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  1. I lost 5 battles in a row yesterday in my Shchors. It's been my cursed ship for a couple of months now. Whilst my Omaha has been blessed. Every battle in my Shchors I was bottom tier. Every battle we went 3 - 0 down early on. In some of them my team was so bad that the 3 ships that came with me to a particular flank died early on, leaving me perma spotted by their shadowing DD and 4 ships focusing me down as I kited away, so that I wasn't even able to get most XP for my team because I had to play so defensively to stay alive. Nothing I was doing wrong, as it's not my fault if 3 team mates suicide at the start. I was supporting the DD's on my flank as closely as I could, but there's a limit to what you can do early on in a solo Shchors in a tier 9 battle. Nothing I was doing wrong apart from playing the game. So I stopped after my 5th loss and did something more productive with my time instead of playing this cartooney ship shooting game.
  2. Lin3

    The Worst Person I've Yet Seen In This Game

    I'm in two minds as to which is the worst player: 1 the big baby go sulk in the far corner of the map player - as per the opening post Or 2 the 45% win rate player who after a battle that was lost opens chat and tells you to learn to play and swears at you in the most insulting way, when you got most XP for your team (and twice as much XP as him) and did your best in difficult circumstances. And the core of what he's complaining about is that you didn't, for example head back into a cap in your non-radar tier 10 cruiser to hunt enemy DD's because you were being chased and targeted by 4 ships that you'd already kited half way across the map after the 2 other ships that came to your flank died in the first 2 minutes after they over-extended.
  3. He's playing to relax. Seems entirely sensible to me. Why play to get stressed when you can play to relax?
  4. Lin3

    Massachusetts Mayhem

    The thread title got me thinking. When are Wargaming going to introduce the Minneapolis, so that we can have a riot in it?
  5. Lin3

    Come on WEEGEE... Really?

    I'm more worried about all those flags. That's a fire risk waiting to happen...
  6. Lin3

    Today's problem with WoWs, by Flambass

    Check out his reactions from 19:50 for the next minute or so as the battle ends in this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1mKDDj6Kqk
  7. Lin3

    Today's problem with WoWs, by Flambass

    From what I've seen of Flambass's content he also sets an example of how to be a bad winner and a bad loser. Watch how he reacts when he get's a clutch win, or when he starts losing. Compare and contrast that to Jingles' content. Or to Notser's. Or to Yuro's.
  8. Lin3

    Today's problem with WoWs, by Flambass

    No need to get so touchy! It's this sort of touchiness that makes me delighted that I hid my stats as soon as that option became available in this game. Your joke about Ranked being the only solo stats that matter wasn't funny and it didn't make a valid point. Because if you're going to be pedantic, we could say: You are somewhat of an authority on playing Ranked. You know diddly squat about playing solo Random.
  9. Lin3

    Today's problem with WoWs, by Flambass

    Your stats playing solo are 7% worse than Vardog's. So you know diddly squat about playing solo. You are a leading authority on playing in divisions.
  10. Lin3

    Today's problem with WoWs, by Flambass

    The 200% xp event helped his results a lot. I stacked my best camo and all my XP flags on my Acasta. It'll take me about 6 to 10 battles to fully grind this ship. That's with the standard 50% bonus for the first win of the day. His follow up video the next day where he gets 16k free xp in 1 battle in a tier 1 ship is a bit silly. He gets 16k free XP from 1100 basic XP. There was nothing that special in his tier 1 battle apart from the number of flags and camo that he stacked during a 200% XP event.
  11. Yes he made sense. And that was a good example of how broken CV's can be. Not just in terms of game balance, but in terms of the game experience for his targets. Whilst the game balance would be better if the tier 8 CV was in a tier 10 match, the gameplay experience would be still be a watered down version of "I feel helpless". And on top of that, the game-play experience isn't all that good for the CV player. It's a Groundhog Day run up and attack, run up and attack all the time. It get's repetitive very quickly.
  12. Lin3

    Change Of Gameplay

    There are 2 main things I'd like to see sorted out gameplay wise: 1. Ship balance. OK you're always going to have some ships better than others. But it's fair to say that the balance between ships could be a lot better than what it is, and what it has been for the last 5 years. 2. Lack of map variety. It's boring playing on the same very limited number of maps over and over and over and over again. It's Groundhog Day on the map rotation. Edit: actually make that 3. 3. Get rid of CV's. Either entirely or as they are. Playing in a BB / CA / CL / DD when one or even worse two CV's are picking on you is not fun. You just feel so helpless, especially against rocket planes that you can't dodge. The whole CV to other ship interaction stinks!
  13. I'm getting bored of facing Sinops in every battle. It doesn't help that they are frustrating ships to face in tier 7 silver cruisers. They take an annoyingly long time to wear down and delete. Whilst they can put cruisers in a world of hurt very quickly. Why should I keep banging my head against the Sinop wall when I can play something else?
  14. Lin3

    Visby Autopilot

    What do you think she's doing in that photo?
  15. Lin3

    Visby Autopilot

    World of Warships autopilot.