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  1. Goering

    Recolored Ship Photos

    Wow.Really good.I like see these photos in color :)
  2. Goering

    world of warships - in swedish

    Lumea navelor de lupta.RO
  3. Goering

    Battleship on a truck

    The photo was not take by me.It s from 9gag. It s made by a russian.
  4. Goering


    ETGrenadier, on 15 February 2013 - 08:45 PM, said: Ship looks awesome. Funny how ships have changed though, now most of the ships look like piece of abstract art. Yea.But some of them are ugly as **** :)
  5. Goering

    HMS Queen Elizabeth

    This look soooo nice :)
  6. Goering

    Greek Navy «Κέρκυρα» (L184) Hovercraft

    That is a nice one.But how long is it[the ship]?
  7. Goering

    World of Warships Table

    Wow.That's amazing.Like :)
  8. Goering

    Battleship on a truck

    Russians have talent ! :))