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  1. Lyon

    Warships today EU stats are currently corrupt. Check out the Warships Today NA stats, last 2 weeks, all PvP, tier 7. Win rate from highest to lowest is: Flint Saipan Kaga Belfast Nelson Gadjah Atlanta Blyska Shiratsuyu Leningrad Scharnhorst Hood Lyon Duke of York Fiji Sims Maass Hiryu King George Ashitaka Indianapolis Minsk + 18 more silver and ARP ships
  2. stuck on island

    " Then nothing else counts just today i spent 10 minutes in game trying to get myself unstuck from island. " Send the replay to Jingles so he can play his lift muzak and we can all have a good laugh. Keep an eye on your mini-map and zoom out between shots so it happens once every 2000 battles instead of 200. I'm all for leaving it in the game, as avoiding running into islands is all part of the skill of being a ship captain.
  3. Lyon

    Yes it is nice to have - for a while - a tier 7 silver ship that is competitive with all the tier 7 pay to win premium ships.
  4. Report him for being a bot
  5. Lyon

    At longer ranges you're praying to the RNG gods. Sometimes you get no hits or 1 poxy overpen. Sometimes you strike the jackpot and all your lemons line up. At 10 kms or less, this ship is lethal vs broadside cruisers - usually. From time to time you do get trolled by the spirit of de Gaulle. I've been having fun doing 20k damage salvoes vs broadside Bis'ies Tirp'ies, Gnies and Scharn'ies in Operation Herpes. As Aragathor mentioned the AA is AOK. I haven't specced into it and still shot down 47 bot planes in todays mission. I wasn't even ctrl-clicking them most of the time.
  6. operation Hermes needs rebalance

    It's called a fleet!
  7. Buff needed to middle tier dds?

    Tier 7 fine??? Check out Warships Today stats. Last 2 weeks, al PVP. You will find that Flint, Saipan, Kaga, Belfast all have win rates over 60%. Whilst Shchors, Pepsi, Ranger are all 50% and below. Give the Shchors smoke and radar and take away the useless (99% of the time) 4km torps and then it'll be as solid as the Belfast.
  8. now wows has turned into wot

    With 12 players per side in Ships vs 15 in Tanks, there's more scope for steamroller victories in this game. 3 man Teamspeak divisions in flavour of the month Premium ships can get crazily high win rates. Also, teamkillers, AFK's, border huggers will have a greater impact in 12 player teams than 15. Especially if the AFK'er is the only DD on the team in Domination. Or is the only CV. In Tanks it's less of an issue if the only light tank or arty in the team is AFK.
  9. " he said that T8 ships in 55% of the battles are TOP TIER, " Is this like the WoT stat that Jingles has been going on about recently: "only 5% of ammo fired in WoT is Premium"? We can all keep a note pad next to our PC's and jot down battle tiers and report back here what we get over 10. 20, 50, 100 battles.
  10. Lyon

    Very early days in the Lyon, but so far it seems to be a lot of fun. Even with the starting 3 point captain. Comes into is own when under 13kms and shooting broadside cruisers or BB's. Also good for chunking DD's under 10 kms, due to flinging 16 shells their way. Also a bit weird being the only Lyon in each battle. I bet that'll change in due course and this'll be a popular ship.
  11. Schrödinger's ship

    One for a Jingles video then. Knowing him, he'll call the unsinkable enemy ship a "Glasgow".
  12. Tier VIII matchmaking

    The thing is, in my tier V Omaha roughly 40% of matches are vs tier IV's, 40% against tier VII's and 20% against tier VI's. Which is fine! Why can't they do the same thing for tier VIII's? It's not rocket science. Just a reprograming of the higher tiered matchmaking algorithms.
  13. I haven't paid a single penny. I have the tier V and VII BB's in my port. I might actually play the Lyon from time to time as 16 guns look fun. "You load 16 guns What do you get? Another day older And deeper in debt"
  14. Giulio Cesare guns accuracy

    Warships Today EU stats for the last 2 weeks confirm that this is yet another pay to win ship. 59.7% win rate, 50% survival rate, 54k average damage, 2.5 kills per death. Really poor game balance when the top 10 tier V ships by win rate are all premiums. And when the GC has a 6% better win rate than the best Tier V silver ship; the Bertin and an 11% better win rate than the New York. This game is becoming less and less a genuine free to play game.
  15. Nice video from IChase. The Des Moines did his job well. I like the Hearts of Iron series. In an earlier version I conquered the world, playing as Guatemala.