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  1. Finished yesterday. Opened 3 French BBs, still missing the Richelieu. I will need to grind it the old fashined way.
  2. Give all cruisers heal?

    Yes, they are A LOT worse. The powercreep at T10 is Ginormous. I'd share just a bit here, cause I will make a full thread with all of the stats, and I'm currently working on BBs. BBs DPMs increases 1% in HE and 11% in AP from tier 6 to 8, but from tier 8 to 10 they increase by 47% and 52%. And there is a reason why there aren't many cruiser players in tier 10 matches. The pain of reaching tier 8 and having to endure that brutal MM is enough to make them quit, even if tier 10 cruisers are phenomenal and are in a great spot. Final note, look at the damage tier 6 cruisers average and tier 8 average. Take out of the smoke cruisers (specially Kutuzov), as they don't suffer as much from the increase in power. You have Hipper, New Orleans, and Prinz Eugen with LESS damage than several tier 6 cruisers.
  3. Give all cruisers heal?

    Sorry, but the poor ones are T8 cruisers than get pushed into T10 battles all the time. They get so outclassed it's not even fun. Tier 9 gets not only the usual upgrades por one tier, but it gets the heal AND range module, both things increase the survivability of T9 and T10 cruisers a lot. T8 cruisers should get ONE heal, 2 with SI and 3 with SI+premium consumable. Still one less than T9/10 cruisers.
  4. Aigle Suks

    Yep, you're not the only one. But you have to know how to play it. My best DD thus far.
  5. Exactly. Just like BBs. Usually it's 5 max, but when there are a lot of BBs or DDs, the matchmaking can exceed the 5 per side max rule. Someone posted a 8 vs 9 DD game in reddit if I remember correctly. Also, when a new BB line is released, the tier 3 and 4 qeues are so full with BBs that they put 8-10 BBs per side.
  6. How do you feel about the Aigle?

    I have played just 8 games, but I'm doing pretty well in this thing. I was afraid it was going to suck, but, atm, I quite like it. In fact, atm, it is the destroyer I do more average damage (62k). I try to play it like a Russian DD. It's a gunboat to shoot at a distance. You have 12.8 km range from stock. Use them. I'm using my Gascogne captain, so the Skills are not optimal. I don't even have last stand, but I have EM, SI, CE and AFT, so I have 15.3 km. Granted, you don't hit much at that distance, but you will rarely get hit from 13 km+. So, try to get another DD to spot, use the smoke when no torps here, and use the Speed boost to shoot in the open at more than 10 km away.
  7. Buff Cruisers! / Remove Flooding!

    Agreed. I can't remember even once that I died to flooding in a cruiser, Things to improve cruisers: Smaller citadel/harder to hit. Give tier 8 cruisers repair party. Give them both Def AA AND Hydro, not OR. Limit BBs to 4 per side.
  8. Buff needed to middle tier dds?

    Yep, that's the problem. Even with Concealment expert, non-IJN DDs of tier 6 and 7 have a concealment of nearly 7 kms, while almost every tier 8 dd is in the sub 6 km range. That is a lot of difference in spotting.
  9. Gascogne camo - can someone pls confirm...

    Yep. And expensive. I could understand 5k for the same benefits as the tier 10 permacamo, but they have the benefits of a 3k tier 8 camo. Not worth it. And as you can see I have 110k doubloons (not bragging), and even have the HSF Harekaze cat and HSF Musashi camos.
  10. Gascogne camo - can someone pls confirm...

    That camo is The Republic. The one we get in the campaign is The Maid of Orleans. So, if you want Le Coq, you have to pony up 5k.
  11. Gascogne camo - can someone pls confirm...

    Yep. Not spending a dime on those. 5k doubloons for the exact same benefits as the regular camo? Better save that for a tier 10 permacamo.
  12. Gascogne camo - can someone pls confirm...

    I can confirm, they both cost 5000 doubloons and they provide the exact same benefits as the standard camo.
  13. How many French BBs did you get?

    Exactly right. Giving CHANCES of getting something is not the same as giving something. We all did the same missions, but we got wildly different results. 1/4th of the people got NOTHING at all. 5% got ALL OF THE SHIPS. Doing exactly the same. That is completely unfair, and, as you said demotivating. I don't want to grind the Frenchs BBs. At all. A lot of people got jumpstarted to tier 5, 6, 7 or even 8, and they didn't do more or better than I did. This is not a ranked or clan wars reward, where you get something showing skill and determination.
  14. How many French BBs did you get?

    What do you mean? I got no French BBs. None. I expected to get at least the tier 5. But I can consider myself lucky as I was able to finish the collection, but just barely, not even one spare.
  15. How many French BBs did you get?

    I think it is terrible. We all did the same missions, yet some people got nothing, and others got up to tier 8 BB for free. Giving prizes based on RNG and luck is not a good policy. Of course, the real deal about this is selling those containers.