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  1. valrond

    Tier 8 ranked....

    20 games to get to rank 1. 75% Worse ships: CVs (specifically the Enterprise), I lost both games I played with her. 13 games with DDs (4 with Cossack). 75% wr Rest with BBs and CAs (100%) I only repeated the Cossack (4 times), Lo Yang and Enterprise (twice). Rest of ships just played once to get the container.
  2. valrond

    Open Letter To War Gaming/WoWs - Double CV Games

    Well, that is actually hard. I haven't touched the French DD line cause they have no smoke, and while I could deal with enemy ships without smoke somewhat, I doubt I would survive long without smoke, unless I'm glued to the rest of my team.
  3. valrond

    I'm done, quality of games made me quit.

    Not really. You still get lots of stomps. A year ago I took some stats and a bit over 60% of the games were stomps (3 or less kills for the losing team). I'm a founder in MWO, and I got over 450 mechs, but I barely play there because of the constant stomps and the "lemming trains" (called NASCAR there, those Americans) are even more prevalent than here, so if you can't keep up the pace with your team you're dead.
  4. valrond

    Removing rewards for dieing too early

    I agree with you dude. I'm as pissed off as you when 5 minutes into the game half the team is dead, but that will not change it. I've been asking for a balanced MM system, with they putting about the same level players on each team (say 3 potatoes and 3 unicums per side, and 6 regular players per side). But no, it is random, and that is why we get so many stomps.
  5. valrond

    Removing rewards for dieing too early

    You could actually at least type DYING correctly. Dieing makes my eyes bleed, and English is not my mother tongue. So for the idea, it has a good intention behind it, but hell is filled of good intentions. No, it is a bad idea. Potato players will continue to play bad, they wouldn't even know why they don't get the rewards, they don't care about how the game works. And the ones that know it, will be still more cautions and games will be even more boring will people staying back afraid of getting killed early and getting nothing.
  6. I beg your pardon?, CVs are not immune. They just sit far away cause they can be easily killed. Their life bar is the planes, which they slowly replenish. Really, this CV thing is really tiring. So many players just blindy hate CVs and say they don't fit into this fantasy game so they should be out of the game, and if not, they should be useless (like they mostly are).
  7. Only one CV caught me in ranked. And he was really lucky. I was going to sink him, then he hit me in one of my torpedo launchers when my R was on cooldown. That game him enough time to avoid being sunk. As I say, I farm CVs with DDs, either planes, or sink them outright. I haven't found any CV player that worried me in the least. They are now just like mosquitoes, a nuisance, but not a real danger. Unless you play a superunicum, but those don't need a CV, they just need a ship, any ship.
  8. Well, I'm an average player, not a superunicum. like that dude, he plays CVs very well, so his experience is irrevelant, cause 99% of players don't play like that. I play like half the population, so I'm a much better average player.
  9. valrond

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    Yeah, well, you know, you can't deal with CVs, and I can, so I'm just a better player vs CVs than you are. But hey, it's just easy to complain. As I said before, I smoke up when I see the planes coming for an attack. turn the AA on, wait for them to go, then leave the smoke. Torps are quite slow, so they take their time to get to the smoke, I'm not an idiot that sits at the smoke waiting to be torped. But I can't deal with invisible ships behind rocks that can see me. I can only stand back, because that's the only move vs radars. Stay out of their range, there is no other move. You can't smoke, you can't kill it, you can't go to your ships. You get spotted and focused, only hiding behind an island is a viable way of surviving. And as I said, the spotting range of the planes is under 3 kms. It's very hard to find a DD if you don't know where it is in the first place. But a radar? 9-12 km radius that go through solid rock.Open caps are fine, but caps with several islands are really dangerous for a DD.
  10. "Nothing he can do". What a great argument, that is also false. Only [edited] that believe that and do nothing die easily. I've been pissing on CVs on my way to rank 1. Just 82% WR this sprint. And do you know the less effective ships I used? CVs. They are pretty much useless and a non-factor.
  11. Yeah. He kills 50 planes and he still complains. Are CV players not allowed to play the game and do damage? I really don't understand these complaints.
  12. valrond

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    Yeah, no. It means you stay back just because you are blind. The planes I can see then coming, or going the other way, so I don't worry about them. The thing that kills you is the thing you don't see.
  13. valrond

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    On the contrary. I can deal with CVs very easily. But I can't deal with magic solutions, like radar and hydro are in this game. And here is why: I can see the planes coming 10kms out, no matter where they come from, I can see them, so I can react. I can go back to my team, and, if that is not a possiblity, I'll wait to see if it spots me. If it does and goes for me, smoke up. Maybe he will get the first attack, then he will go back. Once he goes back, you go to your team. But that is a big IF, cause with spotting ranges so stupidly slow (less than 3 kms, for god's sake), CVs rarely detect me unless I want them too. But radar, oh boy. Radar is stupid in this game. It is a magic button that lights you up for 20-40 seconds no matter what. And the problem comes when you don't see those radar ships. Cause this isn't a simulator or even close, just playing with toy ships in an island plagued pond, there are cruisers than you won't see, cause they are hiding. If it was open sea, there would be no problem at all, but, alas, most cap points are surrounded by islands, so the only way to be sure is to spot everything around. If you go to a cap with lots of islands blind, you are probably dead, you will sit, the enemies will know a DD is there, then pop the magic radar from behind the island. and BAM, you're dead. Not to mention those stupidly long 12 km radars that the Russians have (they are shorter in time, but boy, dealing with 12 kms is too much). That is what forces you to stay way back, not a CV. TLDR: Planes can be seen and dealt with. Radar ships behind islands can't be seen.
  14. valrond

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    Aye. I just played my Asashio in ranked (I haven't ranked out yet, I have barely played) and I outgunned an Akizuki with it. I did 12k vs 7k he did to me. I had some help later, but still, my guns did almost twice the damage he did to me in the same time. And I'm just a slightly above average player.
  15. High tier AA machines can farm planes very easily with very little skill involved. As they insist in the +/-2 MM it also means some ships won't have good AA. Anyway, AA is a way of making ships different and having a weakness. Just look at Musashi, basically a Yamato with slightly worse accuracy and much worse AA.