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  1. valrond

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    It's a shame I can't buy santa's loot boxes. I already own all of the premiums ships they are offering, so I could only get doubloons, and I already have 110k of those. Hopefully next year there will be something for me.
  2. valrond

    Tier 8 MM after the change. Poll included.

    Too soon to tell. I haven't played enough games to make a stat. In september I played 60 games with tier 8, around 65% were tier 10 matches, 10% tier 9 and the rest (25%) were tier 8 games. What I have noticed are less games with lots of tier 10s and 1 or 2 tier 8. But yesterday we had an odd one with just tier 10s and tier 8s. Not a single tier 9.
  3. valrond

    Black Friday Missions, 50k BASE XP

    I bought Marvel's Spiderman, God of War and Detroid, become human during BF. 50€ the first one, 30€ each of the other two. With all DLC included. And they are GREAT games. There is some good stuff out there, just look for it. You can also get RDR2, full game, a bit more expensive.
  4. valrond

    T8 BB's in T10 games, an idea for survival.

    Nope. You don't face tier 11 with tier 9. You face tier 10 with tier 8. That is a 2 tier difference, if you know the maths, but it looks like you don't or you wouldn't be making this stupid post. Yes, there were 1 or 2 tier 8 ships in the games I played yesterday. Yep. So enjoyable.
  5. valrond

    T8 BB's in T10 games, an idea for survival.

    Yep, facing BBs with 50% more HP and 50% more firepower is all good. Right. Is there any reason to play tier 8 SHIPS (not just BBs) at all? I'd rather play with the GK than the Bismarck, with the Montana than the NC, with the Yamato than the Amagi. Yesterday I played 7 games. All with tier 8 ships. All but one were tier 10 games, mostly with 9-10 tier 10 ships per side.
  6. valrond

    30% coupon CAN be used for Jean Bart!

    Thanks. I was going to pass on it, but I used it to buy Le Terrible.
  7. valrond

    Sunray in the darkness - bugs galore

    Yeah. That is why all my other games work perfectly. It also happens in my Laptop. This game is really, really poorly optimized. I can play Black Ops 4 maxed out at 5750x1200 and it doesn't go under 60 fps ever, and yet this game goes a lot worse even at 1080p.
  8. valrond

    Sunray in the darkness - bugs galore

    What I notice is that it is nearly unplayable. My FPS go down the drain in this mode. I know it is not my computer (I can run every AAA game out there maxed out).
  9. valrond

    Realistic Mode

    Those will go play WT Naval Forces.
  10. 5.5 km detection range. Only Kagero is better in tier 8, and Yugumo ties her at tier 9. She is stealthy.
  11. valrond

    Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    I got the Lightning yesterday. That's 3 with the Acasta and the Icarus. Just missing the Jarvis. BTW, I didn't buy any containers, but I buy many other things from WG. I just hate loot boxes.
  12. valrond

    this game just ridiculous   

    The guns are not more accurate. They just made the ships A LOT bigger than IRL.
  13. Agreed. I just might take a break from the game. I was looking forward to tier 8 only ranked battles, but NOPE.
  14. valrond

    Ranked Season 10

    Exactly. I don't know you guys, but I'm quite sick of tier 10 gameplay. Even if I don't have many tier 10 games, half the games I play with tier 8 and 75% with tier 9 are tier 10 games. Plus clan wars, then ranked, then clan wars again, all at tier 10. Yet we have to see something done with tier 9s. Nothing. Last ranked season I had fun with tier 8s, I reached rank 10, and barely played anymore.
  15. valrond

    Ranked Season 10

    Well, they just killed ranked for me. I was waiting for ranked to play my tier 8 ships. I have a ton of them (42 to be precise) and I barely play them anymore. As Flamu complained in his video, why is everything tier 10 now?. I can't play tier 8 in randoms, and I can't play them in ranked, cause I know more than half the time I will be in a severe disadvantage, being mainly tier 10 food. Besides, I'm really sick of tier 10s. We had them in ranked, then in clan wars, then in ranked again. Like, WTF WG? There are more ships than tier 10 ships. And the meta in tier 9 is really bad, passive and boring.