. With an approx 33% mix of tier 7, 6 and 5 battles. It's certainly not the hyperbolic 80% tier 7's that you said. I also find that I lose just as many (maybe more) battles when I'm picking on tier 4's as when I'm annoying Tier 7's in my Omaha. The simple explanation for that could be that there are more GC's around at the moment than there are Belfasts. And those 2 ships are the Kingmakers when they are top tier.
  6. Nerf or Remove Radar

    Without radar we'd be back to 3 man DD Divisions dominating games. Player A pops his smoke. Sits in it and spams shells and torps. Player B sit's in A's smoke and spams shells and torps. Player C spots enemy ships and incoming torps for them. Then they rotate. It's the perma rolling smoke cloud of doom.
  7. The EB is the best performing tier 5 silver ship (52.6% win rate). They need to nerf it to make the pay to win for GC (58% win rate) et al stronger.
  8. The early first wave of DD's don't fire torps enough. Maybe they should start with torps pre-loaded? Because I'm guessing that they usually get killed in the time it takes them to load them. Due to them being within radar range at the very start. The 2 x Myokis in the 2nd wave seem to be clowns. 1 of them starts stationary and is therefore citadel target practise for Baltimores. And then when they do move they go around in predictable circles. The Aobas that come in from the left in this wave sail in a straight line and are easy to citadel by anyone heading north west to meet them. At the end Baltimores can rack up lots of damage really quickly by shooting AP at broadside cruisers. You could do this mission in a Pepsi and rack up over 100k damage easily.
  9. Premium ships

    Oh come off it. According to https://wows-numbers.com/ships/ GC has an average win rate of 58% and average damage of 55,000. Whilst New York has 49% and 31,000. If that isn't the very definition of OP, what is? The OP's point that the GC is OP is correct. The OP's point that the GC is OP because he got one shotted by one is not correct. The GC is OP because it has a 58% win rate and average damage of 55,000. Both of which are higher than any other tier 5 ship. It's also pay to win because the best tier 5 silver ship is the Emile with a 52.6% win rate.
  10. Strap-on engines

    The Dacia Sandero 1.0 SCe is a much smaller car than a Volvo XC90 T8. The Dacia is too slow. The Volvo is faster. Dacia should strap on engines to the Sandero.
  11. 90%+ win rates in random? Really?

    3 x very good players in nicely blended pay to win premium ship divisions, playing most their games with 19 point captains. IE players using every advantage available to them. I can't say I blame them. But they are annoying when you come up against them on the enemy team.
  12. Game Ended Prematurely (Solved)

    Yes indeed, it's this type of battle that sometimes makes it into Jingles videos. As in: "Howdy folks, this battle is all over in a record time of 3 minutes and 47 seconds..."
  13. Oh, I realised that a long time ago. From the number of BB players shooting HE at my paper cruiser salvo after salvo after salvo. Or the cruiser players rushing in like Wyatt Earp at the start of the battle, expecting to take on half the enemy team on their own. Or the DD players sitting broadside on in smoke in a cap 2 minutes into a battle and then being surprised when they get torped to death.
  14. What get's me, is that the missions from this week and last have been out for ages and yet you still get most players that don't understand what you need to do to win the mission and get 5 stars. Like in last week's mission, the number of times I lost 4 or 5 star wins because some player wouldn't sail into the green circle or get himself killed. In today's mission at the end a three quarters health Bayern didn't sprint into the green circle for the 5th star. Instead he sat back, protecting his ship behind an island when the enemy only had 2 bb's left (IE not enough to kill him in the time to cross the gap). It's like players are playing as if they're in a random PvP battle, instead of a mission with certain objectives.
  15. Nelson now! or Musashi later!!

    I agree Ferry_25. I don't like high tiered game play. There's just something about it that's not as fun as mid tiered gameplay. Maybe it's the maps and the cartooney / arcadey game style that suits the headless chicken / switch your brain off / sail around shooting stuff gameplay of the mid tiers? Maybe it's because I'm hopeless at higher tiered gameplay? I don't know?