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  1. valrond

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    I bought a 2nd batch of 20 megas. And I got crap. ONE freaking ship, Leone, a tier 6, 5K dubs, and rest camos and signals. Utter crap. 1 ship in 20. Edit. I bought 60 more, 6 more ships. So in 80 crates I got SEVEN ships. Not even 10%.
  2. valrond

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    8 megas from certificates Hyuga One crate with special signals (ouroboros) Six crates with camos Got 20 megas with dubs. 7 ships. Constellation (tier 8), Flint (7), rest tier 7 and 6. No dubs or premium time. Rest camos and signals.
  3. valrond

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    8 megas from certificates Hyuga One crate with special signals (ouroboros) Six crates with camos Pretty bad, but it was free. Not buying more this time.
  4. That was the last time I bought something in the summer sale. I bought botes that I already had because of the discount on dubloons. Now, I have bought ONE thing in a year and a half: the Ise. It looked interesting. But I used to spend around 300 euros per year in this thing, now is nothing. They want a pachinko, I'll have none of it.
  5. None. But this is not exclusive to WG. I don't trust companies, even less if they are big corporations. Like Captain Sheridan said, I don't trust organizations, I trust individuals.
  6. Yep, the OP calls the rest of the players cowards, while he spends most of the time in invisible mode throwing invisible torpedoes, specially those of the asashio. And he still can't use smoke? I think he likes to yolo a lot, and that is why CVs hit him hard. If he played CVs, he'd know how to counter them more effectively.
  7. valrond

    0 communication in ranked

    Indeed. Up until this ranked, I had been chat banned once in nearly 6 years. Now it's two in a row. The first one I get, but they second? I think that I talked in the chat about having luck in not having r*ded teammates. Now the game is penalizing me putting me with players that don't last even 5 minutes alive.
  8. valrond

    How is your current level of satisfaction? [Poll]

    The poll is missing one option: how much are you spending?. In 2019 I already spent a lot less. Now it's been a year since I spent any money on the game. I play less, I barely enter the forums, and I don't spend any money.
  9. valrond

    How are you doing in ranked today?

    That's my experience. Team of *redacted* that at most get out cap, they just wait or run backwards. Not once pushing. 6 straight stomp loses. Really fun playing with *redacted* players.
  10. valrond

    So I guess I'm getting the Thunderer then...

    That is exactly how WG wants the game to be played.
  11. Pommern. Torpedos and close combat are key in coop.
  12. It's still the same grindy unfun crap. You are basically at the hands of the MM. Just an example. Last week, I had like 66% WR on randoms (played on my own, no divisions), and 40% on ranked. My avg is a bit above 52%. No, same crap, you still depend on the potatoes losing you the game and not being able to do anything about it. The only ranked I really enjoy are the sprint ones. I specially enjoyed the 1v1 one that was really fun and you could try a lot of things and not be punished, as you wouldn't lose stars by losing anyway.
  13. valrond

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    Nope. Many coaches? Yes. And they are rarely the best players. Zidane is one such exception. Maradona? Terrible coach. Now, moving to basketball, which is my field of expertise, you have some of the best coaches that either didn't play at the highest level, or were never the best players: Greg Popovich Phil Jackson Steve Kerr Nick Nurse Sergio Scariolo "El gominas" Pablo Laso (I'm Spanish) Some were decent players, but they were never stars, and not even close to MVP level caliber players. The only one I remember that was succesful being a top player was Larry Bird. Magic Johnson? terrible. Michael Jordan? nope, he didn't even try. Horrible at evaluating talent. So, I have not destroyed my point. The point is that the best players aren't good coaches. Good players, and even non elite level players are the best coaches, because they are different skillsets. Yes, some of them overlap, but they are not the same, and you have the real world experience. And what you have proven right now, is that you aren't reliable to make a real world correlation. You even changed my words. I talked about the best players, Ronaldo and Messi, you just talked about playing professionally, which is something VERY different. You may be the best at playing CV. That doesn't make you the best at analyzing the game for everyone else. Your WR% and PR are not arguments.
  14. valrond

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    It doesn't correlate. Ronaldo or Messi don't know the game better than most coaches. LWM has demonstrated she has superior analytic skills regarding WOWS. El2aZer may be the Messi of playing CVs, it doesn't mean he's the best at analyzing the game. There are alternatives to "ban cvs". Like making one BB and one DD mandatory for each team. Or banning Venezias, which is completely broken while playing vs other cruisers, as it is nearly impossible to citadel, hard to hit, and hits really hard with the SAP, it doesn't matter the angling. Or we could just alternate CW seasons between tiers, it doesn't have to tier 10 always. Make next season tier 9. No CVs, different ships, different meta. Wait, they just did it ! XD
  15. valrond

    German CV tokens such a joke

    WG has gone from "pay to grind less" to just "pay to grind". You want the camos? Pay 7500 dubs, then grind. What all 4? pay 22500, buy a bunch of containers (spend based on luck) then grind a lot. I just wanted the Z52, as it is the only one I don't have a permanent camo, but I'll pass. It's just cheaper getting the 5k permacamo, and after the Moskva, I'm not buying any more permacamos.