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  1. Bekstorm

    Suggestions thread

    1 - get rid of Karma system 2 - can someone plasse please do somenthing about Yamato model she look like joke sided vith Musashi ( I know it isn just ctrl + C and ctrl + V ... or ist? ) 3 - SEAL CLUBING 4 - seriusly ... Mutsu in hull topedo launchers are usully destroide in firts 2 mins of game, ALWAYS tha can be normal or even intended 5- cudl thous ship reflector emite lights ... tah wudl be cool :D 1/2 joke 6- can we hawe option like 12vs 12 or 6vs6 random ...any time soon 7- more PvE random missions like king of hill or wave after wave 8- battle royale aka all vs all you know total armagedon, BB vs BB only CA vs CA ... you get the Idea 9- standard war operation ( not any real battle replice ) but real "dull" work .... patrol, siege, bloacade, blucade run 10- can we hawe thous optional camo like real optional, to be able to pick colors from real color palete ( it can be monetized *wink* *wink* ) hawe nice day p.s. just joke ones because I think game actually need anithing but more and more ships whitch broke game more and more, but if we get more and more ships ... 11 - monitors 12- ironclads 13 - rockets 14 - LAZORS ... 15 - ... ok I gona teka cold shower THAT ONE - "Enemy Kill Assist" finally I wudl not be caled DMG Whoe .... .... maybe
  2. Bekstorm

    Edited,dirty trick clan.

    weary sorry for Necro but THIS is one of moust hilarius joke in WoWs history ... and altough I usually dont write ( you know why torture pepole with my version of english ) I read threds .. like all of me. It was joke right?
  3. Bekstorm

    Clan cheating in Ranked

    easy solotion here, simply dont DONT NEVER put clan mebers in diferent teams. I got form oposite side, end up ugainst "my folks" so I treat em properly with shels and torpedos. And of coarse after that ther was some swering with my nick ... but because I cant read or spek Polish ... Now I only gues is tha because I em in uper half with disel contribution in my clan or I hope ( I really hope its second ) our oficiers honor clean game .... I wasnt be kicked out. Actually all tha kinda "cliked" after i acidentaly read this thred. I was on search fo MLP pictures on WoWs forum ..... plese dont ask why. P.S. WG cudl we hawe some filtr tha simply prevent claners to end up on oppsite sides, I think it wudl help to prevent some ugly busines like this in future. To cooperate with theirs ovn or cheat is actually part of human nature and even if its urge tnat every "mature" person can handle in case like battle in WoWs or anoth video game battle ... you simply can not mark people as pet killer just because they do it. Sorry I dont belilte this case of bad behavior but humans kinda don and doing worser things. hawe nice day
  4. V posledním super kontejneru co jsem "vyhrál" jsem měl Krásny krym ....tož tak. Lod mi nezmizel a je to milé .... ale je vážně divná. Ja měl celí týdn službu na energetice takže jsem nic nestihl a pak víkendový "fakup" takž chápu vaše rozmrzení ... Ale i tak Tirpitze bych nečekal .. možná tak tu "Rómu".
  5. Smekám před tvou vtipností je užásné kolik je na světě lepších lidí
  6. well, I reinstalled the game and that as it, still kinda puzzle me because I haw only Aslain pack and from it ... just ... erm ... ehm .... Kancole girls stuff... yup, not even tha often discutd angling indicator ( i using really maximal size of minima so kinda dont need another tool on screan ) well we well see b.t.w. ATI drivers here, actually recently updated but I don't believe that is the problem. Hawe nice day folks
  7. well no warning no weird emails so far
  8. 650and meanwhile, all warppack user laughing their asses off on us because their "cheat" tool is undetectable ... -- O.K. I gonna oversimplified some issues but hey in end why not -- If would be able to get the refund to mi January purchase I gonna quit and get back to STO. We still don't have ver 1.0 old IJN and old US lines were already forgotten and shelved ( yay for Alaska .. and what ) this forum txt processing is still quirky after three years we have ... like 10 maps after three years we have 4 game modes and some of them are pretty bad mean and toxic people are absolutely free to poison waters as they like in 2019 we still don't have the option to choose at least colours for ship camos ( green colours or blue colours are NOT an option, I was like: JAJ I gone play with pretty colours.. then I was like: DANG WHAAAAAT ) some ships and captains skills are so useless their is not even reason to have em in game ( german BB? go secondary, other BB go camo expert, don't like it? then DIE ) can we choose Random 6 vs 6 / 12 vs 12 NOOOOO because someone said it better for us this way can we choose battle royal, king of the hill, capture the flag ... NO, it's gonna be so much work but hey rework CV ad ships whom no one asks for hmmm there gonna be some money made so YES and now we have it top notch spy games witch hunt and meanwhile, all warppack user laughing their asses off on us because their "cheat" tool is undetectable ... I ben destroyed by HE rain from invisible cruiser over hidden behind the island I ben destroyed by invisible DD size of light cruizer I got my 650mm armour penetrated by Neptun "guns" ( was aiming at him o it was faceplate, and it wasn't just one-time freak accident ) I was unable to make a dent to broadsided G.Kurf with 460 so many times so it isn't funny anymore ( while poor Montana usually get demolished ) etc etc But newer EVER expected any fault play behind anything, it ALWAYS the same thing - you make an error and he or them uses it, it isn't team or red guys fault its your own fault sometimes it is 12 vs 12 and sometimes it is 23 vs 1, life is a hard place BUT what it is no OK not normal that "we" get ban menace .... just because WG: our anti-cheat tool is patented awesome always a right cost of loooooots of money and we don't gonna tell you what we detected because the game is our, go to hell ( sorry WG folks but in fact this is yours words ) well sorry WG folks, I really like you guys even with all the above I like you I em sure we gonna get more futures in game sometime and sooner or later major issue gone be handheld ( in true original WG kind of way .. sorry for the sarcasm ) you made all thous trips around the globe to collect materials, you go all that length to make CZ localization But I em her from 2012 and now because I really start to enjoy game in fact so much I buy 360days YES RIGHT AFTER THA I gonna ban warning and when i as at customer support what's going on the tell me that mi client is checked and all is OK, incident ID 117051282 if someone even gonna read this and imidietly I gonna get this. Coincidence? Or did i frag some wip felow boat? And kinda I no longer care P.S. and meanwhile, all warppack user laughing their asses off on us because their "cheat" tool is undetectable ... P.P.S. No I don't have warpapck even back in days long gone when it was free I don't use it, not even EYE of Sauron mod ... dam tha was good old days So this is it, have nice day folks. I dont care if you are a good player or a cheating scoundrel or if you make markers on your LCD monitor to help you aim ... I don't care as long you are nice to people the have nice day :D
  9. Play fair! Regards, World of Warships Team. bullied over email that's great well it would be great if I HAWE ANY MODIFICATION TO GAME FILES
  10. I got replay in a sense that was some false alarm yet I em advice to don't use any mods at all. Not really sure If I even want to play a game without my kancole shenanigans. After three years of casual playing still can t get above average in all stats and I like my game in a kinda lightened way, you know manga chicks captains, Duken Nukem voice packs ( apex of awesomeness ) I don't even use Aslain offered angling indicator or any visual mods, still, the vanilla game kinda shudl have options like binocular borders on or off. Yes I em fully aware of warp pack but seriously folks thous rascals want about 15 bucks monthly LoL ( do not worry folks I never even think about even try that, a ban is one thing but an empty credit card is another, be careful theas days about what you gonna instal on your PC ) Sometimes I think it gonna be beast if WG simply add some of this cheat in a game and it gonna be over and peace people gone get more exp and probably spend more coins to free exp conversion, but another hand players will exp faster and that could endanger game in term of WG pockets, they are a company so they must protect their interest, nothing bad about that. BUT ... back in NAVY FIELDS 1 day we have choice manual aim and trust me it was a nightmare that game used manual elevation control OR auto aim and when you used auto aim RNG finder well you can NOT get above average stats. Maybe it was gone be for the beast, Unicorn folks they gonna stay Unicorns and bad folks gonna get an average. A few months back I was in typical random, one early sunked fellow geta all acid on chat ... it was actually pretty bad. So bad that I check his stats, well folks at was a disaster ( yes he is brave to don't make in private I give him that ) 6k battles and numbers were deep red. Can you imagine how people like him must-see WOWS, yes he should get the medal for being the trier, but I think this isn't right ( yes I know right to equality is in fact weapon of mass destruction ) can we have some small league random or option to chose other mods like 6 VS 6, not just thous runs or seasons. Well, don't mind me ranting have a nice day and play nice ... well expect to throw shell and torpedos on each other
  11. I contacted support and they gave me check and all green, but I sen that message with my eye ( left is nearly dead after some F* UP disease, live is tough place :D ). Yes, I have some fun mange Knacole mods, but that all, For F**K sake I even randomly sending screenshots to support if some people really I mean really REALLY cross the line with mean words. No matter ...we will see what's gonna happen. Some people suggest it have something to do with VGA drivers update, I em not sure if this is really tah case but the weird thing is that all of thous folks have ATI card ... me to R 380 MSI Gamer edition. I really hope tha WG dot make some devil pacts with nVidia Sorry for being paranoid but lately nVidia really making questionable moves to get the upper hand over ATI, forced optimization, patents tha actually block another VGA developer groups, tha whole carnival around Final Fantasy. have nice day folks, see ya somewhere out there at wast Ocean
  12. yup got it today to, warning for using forbidden mods to do forbidden stuff. Not sure if I should laugh or cry, seriously today was a horrible day and obviously it will not end anytime soon. I already posted a ticket, but well ... at least I could do something else well cya folks
  13. Bekstorm

    The Streamlined Battleships

    Holly cow .... battleship erotica Hmmmmmmmm
  14. Bekstorm

    Will old ship models be improved?

    Well .. I know you been through a loot gentleman's... bit, if you find the time, would you kindly BLOODYDOSOMENTHINGABOUTAMAGYGUNS ( in the Thing Donald Moffat voice ). Ok seriously now some old IJN and US ships really need some love. It would be nice, but it kinda looks like we probably getting U-Boots sooner.