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  1. I must be the odd one out here I'm loving this ship. Its no cap contender sure but its great at flanking an appearing were no one expects you.
  2. _DarthGunny_

    What shall I do with this Monaghan?

    I like the Monaghan and am running the B hull. my only criticism is the torp reloader is a bit long time wise 30secs is a bit long to wait especially when u basically give up 2 guns for it.
  3. _DarthGunny_

    Monaghan flag

    I believe I've done this mission but I have not received the flag and the personal mission has disappeared. Anyone got any ideas?
  4. _DarthGunny_

    Bulgarian navy in WoWs

    that's the smell of damp wool
  5. _DarthGunny_

    My short guide to "how to play Battleships"

    great guide pity majority of BB players ive encountered tend to stick at map borders trying to snipe.
  6. _DarthGunny_

    Best radar cruiser line?

    Im running my mino with radar mod gives me 56 secs of radar seems to work ok
  7. _DarthGunny_

    Huang He (Aurora)

    Boost the AA, bft aft and manual fire control. Support the dds and use smoke when needed. Im realy enjoying this ship think its got a bad rep from youtubers
  8. _DarthGunny_

    AKIZUKI Never Again!

    my most played ship is the Aki (357 battles). love this beast great AA destroyer most planes shot down in 1 battle 29. Am running 19 point captain bit unconventional setup priority target, preventative maintenance, last stand, demo expert, ifhe, aft, manual fire control. max rabge of AA 7.2km max range of guns 15Km. extra range on guns great for hitting BBs :)
  9. _DarthGunny_

    Suggestions thread

    ive got plenty of free xp to convert but it wont show me how much unless ive got gold on my account.
  10. _DarthGunny_

    Suggestions thread

    Convert xp screen At the moment it dosent show how much xp there is to convert unless you have some gold, would it be possible to change that so the amount is always visable?
  11. _DarthGunny_

    Premium camos

    Would it be possible if you could show what the stats are for the camos in the premium shop. At the moment they arnt shown theres no way of telling what you are actualy getting for your money. cheers
  12. _DarthGunny_

    Premium destroyers

    gallant or hsf harekaze
  13. _DarthGunny_

    AKIZUKI Never Again!

    i like the akizuki sure she has here problems guns bit weak and slow speed but shes good at what she does. got to agree with some of the other replies does need a high lvl captain to get the best out of her.
  14. _DarthGunny_


    i had one was a crap ship realy but was fun to play. if i renember right it had 10k torps only problem tho was the detection was 11k. must admit i wouldnt mind having it back
  15. my experiance with french cruisers ide say last stand loose engine and rudders so easily its crazy