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  1. Lin3

    Wrong balance

    Have you tried to give up paying attention to the grind? And play mainly the ships that you enjoy playing the most? Which will tend to be the ones you win most often in. And then after that your win rate should look after itself if you a competent player with an reasonable spec PC and an OK Internet connection. When I played this game my favourite ship was the Aoba, till it got power crept. Then I moved onto the Omaha and settled on that as my switch my brain off and have some mindless fun playing the game mode. Find your equivalent to the Omaha. And if you are competent player there should be a reasonably high proportion of solo random games where you're the Kingmaker. Whichever team has you will be the team that wins.
  2. Lin3


    Seeing as radar and sonar pass right through islands in this game, when you bump into one it should move. So that a ship - especially a big one like a Yamato - should be able to push the island along and use it as moving cover. With this game mechanic being particularly applicable to islands covered with ice...
  3. Lin3

    When will the submarine be cancelled

    So they would rather break the game MORE than give up on subs? After they already broke it with the CV rework The ongoing long term lack of game balance The ongoing long term lack of new maps...
  4. Lin3

    Most frustrating moments for you.

    Most frustrating? Being faced with playing the same maps I've played hundreds of times before. Combined with Wargaming doing nothing about the lack of game balance, so that I can tell with a high degree of accuracy which team is going to win simply by looking at which team has more flavour of the month OP premiums or recent Russian silver ships. Combined with the ongoing CV rework, that Wargaming refuse to undo that leads to a feeling of being powerless in the event of a CV deciding to pick on you. Combined with idiotic commander skills reworking. Combined with Wargaming pushing the introduction of submarines with their stupid gimmicky arcadey gameplay mechanics. On top of all the other unrealistic dumb arcadey features such as radars seeing through islands. Along with unethical business practices, such as misleading advertising for crates. So frustrating that it's almost a year since I played this game.
  5. Lin3

    A tip regarding the release of new maps

    The lack of new maps will contribute to a decline in the player base and therefore a reduction in their income. Although it's not their biggest issue at the moment when it comes to losing players...
  6. Lin3

    Your game is not fun anymore

    Maybe there's some Joy in a Division. But yeah, apart from that this game is one big joke now.
  7. Lin3

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    My main ships have been cruisers. I have no desire to play them with Dead Eye Battleships around. This has been the final straw on top of the annoying CV gameplay mechanics. And the bias towards certain premium ships and selected Russian BB's. Plus I've gotten bored of playing the same maps over and over and over again. Plus I've been busy with other things in my life. I haven't played for a month. I'm not sure if I will return to the game. At the moment I'm happy watching Jingles and Flamu videos and thinking that I'm glad to be out of it.
  8. I can go one better than that. I can sometimes hit totally unspotted DD's not sitting in smoke when they are capping to reset their cap progress. It's highly situational as it requires there to be no spotted targets that I could usefully shoot at instead. And it helps if the DD is in one of those capping zones surrounded by islands where DD's tend to be in certain areas when they cap. Or if I can figure out where they are from when I get spotted when emerging from island cover. All I do is spray my shells around in the likely area and look for the shells that are hitting and then focus the next spray on that area plus a bit of guessing for possible movement. It's great for psyching out and annoying the enemy DD's. And you never know, a single hit could detonate them.
  9. What Miki12345 was talking about is a general rule that Wargaming have. Sometimes they release new ships that are underpowered. Sometimes they release well balanced ships. As a general long term trend the ships that they release - on average - are better than existing ships. With silver ships they usually rebalance them after a while. With Premium ships they sometimes find indirect ways to rebalance them - eg Saipan rebalanced through the whole CV rework. Otherwise Premiums don't get hit by the nerf hammer, to avoid upsetting people that paid real money for them. They just get withdrawn from sale. There does appear to be some bias towards Russian ships and Premium ships being strong on release. There are examples of Premium ships that were so unbalanced on release, that a few years after release, they are still unbalanced. Examples being the Belfast, GC and Nikolai. Wargaming once declared that there would not be pay to win in any of their titles. They said that a long time ago. Before Warships was released. It's disappointing that they didn't stick to their promise. I think we all know the reason why they didn't stick to their promise.
  10. The smoke of an approaching Yolo Emilio is like the wake of a Great White shark swimming just below the surface. You know it's coming but you can't see it directly. And this time you don't need a bigger boat. You need a smaller / faster / more maneuvreable one. Ideally with hydro or radar.
  11. It's a mystery that only Peter Falk can solve...
  12. Lin3

    WoT vs WoWs grind

    Why the big hurry to reach Tier 10? The most enjoyable gameplay in 'Tanks and 'Ships is at the mid tiers. High tiers get too campy. One thing about 'Ships is that being bottom tier isn't as annoying as in 'Tanks. Because you can always spam HE for damage or use torps. Both games have an annoying pay to win element. And both games have an annoying lack of map variety. It's up to you if you pay for a premium account. I've always played 100% free. It's also easier to get a higher win rate in 'Ships than 'Tanks. That might be because it's 12 v 12 instead of 15 vs 15? Overall 'Ships is a more relaxed game. 'Tanks is faster paced gameplay. Do you want to play games to get excited (and frustrated)? = 'Tanks. Do you want to play to relax (and get frustrated)? = 'Ships. My teenaged son prefers 'Tanks. I prefer 'Ships. But - and it's a huge but - I think there's a gap in the market to make a more realistic, and yet still enjoyable World War I & II Era naval combat game than World of Warships.
  13. To pick up on a couple of your points. My overall win rate, playing solo in random battles is above 60%. I don't consider myself as amongst the very best players. I merely consider myself as competent. My overall win rate is largely down to the ships and the tiers that I prefer playing. In some ships, my win rate, playing solo in hundreds of battles is over 70%. When I play those ships I feel sufficiently in control of my own destiny in terms of which team will win. There are a couple of main reasons why this game isn't as good as it could be - from my point of view. Repetition. Lack of map variety. Playing the same maps over and over and over again. How many new maps have we had in the last 2 years? CV's. Playing against them is NOT fun and engaging gameplay. Especially when going into the endgame of battles where each team has 2 CV's. And as for WR being a defining metric? It isn't for me. I just play the ships that I enjoy playing. As a way to switch off my brain and have some fun shooting other players whilst trying to avoid being killed by them. Any WR that I get is merely a side effect of me playing individual battles. The defining metric for me is "Do I enjoy playing individual battles enough to keep playing this game?"
  14. It was well worth doing, just for triggering that rather rude Kremlin player.
  15. Lin3

    Procedural generated maps

    I agree. Anything that adds to the map variety would be a step in the right direction. It's possible that you might have a rather long download for those players with marginal internet connections at the start of any battle with a new map. Possible work around would be having one new randomly generated map every other day that is folded into the standard map rotation. Spawning in any particular battle would still be random which would even balance out over time.