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  1. carvillan

    Royal BB line

    Don't you think that part of their training was to tell what their guns could and couldn't do? I find your claims somewhat ignorant. Also don't you think that people who write history books have at some point spoken to those who were there in order to write their books?
  2. carvillan

    Royal BB line

    For all of your undoubted knowledge that you've gained from books...I'll take my knowledge from someone who was on Rodney and served in the Marines's 16" turret ;)
  3. carvillan

    HMS Warspite Review :)

    I've been head onto an amagi at around 10km and got pounded in one salvo....she does need an armour rework as she does not bounce as much as New Mexico!! I still love her but she does need a good team around her to perform well....she can't carry a whole team like other ships can.
  4. carvillan

    help me please !

  5. carvillan


    My last battle in Yorck, I had 52 hits for 22k dmg WTF??? And most of those were using AP on two New York BBs broadside on less than 10km range!
  6. carvillan

    Royal Navy Hype

    I would have Repulse as stock tier 6 and hull upgrade for Renown considering Repulse never had her rebuild before being sunk.
  7. carvillan

    sapan is a discrace

    Wow...IQ implant please...OP has tier 7 and is fighting Saipan which has tier 9....hence WILL benefit from having dogfighting expert!
  8. carvillan

    Triple firing turrets

    Yep......Bermuda it was then....just had a look at the class's ships.
  9. carvillan

    Triple firing turrets

    Interestingly enough, after Rodney, he served on a Colony-Class cruiser (also had 3 guns per turret) either HMS Berumda or Barbados.....can't remember which. Around D-Day, his ship was patrolling close to the Norwegian Fjords with the express instructions that if Tirpitz put to sea towards the invasion beaches, they were to ram her!! What a story that would have made to maybe have been able to sink both of Germany's battleships....if of course he'd survived the latter!
  10. carvillan

    Triple firing turrets

  11. carvillan

    Triple firing turrets

    My wife's grandad was a Marine turret trainer in the Marine's 16" gun turret on HMS Rodney during this very engagement. I never asked him the finer details like gun firing order but I can confirm that by the end of the engagement, the Rodney was so close that the 16" guns were depressed rather than elevated and that they could here the screaming of sailors trapped inside Bismarck's hull.
  12. Seriously .....how many hits are actually made at extremely long ranges? Just because you can shoot far doesn't mean you will always hit the target taking dispersion into account. Very often they are lucky shots.
  13. Considering most dmg is done <14km...I can't see how this would lower average dmg.
  14. carvillan

    HMS Warspite - A Beauty and a Beast

    More WG bu11sh1t like the higher caliber guns having the highest pen and dmg in WOT whereas the KWK 43 L71 was the most powerful tank gun fitted to a vehicle in WW2.
  15. carvillan

    Warspite's Armour...

    I just can;t win in the ship...I love it to bits but if you see my record in New York and New Mexico, Warpsite is nowhere hear in comparison