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  1. The thing is, just before the 200%, I was playing like crap (around 1200 PR, pretty bad for my current standards), and being carried to the victory in 67% of the games. I can't find the cap here (I have 3 different computers in which I play on). Winning and losing streaks are like this, and I usually get losing streaks when the 200% bonus is there. I still got a few good games with the Massachussetts, with all the bonus and flags, I got more than 40k commander XP per win.
  2. So, you had 21 battles with 80 wins at 1500 PR. I had 1500 PR (and a lot more damage) and just 40%. Yeah, it's my fault and you are awesome. You were carried by your team to those wins. And you had some luck in the MM too.
  3. The 200% curse is real. I have suffered it the past week. I don't know why, but when they put 200% days, I get into these teams full of potatoes that can't be carried to a win, no matter what. If you don't believe me, here is some proof. Before this 200% week, I was winning around 60% in the past 3 weeks. Now it's down to 52%. Due to a terrible 39% wr during this cursed week. So, with the 200% bonus, I actually was losing XP instead of winning!
  4. As bad as HE spamming is AP spamming. Unless you have the 460mm guns, shooting AP at an angled BB is frustrating. Full salvos doing 4k damage if at all. Better to do more and start a few fires, and HE destroys modules a lot faster.
  5. Yep. The best ammo depends on the situation. A few days ago I was playing ranked on my Kebab. I met a Mintaur at close distance, I was screwed, he melted me fast. But he made a mistake, he gave me broadside at around 6-7 km. I switch to AP. I could only shoot 5 salvos with AP before he killed me (I was already at half health and he was full), but in that time I scored 15 citadels on him. Yes, 15. I left him at 2600 hp left.
  6. It really depends on the ship and the match. If you have a ship with good pen, and you are top tier, you'll probably shoot AP most of the time. With ships with not so great pen abilities, like the Lyon, KGV, Ashitaka, an, well, 380mm guns in tier 10 games, you better start with HE. Shooting other BBs at 20 kms with AP, unless they are completely broadside, it's an exercise in frustration. Too many time I get several hits and NO DAMAGE at all. Shatter and bounces galore. Now, getting under 15 km and specially under 10-12, AP pens a lot more, and, unless the enemy is actively angling towards you, it's better to shoot AP. Now, consider many tier 10 game you play with this setup: 5 BBs 5 DDs 2 CAs That happens a lot. The HE ammo is better for early game vs the BBs, and it is also better vs the DDs. Why would I use AP in the early game in anything other than a Yamato or a Musashi?. I have 10 targets vs 2. So, the skilled player knows when to use HE and when to use AP.
  7. Looking at the stats, the Abruzzi should be OP too: It's 3rd in WR and 4th in average damage done.
  8. Should I sell Kurfurst and buy back Bismarck?

    You should first try and learn how to play. Over 5k battles and you are terrible (sorry, but PR of 600 is just terrible, there is no other word for it). I'm just average (well, now a bit above average) and still do 100k damage with the GK. The ship is fine. Go watch Flamu, try playing lower tier ships, and, specially, LEARN HOW NOT TO DIE FAST. Seriously, 19% battles as survivor is pitiful. It looks you just push W, face the enemy, shoot, get focused, then die. Learn to position your ship, when to push, when to retreat. It is hard, but after 5k battles, you should have learned it.
  9. Small step in the right direction, but still no skill based MM, so the side with the most potatoes still loses.
  10. Collecting. I have nearly every other premium ship. But I can't but it for doubloons, which I have plenty and I have paid for them, or even the camo.
  11. HE spammer! Wait. the KGV is better at that.
  12. The thing is, the Ashitaka is one of the very few premium ships I'm missing. I have had the Atago for nearly 3 years now.
  13. Well, I already had those two with the Kobayashi camo. It's a shame. I don't like playing tier 8s cause the constant uptiering to tier 10. That is the best thing for the Ashitaka. Thank you.
  14. It's a shame. That ship it's only good with the camo, but I'm not paying nearly 50 euro for that.
  15. I was thinking of buying the stock Amagi Ashitaka, and I have lots of doubloons, do you know if you can buy the ship alone and then get the camo in the client?