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  1. tigrulus

    Nerf the beloved(edited*) Roosevelt!

    said the chicken who hides their ship and sends only planes well, we peasants farm chickens, you know? :)
  2. tigrulus

    Nerf the beloved(edited*) Roosevelt!

    you missed one...too bad... of course i complain because to use the brain somehow means also to evaluate i am not a communist that thinks that the party is always right and my faith is the party that they are the supreme power... that is why i complain, because i can and i want
  3. tigrulus

    Nerf the beloved(edited*) Roosevelt!

    WOW...you do not get sarcasm, but you post in sarcasm...I`ll let you call it
  4. tigrulus

    Nerf the beloved(edited*) Roosevelt!

    Exactly my point! For the fun of it i wrote this post...no?
  5. tigrulus

    Nerf the beloved(edited*) Roosevelt!

    I guess you a WG employee or something? THe company is always wright? THe company never lies? The company is our life? :)) Spreadsheets get allowed data from servers! "Allowed"...because real life gaming says different :)
  6. tigrulus

    Nerf the beloved(edited*) Roosevelt!

    really.... i wonder if you ever played the game or only read spreadsheets. Spreadsheets people...can demonstrate to anyone whatever WG wants to...because they can verify (NOT) that the info is true! do you live and experiments things in this life or just read spreadsheets and repost? :))))
  7. WG, you idiots, you threw a CV in the game that is simply taking all the fun of of plaing. Impossible planes to shoot down, holly crap of damage and a lot of planes in the air! i started to get of of matches without caring about the warnings the game gives. I play how i want, not how WG desires!
  8. tigrulus

    Dont buy the Black Friday bundles...

    tried the 11 containers x 250dublons.. Got 26 flags and 15 premium days.... Gonna stop here as it seems that WG containers are a ripoff
  9. It came to a moment where the DD gameplay became unplayable due to so many radars in this game. There are games where after 2 minutes you are radared up for a few minutes and u just have to hide under a rock. 12km radar is a mockery. Almost every ship in the game has radar or sonar. Miss the old gameplay, which was fun...now it gets me more angry every time I play. Shame on you WG.
  10. Just tested it, It is virtually impossible to do anything with torpedo bombers versus an actively target.... this interface is not meant to be played with the keyboard too long aiming times DDs will not see CVs going after them anymore
  11. Managed to download after half an hour of not finding the server :)
  12. "Unable to connect to update service." - for the TST version The normal game is working fine.
  13. tigrulus

    Question over some mods I have seen others use.

    WG replys to every ticket i make with the classic: the players are good and manage every shoot to send on targhet, even over the mountains withhout seeng me, but i think that WG is covering for hacks that bring them more money. One of them can be tryed for free 2 hours here, than you must pay to use it longer. I guess this site is supportef with WG will. [edited] Unfortunatly, this crapreally works
  14. tigrulus

    Server probles or whatever

    crap, After today`s patch i am getting enormous pings. 1500-33.000 ms Continuously disconnecting.
  15. tigrulus

    Unified premium account

    What will happen after the Alpha release comes out? Will they wipe accounts again? If yes, what happens with the doubloons that i buy and spend now?