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  1. Exactly what I was thinking. Just want the game needed, yet ANOTHER reason for BBs to not get close to cap points.
  2. That is precisely why the New Orleans has a lot more effect in the fight than the Hipper Eugen. Killing DDs, specially early in the game during the first caps, improves your chances of winning. You can't do that with the Hipper/Eugen, you will do nothing at the early caps, just stay away from there. Even the Hydro is not useful, as you would have to be literally on top of the enemy DDs, and you would have spotted them anway. While in the NO, if you get spotted, you activate the radar, and there it's the DD, you kill it and you get the early advantage. Yes, the NO is not very good against BBs, but, hey, it's not supposed to be. It's great at killing DDs and CAs, that's why I kind of like it after a few battles.
  3. I'd take NO over Hipper/Prinz Eugen any day. Best concealment of tier 8 cruisers (9.1km full CE build) Radar Great AP, decent HE, good guns, 6 facing forward with fast 12s reload. Quite maneuverable, better than most T8 cruisers. So, you can really turn the tide by playing it with your DDs, lighting the enemy DDs on cap, and finishing them, giving you an early advantage What does the Hipper have on the NO? Longer range (1.5km or so) 10k more HP (very)short range torps It mostly comes down to the excellent concealment and the radar, that make the NO a worthwhile cruiser.
  4. Yeah, that's too much, with tier 8 TB, but Taiho and Haku get 3x4 torpedo bombers, and that's not OP, right.
  5. Hay que bajar el % de incendios de los acorazados, porque con el HE en una salva de costado le metes 2-3 fuegos cada vez, quitas la primera vez, pero luego, a la segunda, te los comes. De hecho, me estoy pensando en ponerme el FP (Prevención contra Incendios) como primera habilidad de 4 puntos para los acorazados.
  6. Se verán si hay algún otro barco que los pueda ver, porque claro, si están los dos dentro del humo, y no hay ningún spotter, no se pueden ver. Eso sí, el Belfast tiene el botón mágico del radar para ver al Kutuzov de todos modos.
  7. It worked out with games in tier 10 dominated by walls of skill of shimakazes. Anyway, you didn't rebate my argument. I you are being spotted from 16km or more, you will get fired upon. I know, I have experienced it. And if you can barely detect torpedoes, you will get hit a lot. Both things result in battleships not wanting to get close to the cap points and not support their team. Calling people stupid is NOT an argument, and has nothing do to with BBs having a penalty to torpedo detection. BTW, you didn't get the part where I quote BBs getting torpedo detection nerfed, hence, the getting torped argument.
  8. Ok, let's remove concealment expert. You can detect BBs from 16+ kms. What will a BB captain do? Yep, I have longer range guns, I'll stay at 20+kms and snipe from there, no need to get closer and risk being a BBQ for cruisers. On top of that, let's have all BBs eat torpedoes left and right. More reasons to stay back and don't get close to cap points. Let those DDs and CAs do all the work, I can snipe conformtably from 20+kms no problem. I won't do much damage, but I won't get killed in two minutes. It seems that you have to freaking idea how to play Battleships, or how they affect the game. A good battleship supports their team, goes with the destroyers and cruisers to the cap points to push the enemies from there. A team with pushing BBs usually wins vs one with cowardly BBs. Now, let's punish those guys that make team play and try to win by supporting their team. What an excellent idea!
  9. No, they are even worse. You have two of those DDs on your team, and it's game over in two minutes. You can work around a couple noob bbs, you can't with dds.
  10. Tier 6 with 410mm guns (Mutsu). The world hasn't ended.
  11. Hardly. If there were better than 70-80% than the BB players, how is it almost impossible to lose in coop?
  12. Pues ya has visto que no es así, como ponía la noticia y como pudimos comprobar ayer, ha sido para todos los barcos, no sólo para los de tier X que sólo estaba en tu cabeza, porque en el enlace que puso no ponía nada de tier X. Pero tú sigue a lo tuyo. Algunos intentamos aportar algo y otros sólo tirarlo por tierra.
  13. It seems you don't play the other way. Take a BB, and now face an endless smoke cloud where cruisers pile up and shoot for free without fear of retaliation. Only thing you can do is run, which BBs don't do very well. Now at least you can make a risky charge and spot them before you get torp and hopefully do something. There is nothing as unfun as getting attacked my an enemy that you can't attack. And the problem are not BBs, you can see BBs from afar and shoot them, many get passive cause of the smoke and the torpedo walls, that make going near a cap point a very risky business.
  14. Pues como dice el título, del 19 al 24 de octubre, para hacer más fácil preparar los barcos para las clan wars, podemos cambiar las habilidades de los capitanes y quitar las mejoras de los barcos sin coste. Aprovechad, insensatos!
  15. So, if I have a better computer than some players than can't get 60 fps stable, it shouldn't be allowed?. Or those that have a better connection with less lag, should it be allowed? You're walking a fine line there