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  1. NothingButThe Rain, to me it's hairshirt masochism to play ships only until they are elite and to never touch them again after that. When grinding ships becomes self imposed torture it's time to stop caring about the grind. This is a game. It's not your job. You don't have to do anything you don't want to. The vast majority of my battles have been in ships that are elite. If I find a ship that I enjoy playing I will play that more than any other. 2 or 3 battles per day are plenty for me. It's a game. Not a job. It shouldn't be an addiction. And in those 2 or 3 battles I'm going to play the ships I enjoy the most. My favourite ships evolve over time. For a while it was the Aoba. Power creep and meeting too many pay to win ships in that, plus some buffs to the Omaha led to me enjoying the Omaha more. Next month my favourite ship could easily become the ARP Takao or Kiev, and that will become the ship that I will play first each day. If you're not enjoying mid tier DD's, play something else. And if you can't find any ships that you enjoy, play a different game, or do something else with your time.
  2. Drop back to an average tier of 5.4 and your win rate will go back up to 57%. It's easier carrying battles at an average tier of 5.4 than 6.7. Take no notice of anyone calling you a Seal Clubber if you follow my advice. The game is for your enjoyment. Pure and simple.
  3. I've been getting a lot fewer crashes and battle loading delays since I rebuilt my Windows 7 PC (software rebuild).
  4. Would you like me to email you a few of my Omaha replays vs tier 7's? I've been getting a few tier 7 battles lately where I've only done a measly 30 to 50k damage, with only 1 or 2 kills and still had most XP for my team.
  5. At the moment I enjoy playing Omaha more than any other ship. The matchmaking for this ship is not as bad as it used to be. It does get a reasonable proportion of battles where you get to pick on tier 4's. In tier 7 battles it's a nice challenge. Like playing a boss fight in a single person game. Omaha wrecks any tier 7 DD's in a 1 v 1 fight. Fighter plane, sonar, fast speed, rapid firing, accurate, HE spamming guns located all over the ship. As a basic opening move I will often pick a nearby DD and try to support him early on, without getting too wreckless. Vs tier 6 and 7 BB's you have to be more circumspect. Stay behind an island and spam them. If no island is available, stay at range, trying to kite them, shooting over your shoulder, changing speed and direcction to frustrate them as much as possible. Use friendly ships as meatshields. If the enemy is not aiming at you, you can relax and focus on pumping out the damage. Tier 7 CA's need to be treated with respect as they will out DPM you in a 1 v 1 fight. Getting most XP for your team in a tier 7 battle in an Omaha is not too difficult. If you see me in game, especially if you have a headset and Raidcall installed, feel free to say "Hi, it's me from the forum. Would you like to Division?" I will try my best to talk you through what I'm doing and what you should be doing and why. Please note that I consider myself a competent but not outstanding player.
  6. I agree. Blixies is doing fine. Only suggestion I'd have is to check out Flamu's Youtube videos where you may pick up one or two tips, such as good places to go at the start of a battle.
  7. Bigtime_Alarm, now you know how Danaes feel when you blow them them to kingdom come in one or two salvoes. Kaiser was power creep on the Wyoming and Myogi. Orion is power creep on the Kaiser. You're probably better off taking on Orions in a Phoenix. You'd at least have the ability to spam them at a safeish distance and dodge most their shots - as long as you had plenty of map room to give ground and kite. Give it a couple of months and the Orion will be whacked with the nerf bat.
  8. I'm disappointed. From the thread title I thought Wargaming had introduced an additional 2 extra matchmaking battle tiers. One where tier 10 ships faced tier 9 and 10 ships only. And one where tier 10 ships faced tier 10's only. Which would be amazing for anyone playing mediocre tier 8's, such as the New Orleans. Anyway, can someone please wake me up when Wargaming finally does something to relieve the tier 8 matchmaking frustration (most battles are vs tier 10's)?
  9. Thank-you for your expert advice on cruisers. Gained, no doubt, from your 18 battles in tier I to III cruisers. Will you be giving us advice on how to play tier 10 ships next?
  10. It's so they can bombard Los Angeles from just outside Yokosuka. Saves on the fuel bill.
  11. How much notice did the developers take of Flamu et al's comments on the Conqueror and Orion when they were WiP? This game is as balanced as a hippopotamus and a dormouse playing on a see-saw.
  12. Matvhmaking would be better if they had: a matchmaking level where tier 9 and 10 ships were included only a matchmaking level that had tier 10 ships only. There's already a relatively large gap between tiers 9 an 10. Tier 10 ships don't need the additional bonus of bullying at least 1 or 2 tier 8's in EVERY battle. Surely approximately 1 in 3 battles would be good enough? The only consolation with the current situation is that at least they didn't repeat the WoT mistake of having premium tier 8's with preferential matchmaking.
  13. Repairing 1 fire is the triumph of optimism over pragmatism. Who needs XVM when you can spot novice BB captains by how quickly they pop their repairs?
  14. It just has the 31st out of 34 highest win rate of all tier 7 ships over the last week on Warships Today. With the 3 worse ships being Colorado, Haguro, Ranger. Coming back to the Batimore, it does look grim stock, with the DPM looking particularly poor compared to fully upgraded. Tricky decision for me. Do I use a load of free XP to unlock the more rapid firing guns, or do I keep saving for HMS Nelson?
  15. Warships Today stats show that in the last week Nikolai has higher win rate and average damage. I don't have a Nikolai. So far I've found the Orion to be a very consistent ship. I seem to get 70,000 to 80,000 damage in most battles in her. With better aiming I should be able to get that higher. It'd be fair comment to describe the Orion as OP. But it would be a travesty if Orion were to be nerfed and Nikolai wasn't when the Nikolai has even more OP stats. Where the Orion really shines is when facing 2 to 3 BB's early in the battle. Swap targets, spread the fires around, keep angled and give ground. It's also good for shocking DD's. Not as good a DD hunter as a Kuma, but a pretty good stand-in when the CL's on your team aren't doing their job - which is most of the time at this tier. Phoenix's can kill Orions, 1 on 1, if played right. As long as they have a nice island to hide behind or room to dodge and give ground. I do totally agree that game balance should be improved a lot in this game. Trouble is it's all so predictable. Almost all premiums = pay to win OP. Most new ship lines = power creep, with RN BB's being a prime example. Also seems like there's a long term trend for dumbing down.