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  1. Good. Wallet is open again. Not wide open but enough to buy some things here and there.
  2. valrond

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    It just happened to me too. And last night. what is happening?
  3. valrond

    More Florin's?

    Agreed. Now, being top tier with tier 8 CVs is great, but there are many times where the ONLY tier 8 ship is your carrier. You might as well go for a coffee and a snack in those, you will rare crack more than 30k, and that only if the game is long and doing that damage at the end.
  4. valrond

    way to hard to be a cv

    I have a hard time believing that those cherry picked stats of that site are true. First of all, it was the Midway at 88k damage. Back when the first nerf bat was announced, I made a thread, and Midway was at 76k average damage. Now it is a 75k. How come it hows come down (a bit) instead of up? Then, we have a stat that can't be possible: how can someone play the OLD Langley?. Anyway, even if they are true, one week stats are not significant, aaaand, you have to take into account that players that haven't stopped playing CVs maybe because they do well with them, so they aren't really "average" players? US CV 4 Langley (old) 1 22 22.00 45.45 4.55 50.00 818 24670 0.55 11.23 0.00 0.00 54.55 1.21 0 958 0.00
  5. valrond

    way to hard to be a cv

    How about you look at the stats before saying stupid things? Best tier 10 BB: Bourgogne, 126k. Best tier 10 CV: Hakuryu (that is with the stats counting before the nerf, it is now much worse) 86k Worst tier 10 BB: GK, 80k Worst tier 10 CV: Midway, 75k Best tier 8 BB: Alabama ST, 75k Best tier 8 CV: Graf Zeppeli, 66k Worst tier 8 BB: TIrpitz, 47k Worst tier 8 CV: Shokaku, 47k Best tier 6 BB: Arizona, 50k Best tier 6 CV: Ryujo: 38k Worst tier 6 BB: New Mexico: 39k Worst tier 6 CV: Ranger: 32k AS you can see, CVs already do less damage than equivalent BBs of the same tier. I put Midway as worst, as it was worst average damage, but it is clearly better than Hakuryu, but as people barely play Haku, their stats don't go down. Even then, Midway can't even get to the Grosser Kurfurst. In tier 8 we have several premium CVs performing well, GZ, Kaga and Saipan, over 60, and Spain 58k but Enterprise, Lexington and Shokaku are at 50k or less, and only the Tirpitz is bellow the Lexington. No BB is below Shokaku. Tier 6 is even worse. There are tier 6 BBs outperforming the tree tier 8 CVs. And even the worst BB has better output than the best CV. So they have already done that, CVs do less damage than BBs, can't alpha strike like BBs, can't tank, can't cap, and can barely spot since the spotting nerf.
  6. valrond

    way to hard to be a cv

    If you want to torp without being seen play Silent Hunter. Just look at the guns that most tier 8-10 DDs have. THEY ARE ALL MEANT TO SHOOT AT PLANES. Not to mention that most guns used in ships since the 30s were also anti-aircraft guns. Missouri?. 20x127mm guns, plus 80x40mm guns, plus 58x20mm guns. That's a total of 158 guns devoted to kill planes, versus 9 guns made to shoot at ships.
  7. valrond

    way to hard to be a cv

    I can tell you what the DD whiners want: -No CVs. Short of that: -DDs spotting range for CVs is 0.1 kms -Rockets, bombs, torps, should do 10 damage with 1% change of fire/flood. It is curious how whiny these DDs are, while cruisers players get crushed for a little mistake or an unlucky RNG roll. Just look what I did this morning (btw, 5 games, no CVs no be seen): Kirov was behind an island, I shot before he went there with only the 4 guns in the front of the Hood. 3 citadels, 1 other pen, dev strike, all HP gone. JUST LIKE THAT. He didn't complain BB OP PLZ NERF.
  8. Let's all the DD whiners whine a bit more, yeah. Nobody should be able to spot a DD (CVs) or even damage them (BB AP nerf).
  9. valrond

    DD are not weak at all !

    A single salvo from a BB, given sufficient prayers and sacrifices to RNGesus, one shot ANY ship.
  10. valrond

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    You said a DD shouldn't be able to kill or even attack a Radar Cruiser. I played a Khaba and did 15 citadels to a Mino in 10 seconds. Following your logic that a CV shouldn't be able to even make ONE attack on a Minotaur (why not, are they using lasers to shoot down planes), you put an example of DDs attacking radar Cruisers, which they can, they can shoot them and they can damage them. Or better yet, they can torp them. But a CV can't attack a type of ship cause you say so.
  11. valrond

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    So me getting 15 citadels on a mino while playing a DD shouldn't happen? How odd.
  12. valrond

    CV Replay - Pinpoint bombing and rocketz ( )

    It looks like it. With a lot of games not even reaching 50k,when you get to 100k it looks like it's good. But I already gave up. Too much effort for too little gain. Better to torp non spottable (by planes) destroyer torpedos that now hit a lot more, and much harder than CV torps, or just shut the brain off and sail relaxing in a Battleship. Either way, better results, a lot less effort.
  13. valrond

    So answer me this...

    The counterplay for DDs against CVs is to stay with your team, which they are meant to do. Going ahead of the pack and going YOLO are too different things. DDs for a very long time had been able to do yolo and do their thing. But hey, now you are forced to stay within 4kms of your other ships and do some teamplay! But it is too much work, stay just inside the mid range AA fire of your friendly ships, so that those pesky rocket planes have to either evade the fire and make the targetting very hard, or go straight and eat a ton of damage, not to mention that no same CV captain will want to stay inside that AA death ball. And you still have smoke, don't you? It's not like planes can see through smoke. But hey, it is easier to just cry and cry and cry that DDs are unplayable than actually trying to learn and adapt, like everyone else and specially CV captains, that had a huge change in 0.8, and now 3 more with the hotfixes, nerfing the CVs to the point of not being worth it to play one. Good Job DD whiners, add another notch to your endless nerfs of every other freaking class in the game except DDs.
  14. valrond

    Tier VIII CV in tier X game

    Mind you my best damage game with the Lexington was a tier 10 game, but we lost by time. 141k, 3 kills. The enemy team did what it had to do so I could attack the whole game. Always a lone target, some of them camping, and in the end game, a Montana nearly stuck between islands. We still lost, so it was all for naught, but it was fun. The problem is that playing CVs after the last nerfs is no longer fun. In my first game, just as I was moving from A to C to spot for the team, I was surprised by a Neptune with stealth AA, and lost nearly all planes. I only got ONE good attack, 17k on a Salem with 2 citadels (I was using the Hakuryu). You can't see a thing, you get your planes killed before you even see the enemies, rockets are hard to hit and do very little damage, torps are unusable and dive bomber are so RNG heavy that they are no fun, even perfect drops can get you a couple of overpens.
  15. valrond mini patch good???

    Do you know that you are not the only CV player, do you? Enterprise now has the worst stats for premium tier 8 cvs, barely above the Lexington and Kaga with just 50k average damage. Saipan, Kaga and GZ all do a lot more damage than Enterprise.