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  1. Event Calendar - May

    Missed opportunity with De Grasse. The real one ended up being a bit like a French Atlanta, but this is just a clone of the La Galissonierre
  2. Arpeggio Compensation and More

    Compared to the amount of Takao's awarded? 15k is pathetic. It was just a Tier 7 cruiser, but the requirements were devilishly hard, and only because Russian ships at tier 8 plus are rare as rocking horse poop.
  3. Chinese New Year Event

    Look! A set of missions that don't have ridiculous requirements! Whoda thunk?
  4. Arpeggio Compensation and More

    So when are we getting the last three Commanders? With the next patch?
  5. south dakota-class Battleship alabama is coming

    Really?! No-one but the supertesters will get this ship? Ever?! WTF kind of logic is that? People have been yearning for a Tier 8 US BB for a long time. One comes along and it's not even going to be sold?! As Trainspite said, if the supertesters are going to get a ship for themselves, make it some prototype design that was never built, NOT a museum ship!. What an absolute farce.
  6. Takao mission - Q&A

    MrConway... there are STILL people complaining about this mission. There are some who haven't even got ONE Russian kill. Is EVERYONE expected to play like an idiot in order to get all 20? This is utterly disgraceful.
  7. Team Killing and Punishment - How does it work?

    I find myself wondering why the ability to damage team-mates exists at all. I know WG is capable of it. The New Year 2014-2015 Winter Mode in World of Tanks had friendlies incapable of damaging each other. I understand it would detract from the realism the game strives for, but it's not particularly realistic anyway, what with this stupid points and capture system that I have a few choice words for. But getting back on point... if you want to discourage team killing, why make it a thing in the first place? Why allow friendly fire, and then introduce a function to discourage people from doing it, when you could just remove it altogether?
  8. Arpeggio Compensation and More

    Since I'm easily confused: I have takao and Nachi, and have completed all but one of the missions, so I get the missing stuff, right?
  9. Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    My first supercontainer... I'm not kidding, this isn't that one of the first 5 containers you get. Useful, if not exactly overwhelming
  10. Takao mission - Q&A

    The Nachi mission is just the absolute worst of the bunch IMO. Kill 20 Russian ships? I'd love to, if anybody played the damn things. Guess I should be thankful I've got 2 months to get the 11 kills remaining.
  11. ARP Ships missions

    The Nachi missions are the absolute worst. You get all the other missions done by just playing the game. Damage caused, shell hits, secondary hits etc. You don't have to drastically change the way you play the way you need to for Nachi. Destroy ship missions are incredibly misguided, especially when one of the nationalities you need to target is rare to the point of practically non-existence. German ships are EVERYWHERE. Japanese ships are next common, followed by substantially less common US ships. But the Russians are almost NOWHERE to be found... except your own team on occasion. I threw a match chasing down a Kiev in my Tirpitz, that I didn't get, because he ran away (odd for a DD in that situation). I almost threw two more matches securing a Budyonny and a Leningrad. That is not how you should promote gameplay, chasing kills or stealing them from others. The Nachi mission would have been much better suited as another damage mission, dealing X amount of damage to ship of W/Y/Z nationality.
  12. Event Calendar for October

    This is an absolute joke. This is WG's fault, but they seem to be blaming it on us. OF COURSE no-one's going to be reading it if you don't post it ON TIME! What an absolute farce.
  13. Prince Eugen Available to purchase now !

    £110 for supreme. If it wasn't discounted, it would be 140! What an utter joke! What next? Sell a worse version North Carolina for £200?! Sorry WG, but this time, I'm not indulging you. Think I'm gonna buy just the ship from now on. So much for collecting the flags
  14. The new Additional XP system... God Why?!

    I get pissed off easily over thing that 'don't matter' to everyone else. They matter to me. There's also nothing wrong with my maths skills, I was just using x1.5 as an example, because that's what WG uses as the XP modifier (even though it should be x2 like WoT). But of course, no-ones going to believe that are they? They're just going to assume I'm a fool who can't differentiate between 1.5 and 100, even though that isn't the case. Hooray for modern society -_-
  15. After a long absence from WoWS, I logged back on today to find that the x1.5 on each of my ships had been replaced by a +100%... Such little details as this need not be changed, because we all understood the orginal (and better) system, whereas this took me a minute to work out what it was supposed to be. Why on Earth would you change it? There was nothing wrong with the old system that's been on WoT for years. This is as bad as the USA going from Imperial to Metric overnight, there'd be chaos! This change makes NO SENSE whatsoever! It's a F@!#ing stupid change.