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  1. Kamakazee

    Update 5.5 delay

    Hello WG 1 Hour later and my client is still messing about doing update after update after update, (this after I had downloaded 0.5.5 3.gb). Now I am stuck on downloading a patch that is 511.2 mbs - download speed jumping from 0.3 to 1.4mbs (I am on a 1gb connection). I have to say I am surprised that such a big issue relating to the UI (critical error) was missed during testing. I understand to a point the reason WG have given for this however considering the army of testers you have this should have been picked up. EA gave up using community testers of any kind some years ago. One of the main reasons was the failure (of amateurs) to be able to test the game correctly. Activision, Blizzard, Rockstar games doing the same thing. Whilst I understand the need for professional testers (who at the very least know how to stress test every part of a game) community testers tend to divert and pick up minor issues (which takes up the developers time) which tends to mean major glitches and critical errors get missed. I hope the patch is released soon and I am sure the dev team are working hard to fix the issue. Many thanks Kind Regards Kam
  2. Kamakazee

    Destroyers - Carriers and Torpedo spamming.. .. .

    Hello Sun You are wrong with the 5 second arm times. Go test soon as they drop and hit its boom I know have several battles saved on fraps showing this to be the case, Videos do not lie. 5 second delay thats just laughable. What planet are you on ^^ Sigh Kam
  3. Kamakazee

    Destroyers - Carriers and Torpedo spamming.. .. .

    Hello ESA I agree thats wrong as well and needs addressing. just add a hard collison mesh to the border. Means it would be just like hitting an island from bottom to top so planes cannot go over. thx Kam
  4. Kamakazee

    Destroyers - Carriers and Torpedo spamming.. .. .

    TOby on my CA Roon I have all the buffs etc put into AA I am still screwed when 2 T Bomber squadrons attack. If i am lucky i will kill one squadron before they drop. The second drops on top of me and most of the time i get hit. Even if i am using zig zaging all over the place, TOby i guess thousands of players must be wrong on this issue. EU-US-Asian forums all complain about the DDs and CVs, simple tweaking fix it. As for the exploiting fix it so planes cannot fly outside of the border (or they go boom after 2 seconds) Thx Kam
  5. Kamakazee

    Destroyers - Carriers and Torpedo spamming.. .. .

    I dont use the borders. Using that as an excuse for CV to take the planes over the border to avoid detection is unfair. # Play fair Or is that out the window; Is this type of play allowed in ranked battles ? Kam
  6. Kamakazee

    Destroyers - Carriers and Torpedo spamming.. .. .

    Ok I am playing DDs trust me there op re my first post Also i have been the victim of being nuked from outside the border by Torpedo bombers as have others. When you see torpedos racing towards you from the otherside of the border and get zero warning to move then you will see what i am saying. I have no issues with videoing the Cvs exploiting to show the community then there can be no argument. Thx Kam
  7. Kamakazee

    Destroyers - Carriers and Torpedo spamming.. .. .

    TOby Thats just it - there not hugging the border they are outside the border so CANNOT BE SEEN AND OR DETECTED. Testers can go look at this and see. Out of the border by my understanding of the game rules is out of bounds. Ships hitting the border cannot go on the other side of it like planes so they become invisble to all Plenty of space for aircraft to move without glitching exploiting the game to get an unfair advantage. good to see you advocate fair play TOby ? kam
  8. Kamakazee

    Destroyers - Carriers and Torpedo spamming.. .. .

    CVs (aircraft) exploiting borders to avoid being seen or detected to come up behind the other team without taking any AA fire is not how the game was designed. Its an exploit plain and simple. Play fair .... I dont hug the borders but other players do and the right thing for them to do sometimes (INSIDE THE BORDER) not outside them like the exploiting CV players!)
  9. Kamakazee

    Destroyers - Carriers and Torpedo spamming.. .. .

    Typical troll like response on these forums. Yup lets watch the BBs and CAs sail away. O hang on we dont have jet engines at the back of us like DDs. The spamming needs to be fixed as its ruining the game many people have quit for this very reason, Guess you dont read all the posts in the forums (like I do EU/US/Asia) they all complain about the above in my main post, Kam
  10. Kamakazee

    Destroyers - Carriers and Torpedo spamming.. .. .

    I am not saying nurf them to death. I am asking they be looked at as the torpedo spamming is just stupid in most battles these days.
  11. Hello Firstly let me say apart from what I am going to list below, I find WOWS to be a very good game... I have played the hell out of it of late as well.... .. . DDs (Destroyers) Having cloaking technology that is as good as a Romulan Warbird (Startrek) is a taking this a little to far. I shall explain further... DD Being able to spam guns and torpedos through its smoke screen (cloaking Device) without being seen. Then for all other ships behind the screen to do the same is a little crazy. I assume the cloaking device (smoke screen) is designed to protect the DD when it comes under heavy fire? Not so everyone can jump behind it and become cloaked and be able to spam everything without being seen. The cloaking device is OP in the game re a DD and everyone else being able to spam guns and torpedos constantly without being seen. When a DD fires torpedos and or guns it should become visble for 1-2 seconds. Make for a more interesting game and will stop the constant spamming of torpedos ruining many of the battles, (Guns fired should make the DD visible at any range as should torpedos. I would reccomend letting them be seen for 2 seconds (even in smoke) when firing anything. To off set the above increase DD armour by 5% - Gun damage HE by 3% and RP by 3%. Increase DD HP by 3-4% (Yes i have done the math) Give it a try. The above will stop the stupid spamming of torpedos in battles by DDs and stop the gun and torpedo spam behind the cloaking device (smoke screen). Clearly if the DD (or anything else behind the smoke screen does not fire then they remain unseen, undetected,) ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... CV (Carrier) Torpedo Bombers. The torpedo bombers are complained about as much as the DDs. I have of late noticed that Torpedo bombers are dropping almost on top of you (0.2kms). If you are in a DD you have a 50% chance of turning in time to avoid them. If you are in anything else you will get hit if not sunk. You have 2 waves dropping at the same time (which is kinda of OP) then you have very little chance of avoiding being hit and or sunk. This means Torpedo bombers can drop on you in very narrow channels and you have no chance of avoiding them. I cannot understand why torpedos can be dropped on top of you and you be hit and damaged and even sunk without anytime to move. I have read some posts in which they say they dont arm that close when dropped. Well to them posts thats complete rubbish, trust me they are as soon as they are dropped!? Another ugly issue that is happening is some (not all) CV players are (glitching) the border with planes. They fly them out of bounds, so they cannot be seen and or spotted by anyone and they then come up behind to one shot your friendly CV or BBs. Not from my understand is how the game is supposed to be re aircraft, Another worrying trend is for torpedo bombers (which remain unseen and undetected) to drop torpedos out of bounds that then race inwards inside the Boundry hitting any unsuspecting player without any warning whatsoever as the torpedo bombers have remained undetected and unseen as they are outside the map boundry. Clearly this is a bug, a glitch an exploit ?? (Considering the impact this kind of behaviour has on game battles). This needs to be fixed to prevent the unfair manner in which certain CV players continue to exploit the above. I have no idea what you do with the torpedo bombers but they need to be looked at to make the game a little more fairer (after all its call World of Warships not Torpedos !?). Maybe add an arming distance to them so if they drop and hit you within a certain range they wont detonate... Maybe remove one torpedo squadron and replace with another dive bomber squadron also be helpful re stopping the battles when you can see more torpedos in the sea than fish.... .. . The torpedo spamming is clearly upsetting a lot of players (who just get trolled or rubbished when they raise the issue on these forums). Would it not be a good idea to at the least look at what can be done to fix the above issues so the battles can be more fun @ the alpha and super testers and Dev team. After all WOWS can be so much more and could be up there with the greats..... Thank you Kind Regards Kamv
  12. Kamakazee

    Official notice

    Hello We appear to be here again. A player brings a genuine complaint re Oped Torpedos and he gets flamed, trolled and rubbished. I suffered the same fate bringing up Torpedo spamming and invisble DDs. I have spent some time looking at the game including the maths and mechanics. I for one agree the Torpedo spamming in battles is becoming just plain stupid and most of time ruins the battle and players enjoyment. Factor in invisble DDs that can spam torpedos and guns (check you tube on the gun and torpedo spam from DDs that remain invisible) and it goes one step too far. Then when you reach the higher tiers you will come across Aim bots. Yes they exsist (several infact) and the lack of admin/dev/tester action on players that clearly use them = A game in which many poeple have left and moved to greener pastures. Note: Apart from the clear issues with DDs, Torpedos and Aim Bots the game is excellent and fun. Wargaming only have to look at the numbers re WoT and WOWP re new players that pay for premuim (like i do) and stay playing for a long time. Compare this to WoWS and even a blind person can see this game does not hold onto new players. Flamming them, Trolling them and rubbishing there concerns re the game in these forums is not the way to go (rasied this issue before). The old saying does apply though: "You cannot please everyone all of the time" However when so many complain about torpedos, DDs and Aimbots = There must be a valid reason why so many complain. This game is for all not just the elitist trolls that attack anyone who dares to mention torpedos, DDs or Aimbots. I fail to see one post in which a dev or alpha tester states: "We will look into this see if anything can be done or tweaked" !? Thank you Kamv
  13. Hello Kaz Thanks for the update. As a CR I always run protection on CV or BBs (appear to be the only one at times though) still get nailed by invisible DDs though from time to time which is very annoying. Kind regards Kamv
  14. Hello Kaz I play BB and CR (Mostly CR) I have a low tier DD and CV as well. Yes you do have a very valid point re the BB being able to one shot and frequently DDs and CRs. Regards Kamv
  15. Kamakazee

    Battleships and torpedoes

    Hello Tyre Thank you for your reply. Thoughtful and considerate. Noted, Thank you. Whilst I note many of your valid comments please consider that due to the frustration of many that some things might get over looked. Torpedo fest battles are no fun at all. I have sat at the back and watched a DD unseen all the time sink a CV and a CR then a BB then almost sunk me before the round ended. He was not visible at any time during his Torpedo fest on the CV and 2 BBs. I am not whining I am pointing out a genuine issue that I feel may need to be looked at. Whilst I agree that running into some torpedos is the clients own fault it does not feel right to see a sea full of torpedos flying left or right and or being spammed on you constantly when you zig zag to avoid one maybe 2 waves for the third one to sink you. All this happening when you cannot see the DD. I will start to play the DD class more and get up to the higher tiers so I have a fuller understanding of the mechanics re the DD. All I am trying to say this is what I have and continue to experience when playing a BB or CR. When seeing 2 CV and 4 DD on the opposing side my heart sinks as the sea turns red with Torpedo spamming. Still all said and done thank you for your post. Kind Regards Kamv