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  1. valrond

    German CV tokens such a joke

    WG has gone from "pay to grind less" to just "pay to grind". You want the camos? Pay 7500 dubs, then grind. What all 4? pay 22500, buy a bunch of containers (spend based on luck) then grind a lot. I just wanted the Z52, as it is the only one I don't have a permanent camo, but I'll pass. It's just cheaper getting the 5k permacamo, and after the Moskva, I'm not buying any more permacamos.
  2. valrond

    Is vorpx allowed to be used with WOWS?

    Thank you. I haven't used it precisely for this. I don't want to get accidentally banned.
  3. For those that don't know, vorpx is a program that allows non-VR games to be run in VR. WT has native Vr support (even if it is not the best), but WOWS doesn't and it won't. Now, I don't know if the use of vorpx is allowed, as it seems to attach itselft to the executable and it could be seen like a non-allowed mod, or if it is ok. A response from someone in WG staff would be helpful. Thank you.
  4. valrond

    for about Moskva Camouflage

    We are not talking about what is legal. We are talking about pissing paying customers. I'm not happy that the Moskva that I grindinged for and paid 5k dubs, which isn't an insconsecuential amount, is now given free to everyone. It sets a really bad precedent. We should have gotten the new ship with the camo we paid for. But we go the message, at least I got it loud and clear. Don't buy perma camos.
  5. valrond

    for about Moskva Camouflage

    Yeah, I learned that lesson alright. I'm not only not buying more permanent camos, I'm not spending a dime more in this game. Their loss.
  6. valrond

    Kirov and Moskva

    I had the tier 10 silver ship russian cruiser with its perma camo. I lost it. Eveyone that just developed the Moskva got the special Moskva with the perma camo without buying either the ship or the perma camo. So yes, I lost some things. In the past WG didn't act like this. You may defend them what you want, a lot of people feel that we have been wronged by WG. It is pretty clear that WG is now only interested in milking the customers. I'm not interested in that.
  7. valrond

    Kirov and Moskva

    Yeah, me too. Waste of 5k. We don't get the tier 10 silver ship we already have, and we lost the camo we had in said silver ship. WG isn't giving me any reasons to spend money in this game.
  8. valrond

    State of BBs

    No, they are not. Zoup just summed it up very well: you go in your battleship, get a cruiser broadside at 10 kms, and do nothing but overpens. That should NOT happen. It is boring, and gets old very quickly. He made a mistake, but he doesn't pay for it.
  9. valrond

    State of BBs

    You just proved my point. You attacked the person that makes the arguments, but not the argument itself. You didn't address ANY of the issues he mentions in his videos, that I and many others agree. mentioning wr% in ships with less than 100 battles is just stupid, as it is very, very luck dependant if you play on your own. I'd had streaks of a week having 65% wr and other 40%. WR% is only useful for an overall player stat, as you have thousands of games. Why would you do ANYTHING other than stay way back in a BB until half the enemies are dead? If you got close to a cap point, you are focused by several ships, you get torped, and the stupid HE spam, that as Sea Lord says, you can't mitigate, unlike AP from other BB, you just get a lot of damage and fires, and you die soon enough. To top that,when you finally get one of those stupid HE spammers like the Smolenks and give it a full broadside, you don't annhilate it,as you should to a seemingly flimsy CL, no, you do 3-4 overpens, 4k damage, and that's it. The Smolensks does a lot more damage to the BB in one salvo, that can repeat in less than 5, than the BB in 30s. And what counterplay has the BB with submarines? NONE whatsoever. But hey, let's pretend like the ONLY class that has problems are DDs, which are the most OP ships in the game by far. And I have some stats too, from the last ranked sprint. Shima OP, plz nerf.
  10. valrond

    State of BBs

    Now I see more games with 2-3 BBs than with 5 BBs per side. The problem is that in this forum you can't discuss anything about BBs or CVs having a problem. It doesn't matter the arguments you make, they go the strawman way, and they rarely ever deal with the arguments. BBs are in serious trouble, unless you are playing HE spammers, that is. My best BB by far is the Conqueror (you can check my stats) because of the retarded HE gameplay, that it is the only one viable right now. AP is mostly useless, barely usable except for broadsiding BBs and some broadsiding Cruisers (but not all, as you get overpens for nearly every hit). And Conqueror has the superheal, so you can recover most of the HE damage and all of the fire damage. I'm redoing the german BB line, and it is a freaking joke. I started using HE with the FdG. I had enough games shooting 3-4 salvoes to a broadsiding cruiser at 10 kms and doing barely any damage, all hits overpens (and few), while it should be a 1-2 salvo deal. Sea Lord Mountbatten did a good video about this problem, in fact, he did two:
  11. valrond

    BBs in the sub mode

    Indeed. It would seem that saying something about BBs being nerfed is not well looked in this forums, but the reality is that there are a lot loss BBs lately. Before, you'd rarely see a game without 5 BBs per side. Now? I hardly see them, I usually see 2-4 BBs per side. Too many things playing against them, but mostly the heavy HE spam that you can't do anything to avoid, just staying way back and not getting close to the caps, and the stupid overpens that happen again and again and again. Spamming HE is the way to go now. Lord Sea Mountbatten made a good video about this. And now with submarines that have absolutely no counterplay by BBs, and can do devastating attacks with homing torps, well, less BBs, and specially more camping BBs at max range. No incentive to go to the caps whatsoever.
  12. valrond

    Why has ranked never been fixed?

    It's not just a matter of frustration. If they take out saving the star for the top XP in the losing team, it would take A LOT longer to reach rank 1, and ony a few would get there. I did the math a while ago, and here are some results to reach rank 1 from rank 10. With saving a star to not saving it. 50% WR -> 560 to infinte 51% WR -> 444 to 2000 52% WR -> 360 to 100 55% WR -> 243 to 400 60% WR -> 156 to 200 So even the guys that win 60% will take quite a few more games to reach rank 1.
  13. valrond

    Why has ranked never been fixed?

    Yep, but this is worse, because he is not pointing to any problem, he's just saying "Fix ranked" What needs to be fixed? The game modes? Number and types of ships? Way of earning stars? Any other thing that affects the game overall and specially ranked?
  14. valrond

    Why has ranked never been fixed?

    What do you mean by fix? Is it broken? if so, what is broken? This is the typical thread that adds NOTHING to the conversation. WOWS has a few problems, but people talk about what that problem is and proposes some ways to maybe solve it. I'll report this useless thread, something I never do.
  15. valrond

    Buy Ochakov and pyotr Bagration

    So does it stays this way, unlimited boost, or the usual 25 battles all other come with ?