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  1. Ja keď mám veľa kreditov,tak okamžite nakupujem stovky signálov. Tam som snáď utratil 2 miliardy kreditov. Teraz mám 120-135M a nemám čo kupovať.
  2. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    Clan Battles Season 15

    We have seen Petro,Moskva,Stalin,Ragnar,Smaland,Ohio and Kremlin mostly. Sometimes Napoli or Venezia.
  3. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    What's the best looking ship in your opinion?

  4. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    Thanks, WG. Subs now are officially TRASH!

    Community in balancing changes in case of subs and CVs. Moooore!
  5. Lebo tvoje CVčko ťa ochráni. Stačí keď je niekto zo známejšieho klanu a môže dostať väčší focus.Ale väčšina hráčov čo stretávam na randome,sú mladé účty,takže šanca,že nejaký klan poznajú je docela malá. Pokiaľ hrajem random a vidím hráčov z neznámych klanov,tak ich automaticky pokladám za neschopných alebo podpriemerných a na konci bitky pozerám,čo to bolo zač podľa výkonu v bitke.
  6. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    Can we please remove overpens now?

    Remove “pens” what in reality are overpens…that is most annoying thing for me.
  7. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    subs literally extract the fun out of the game

    Shame is if you add here CV players sometimes you run out of reports so fast. 😂
  8. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub


    Prečo Salem bol/je fajn za uhlie. A ja kupujem všetko,keď sú nato suroviny. 😂
  9. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    Auction : The Lighthouse

    You can always say “I would have use free exp anyway” so silver ship in that case is around 25000 dubs maybe more. I bid 94M for coal wasn’t enough.
  10. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    Have you noticed about Karma...

    I got reported when I blasted Yoshino from full HP to 1K…you can get report from devastating strike or if don’t listen your team admiral… I am currently sitting at 955 and most of my karma is from random people maybe 5% is from people who I know. Once in while I give report to players what have crazy 🔥 RNG (frustration). You repair and instantly you get 2 fires like 2-3 times in row. When I look at that player he is bloody red. On another note that same player repair one fire after that his ship is made from asbestos.
  11. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    "F3" bugged?

    Maybe you didn’t point well at enemy ship. I have similar problem with this as well.It’s like you need be extra precise when using F3.
  12. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    Christ, how bad is the Zao now

    That is sadly truth. I can imagine blaping full AA kiting Worcester/Mino in RTS CVs without being out of planes quite soon.
  13. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    Christ, how bad is the Zao now

    I want your MM. I have CVs in most of my games.
  14. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    Christ, how bad is the Zao now

    I would take better reload and turret traverse for start. It has okay armor but you need be extra careful with huge caliber guns because of that low HP. That 10K+ deficit in HP department is notable.
  15. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    WG Bought my Soul

    Triple post.