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  1. Ace_Raptor

    Special Voices?

    Think it might have been a bug or something. Try and go to your WOWs folder -> res -> banks and delete or move the "Languages" and "OfficialMods" (but leave the file mod.xml) restart the client and play. That should do the trick.
  2. Ace_Raptor


    "I'll rest a bit" Finds a rock to sit on and lights a cigarette
  3. Ace_Raptor


    "Oh a haunted house, sounds fun I always wanted to see one!"
  4. Ace_Raptor


    *Sigh* "We won't run into any surprises on the way would we?"
  5. Ace_Raptor


    "You sure you know were we are going Zoia?"
  6. Ace_Raptor


    [OCC] Hope you get to kill your sickness. [iC]"Woah a hidden lightsaber!" *claps*
  7. Ace_Raptor


    *places a hand on Hikari's shoulder* "That must be dangerous especially for a young girl like you. Are you and your friends doing alright?"
  8. Ace_Raptor


    "Eugh... Didn't expect to go under water. Achoo!"
  9. Ace_Raptor

    Log In Problem

    Wrong server
  10. Ace_Raptor


    *takes the cigarette out of Conrad's hand* "On second thought, take this one instead I bought it in a little shop on the way" *gives a (candy) cigarette to Conrad* "I think it tastes like chocolate!"
  11. Ace_Raptor


    "Well I don't mind, but you sure you want to try one?" *takes up a cigarette pack from the pocket*
  12. Ace_Raptor


    "Sure!" *gives a piece of candy to Conrad* "Want a hug too?" I ask as with a smirk.
  13. Ace_Raptor


    "Seems like we are in the clear for now. Here catch!" *throws the candy to Hikari*
  14. Ace_Raptor


    "I wouldn't be surprised if you are the one getting us killed with that confident Zoia... hehe" As I say with a nervous laugh *grabs something in my pocket* "Hey Hikari want a candy? is vanilla flavor might help you calm down"
  15. Ace_Raptor


    Looks at Hikari with a reassuring smile "Don't worry we'll be fine. Any ideas who might be following us? the same people as before?"