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  1. Giulio Cesare guns accuracy

    Warships Today EU stats for the last 2 weeks confirm that this is yet another pay to win ship. 59.7% win rate, 50% survival rate, 54k average damage, 2.5 kills per death. Really poor game balance when the top 10 tier V ships by win rate are all premiums. And when the GC has a 6% better win rate than the best Tier V silver ship; the Bertin and an 11% better win rate than the New York. This game is becoming less and less a genuine free to play game.
  2. Nice video from IChase. The Des Moines did his job well. I like the Hearts of Iron series. In an earlier version I conquered the world, playing as Guatemala.
  3. I'd like them to make it as good as the Kutozov.
  4. The logic in that is this is only an arcadey online PvP video game. If you don't laugh at your ship getting detonated at the start the of the battle in a "What the .... just happened?" kind of way then you are taking this game far too seriously.
  5. Are low tier BB just crap?

    Orion at tier 4 is OP. Easy to get consistent 70k to 80k damage battles in it. High chance Orion will get nerfed in the future as wargaming have a policy of keeping the best premium ships head and shoulders better than the best silver ships. And Orion, at the moment, is competitive with the OP Nikolai.
  6. Just use the flags in more important battles, like clanned or ranked. Who cares if you lose a few random battles because you got detonated early on and therefore weren't able to carry your team to victory?
  7. Narai operation broken?

    Not that difficult? It can be impossible to win, if you're not divisioned. It all depends what sort of PUG you get. Like the time we had a Yorck AFK the whole battle. The times you lose 2 team mates to the first wave. And a couple more to the Missouri. The consolation is that in losses your damage done is likely to be higher than in 5 star wins. Coming back to the OP, there is a bug, where the end zone can be clear of enemies and you still lose. I can only guess that this is because one of the north east ships slipped by and sailed off to the other end of the map, and the buggy programming counts this as a ship that needs to be killed. That's why I always go to the far right channel if no one else does - even though it reduces my total damage done.
  8. why no 100% XP weekend ?

    First World problems!
  9. PTS 0.6.15

    I read it as "Chonking intensifies" - which I thought was some Chinese horn related effect.
  10. Skill based teams now!

    Wargaming aren't going to change their random matchmaking paradigm. This is another howling in the wind thread.
  11. Radared to death

    Game balance at tier 7 is a joke. Far too much pay to win at that tier,
  12. The answer seems to be very simple to me. If for whatever reason you feel that it's not worth your while to play during any particular week-end - eg because there's not an enticing enough special on - then don't play. Playing the game is not obligatory. Play only if you are happy to do so. And this week-end you could always have played the new PVE mission if you didn't fancy PVP.
  13. CA citadel

    You are joking if you think the only time ships like the new Orleans get citadelled is when they show broadsides? NO and Mogami get citadelled by BB's from ALL angles and ALL ranges. The only way to be sure you won't get citadelled is by not getting hit.
  14. 7 v 7? One side gets the 3 man top clan division. The other gets the 3 man potato division. The rest of the players are a random assortment. Is VooDooZG also proposing that the ability to play with 2 of your mates is removed from the game?
  15. Playing tier 5

    Flint has smoke. Atlanta doesn't. Atlanta could be bought by anyone with some Euros to spare. Flint was given only to players dedicated enough to get to Rank 1 in 3 seasons.