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  1. this game just ridiculous   

    The guns are not more accurate. They just made the ships A LOT bigger than IRL.
  2. Agreed. I just might take a break from the game. I was looking forward to tier 8 only ranked battles, but NOPE.
  3. Ranked Season 10

    Exactly. I don't know you guys, but I'm quite sick of tier 10 gameplay. Even if I don't have many tier 10 games, half the games I play with tier 8 and 75% with tier 9 are tier 10 games. Plus clan wars, then ranked, then clan wars again, all at tier 10. Yet we have to see something done with tier 9s. Nothing. Last ranked season I had fun with tier 8s, I reached rank 10, and barely played anymore.
  4. Ranked Season 10

    Well, they just killed ranked for me. I was waiting for ranked to play my tier 8 ships. I have a ton of them (42 to be precise) and I barely play them anymore. As Flamu complained in his video, why is everything tier 10 now?. I can't play tier 8 in randoms, and I can't play them in ranked, cause I know more than half the time I will be in a severe disadvantage, being mainly tier 10 food. Besides, I'm really sick of tier 10s. We had them in ranked, then in clan wars, then in ranked again. Like, WTF WG? There are more ships than tier 10 ships. And the meta in tier 9 is really bad, passive and boring.
  5. Harugumo is not even out. It was a POS just before the final change, cause it was every negative thing, slow, very big, clumsier than some BBs, just one torp launcher, and no upside, cause it didn't have firepower. Now you focus on the firepower. It is a trade-off. Besides, it's not like there aren't radars in tier 10 games. In some games half the ships have radar. And you don't need that much radar to kill a DD. Just today, in my 2nd game with the Salem, I radared a Shimakaze. Even the 8.5 km and 25s of the Salem were too much for the little bastard. As I said, it is a trade off. Best firepower of tier 10 DD, worst in nearly every other category.
  6. That is why they nerfed the Akizuki, to make up for the increase in firepower.
  7. OP AP Bombs

    it's easy, really. You have to learn to play vs cvs. In tier 10, you are one of the prime targets, as Tirpitz AA is one of the weakest, except for tier 8-9 DD (and even then, some DDs like Kidd or AA specced Fletcher are hard to hit with CVs). Sooo, as soon as you are a bit alone, the enemy CV is going to go for you. Stay in the group, don't go alone, stay close to friendly cruisers. If you survive till the end of the battle, it is harder, as there are a lot less ships, but early fight? very easy to avoid cvs.
  8. T10 battles minimum 53% winrate

    53% WR Overall? No way. Maybe 50%. Do you want to know why? It is VERY HARD to increase your WR. 3 years ago, when the game was still just out of closed beta and draws were a thing, I had 46% WR overall. One year later I was still hovering at around 48%, I had improved a bit, but still was hard to improve. Now I am sitting a bit over 52% WR, but for the past 365 days (well, 355, that is the range I get from warships today) I have 55.56% WR. I still don't get to the "magical" 53% WR you are suggesting. Besides, WR alone is a very bad measure of a players quality. I know of some clan mates that are really poor, at around 500 wtr/600pr and have nearly 50% wr. Using WTR from warships.today or PR from wows-numbers is a much better measure. Now, I wouldn't forbid any players to play tier 10, what I would do is fix the MM. No, not make it based on wtr/pr, BUT, try to balance the teams. Let's say we have 5 categories of players: -Unicum -Above average -Average -Below average -Bad You try to put the same amount of each type of players, or as close as you can, in every team. That way we would have less stomps and more close games.
  9. Strassbourg Tier VII French BB

    Yep. And all tier 7 BBs have 25mm plating, this shouldn't be different. It could have some forward lower armor, though, but the plating should stay at 25mm. Besides, bow tanking is really, really boring and passive.
  10. Separate Tier 10 from other tiers in battle.

    Wise man. I'm not playing tier 8 anymore, and if any of my division mates wants to play tier 8, I say no, and wait for ranked battles. The power difference from tier 8 to tier 10 is staggering. For example, tier 10 BBs have roughly 50% more firepower and HP than tier 8 BBs. That doesn't happen in any other 2 tier difference from tier 5 upwards.
  11. I have the doubloons (quite a bit more, tbh, more than 100k), but I don't have anything to spend them, not a single premium ship, maybe a few perma camos of lower tier (I'm very close to getting the shima and yamato, but that is just 10k dubs). I spent 4k on the Neptune permacamo a few days back, if I hadn't, well. The only thing is spending 24k in a year of premium and 1k more in something else.
  12. The credit grind is ridiculous.

    Yeah, you can't do more than 600k per game without the Missouri.. And that was without any camo or flags aside from zulu. You can get more with the +30% camo (revolutionary, I have like 200 of them), and wyvern (another +50%)
  13. Boise or Nueve de Julio?

    Right next where I say "only people that are going to buy or have bought the ships". If you don't want to buy either, you don't have to vote.
  14. Exactly. It Works in all American CL and ALSO in the Massachusetts. So with the same Captain (let's say the Worcester or whatever your main USN CL is) you can use it in 3 premium ships: Atlanta, Boise and Massachussetts.
  15. Boise or Nueve de Julio?

    First, please only answer the poll if you have bought or are planning to buy either ship. Now, what ship do you prefer? I got Boise. Why? I already have a 14 point Captain with SI, CE and IFHE, which is the mínimum to take advantage of this ship. I Will eventually get Nueve de Julio (just 300k, easy with the 200% xp bonus and all the special flags, just today I got 33k XP in 2 games), but starting with a 1 point Captain is pretty bad, and I don't want any of the bloated Admiral packs (I have bought them other times, like with the Massachussetts).