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  1. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    Secondaries overpowered

    I tested it , it’s fine if you are not to greedy and play with brain. On another note that guy got wrecked at 6,4 Km.
  2. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    Secondaries overpowered

    This tread is joke. GK have 10 x 2 128 mm and 4 x 2 150 mm secondaries that mean 5 x 2 128 mm and 2 x 2 150 mm for each side aka active armament . That is bigger firepower than any DD in the game. So I don’t know why you are talking about Harpoon missiles. You are acting here all hurt because you get kicked by it at 6,5 Km range. Even with automated half dmg output of T10 DD it make sense with all these guns and invested modules and skills.
  3. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    Secondaries overpowered

    Prussen is supposed have better angles on main guns so you can use your armor better.
  4. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    Secondaries overpowered

    You were comparing that secondaries to DDs when in reality they have much more firepower on paper. So I am saying if that was true you would have get melted much faster.
  5. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    Secondaries overpowered

    On GK you have basically 2 DDs per side as secondaries by that logic you should have be shredded pretty fast.
  6. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    Secondaries overpowered

    So you gambled and you lost. Because you made thread about secondaries what was shooting you at 6,5 km and you are suprised by dmg you took.
  7. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub


    I can’t destroy torpedo tubs on DD with HE. I smashed DD for 15K with HE and didn’t destroy or knock out torps that is much worse than some secondaries on ship with spot 12,6 Km. So DD can rush you without care in world. Imagine thinking you can’t cap because of BB. 😩
  8. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    Secondaries overpowered

    It’s some new trend moaning about secondaries? If you get wrecked by secondaries in DD you are doing something wrong that is it.
  9. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub


    That is reason why I burned Schlifeen to death with my Ragnar with arsonist as reward or denied him push with Shima,while forcing him eat 2 torps and show broadside to my teammates. That ship is situational and depend on enemy stupidity. It take while till that ship really start melting DDs at max secondary range. For that module thing you can’t destroy or knock out torpedoes on dds.
  10. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub


    They are easy to kill if you have functional brain. But sadly most players aren’t good so we can see some nerfs for sure.
  11. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    Reported for playing CV...

    Half sub. I get reports sometimes for dev strike with main guns. But I can understand reporting CVs & Subs.
  12. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    Chat (still) broken.

    Don’t give them ideas…They will add premium chat with emojis for 4,99€ per month. Yeah I know, I will burn for that suggestion.
  13. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    Chat (still) broken.

    Don’t give them ideas…They will add premium chat with emojis for 4,99€ per month.
  14. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    Lets talk about signals

    I think I spent around 2b credits on signals since that change. But I have lot of them so I am like 500 games set for each of them. I always take full load on ships. I can’t imagine what it is be new player what need save for new ships and signals too. If you have not any premium ship it must be suffering.
  15. LeaveMeAloneCV_Sub

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    Yeah, mobile games are crazy…You better be millionaire in some games. That is reason why I don’t see people who spend for example 200€ at containers whales. 😂